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☕ | Where is this foreign country !? Enjoy authentic sweets and coffee at the Rainbow Cafe in Malaika ♪


Where is this foreign country !? Enjoy authentic sweets and coffee at the Rainbow Cafe in Malaika ♪

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We have imported tableware, lamps, Indian jewelry, power stones, high-class natural stones, etc. that are not available at nearby shops.

In this article, the atmosphere, menu contents, and food in the store when I went to "Malaika BAZAAR (Rainbow Cafe)" ... → Continue reading

 Saitama Mall

Saitama area blog "Saimapuru" which achieved 60 PV monthly. We introduce information on Saitama's outing spots, gourmet foods, and new open information centering on Ageo City.

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Imported tableware

Power stone

Power stoneIsjewelry(Precious stone-Semi-precious stone) Is thought to have some kind of special power.stoneThat thing.It is believed by enthusiasts and others that wearing the stone will bring good results.

From the standpoint of scientific rationalism, such power has not been proven to exist, soPseudo scienceOroccultBelieve in something like, or with personal willAmuletIs considered as the same level as.

The word "power stone" isJapanglishIs.In the English-speaking world, mineralscrystal"Crystal" which meansjewelryThe expression "Gemstone" is used to mean, but in Japan some stones belonging to these are called "power stones".[1].


The range of power stones is basically jewelry, but the range is expandingtortoiseshell,ivoryBiomaterials like, like gold / silverPrecious metal, Like copperBase metal,fossilKind, endrock saltEven food materials such as are sold as gemstones.Also,Ton ballIt is sometimes advocated that glass crafts such as these have the same color power as power stones.Regarding tortoiseshell and ivory, the Washington Convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) Prohibits international trade, so it is necessary to obtain items purchased illegally or before regulation.

Historically, precious stones and gems have been considered to have special powers among various ethnic groups since ancient times.Jade TheMaya civilization,Aztec civilizationThen.magicIt is used as a tool forAmethyst TheWesternThen.magic,poisonIt was believed to have the power to prevent.

The idea of ​​the power of this gem was in the 1970sThe United States of AmericaAthippieIncorporated into culture[2], To the stoneHealingIt came to be interpreted as having the power of (healing).At that time, it was thought that the healing power was particularly great.crystalIs. "Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThe word "power" was coined, and the healing effect of crystal was explained.Often the basis for its effect isHado (occult)Etc. are brought out.As a strange interpretation,Hiroyuki EharaClaims that there is a spirit called "mineral spirit" in the gemstone.[3].

This is after the late 1980sNew ageSince the movement came to Japan, it has been attracting attention in Japan as well, and ore, which was rarely in demand in the past, has become very popular.After that, it went down, but since the early 2000s, the so-called "spiritualThe power stone boom that seems to be the influence of "boom" is occurring again.Some of them are worn by celebrities (entertainers, professional athletes), and the above-mentioned Gangwon recommends them in books, etc., and the prices are rising due to the boom.AccessoriesAlthough it is generally sold as a part of, unpolished bare stones are often sold, and those that sell clusters as they are, such as quartz and amethyst, like chalcopyrite. There are various forms such as those that collect and sell the whole host rock.

Because it has a high affinity with New Age, power stone sales are promoted by promoting worldly effects such as healing and charity, liberation of ego, arousal of space consciousness, fulfillment of love, making money, victory in gambling, and popularity with the opposite sex. It is done.On the other hand, about saying that power stones are effective for illnessMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare OfPharmaceutical and Food AdministrationThe Monitoring and Guidance and Narcotics Countermeasures Division has expressed the view that it violates the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.[4].


For crystals, etc., give a unique name to a specific production area or shape, and use it as a product.Trademark registrationSome have been.These are just the names as "power stones",mineralIt is not called as.


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  1. ^ Claims that he coined the word power stone in 1986 to get familiar with minerals, but the fact is that the word power stone was coined and made it known to the world.Maggie (Scientific Researcher)The book "The Wonder of Power Stone" (First Edition, September 1992).This is the oldest book in the National Diet Library called Power Stone.In addition to Hachigawa, a man from a power stone company named 9 has also appeared.
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