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🍺 | Beer and snack subscriptions collaborate! "Crystal IPA & snaq. M…


Beer and snack subscriptions collaborate! "Crystal IPA & snaq. M…

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Hasegawa: Because it's D2C (*), it's easy to get feedback because it's not only selling but also connecting with customers.

From November 2019, the "CRAFT X Project", which combines craft beer and technology, will be launched ... → Continue reading

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There are over XNUMX types of beer that can be called the most popular of all liquor. Such beer has come to be called craft beer, and it is loved by young people to elderly people, and the movement of local beer is occurring all over the world. For the time being, beer is not fun! Do you have an adventure to find your favorite beer? We publish articles to help you in your beer adventure. Enjoy our articles to get a glimpse of the beer world today.

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Consumer direct trading

Consumer direct trading (English: direct-to-consumer,DTC,D2C) IsIntermediate distributorWithout passing through your companyEC siteSelling products directly to customers through[1]. Direct saleOne form[2].

Some D2C brandsClick and mortarIn addition to the EC site, we also have a physical retail space in our business model.[3].


Direct sales were in the late 1990sDotcom bubbleIt started to become popular during this period, selling products and services to consumers mainly via the Internet.Online retailerBegan to be used to point to[4].

From the late 2000s米 国Centered onStartup companyUnfoldsbusiness modelHas risen as.Behind this rise isSocial mediaIt has become possible to acquire customers efficiently due to the spread of3D printer,CADThe evolution of manufacturing tools, etc.Chugoku,IndiaUsing overseas manufacturers centered onSupply chainHas evolved and the manufacturing industry that can order from small lots at low cost has developed, and I want a new brandMillennialsIt can be mentioned that the taste of is becoming more prominent.

Since manufacturers connect directly with consumers without going through retail, manufacturers collect and analyze various data such as consumer purchasing status, usage status, and preferences, and develop products in a short span.PDCAIt is now possible to predict that as many products as you can sell will be made by turning[5].

Pros and cons

The main advantage of direct consumer trading is that it focuses on the customer.This willBrand loyaltyIs strengthened.This form of trading requires good relationships with customers, bringing more loyal customers through the trading and maintaining a high level of continuity.[6]..Consumer direct transactionsEmployee, Purchase cost, mail confirmation cost,rentalThe cost is lower than that of a physical store because the number of items that need to be prepared for conducting a transaction, such as the establishment of a physical store, has been reduced.[7] ..The consumer direct trading model makes it easier to reach a huge audience around the world and access marketplaces around the world without boundaries.[8]..This concept was traditionally in betweenEliminate intermediate distributorsdoing.Furthermore, it is not necessary to record complicated business transactions such as inventory and shipping, which facilitates business management.Not only has SMEs been able to compete with larger companies, but it has also allowed them to grow faster through this model.Because the cost is lowPrice, Product availability, competitive in terms of quality[9].

The main risks of online consumer direct trading are liability risk, cybersecurity risk, and more complexSupply chainIs an expansion of.First, selling directly to customers isWholesalerThey will take the risks that distributors, such as retailers and retailers, would normally bear in the past.For example, companies need to gain more knowledge of shipping, labeling, and cybersecurity than ever before.Another risk of operating an e-commerce site for consumers directly is the confidentiality of processing consumer data.Data privacy and security are one of the priorities, especially in online businesses.The main concerns are the increased probability of encountering security incidents, as well as the leakage and buying and selling of personal data.Finally, when you run an EC site,Supply chainIt increases its complexity and can lead to difficulties.For example, businessCOMMUNICATIONChanging from to consumer directly means that you need to sell your product to many individual customers, rather than selling it to only a few distributors.This means that the seller is even responsible for delivering the product to the customer's front door.This can complicate the distribution chain and pose additional risks. [10].

Real consumer direct trading model

Example of D2C service mainly in the United States[11]
* Bonobos (Men's clothing / 2007)
  • Warby parker(Glasses / 2010)
  • (Razor / 2012)
  • Casper(Mattress / 2013)
  • LeTote (Women's clothing)
  • ThirdLove (Women's clothing)
  • ScentBird (perfume)
  • Glossier(Cosmetics / 2010)
  • Peloton (Home Exercise Bike / 2012)
  • Quip (Electric Toothbrush / 2014)
  • (Razor / 2013)
Example of D2C service in Japan
* knot (watch / 2014)

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