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☕ | [First advance in Kanto] Coffee at Studio Clip Cafe is delicious! @ Grand Tree Musashikosugi

Photo Source: Living Tokyo Web

[First advance in Kanto] Coffee at Studio Clip Cafe is delicious! @ Grand Tree Musashikosugi

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In the Kanto region, there is only Grand Tree Musashikosugi, so be sure to go out for a cup of coffee with the original "croissant sandwich".

The studio CLIP in Grand Tree Musashikosugi has a cafe that will be the first store in the Kanto region.here… → Continue reading

 Living Tokyo Web

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Grand Tree Musashikosugi

Grand Tree Musashikosugi(Grand Tree Musashikosugi)KanagawaKawasaki CityNakaharaIt is in,Seven & i HoldingsGroup ofSeven & i Create LinkOperated byComplex commercial facilityIs[1].


Musashikosugi StationIt used to beTokyo Kikai SeisakushoAs part of the redevelopment in front of the station on the site of the Tamagawa Factory No. XNUMX Factory 2014(26) Opened on November 11nd.In line with this, the Ito-Yokado Musashi Kosugi store, which was originally in front of Musashi Kosugi Station, has been renamed to "Musashi Kosugi Ekimae Store", and two Ito-Yokado stores will coexist in front of Musashi Kosugi Station.

In a commercial facility operated by Mall SC DevelopmentArioAt the beginning of the plan, it was planned to be tentatively named "Ario Musashi Kosugi".However, under the concept of "I want to be like a big warm tree that grows and grows together with customers and the city," as one with the local community, as a new brand "Grand Tree" It was decided to open.If it was opened as Ario, "Ario Ichihara"But 2013(25) It was planned to be the 11th store since it opened on November 28th.In addition, the 18th store will be named "Seven Park", which is a new brand while bearing "Ario".Seven Park Ario Kashiwa 2016(28) Opened on April 4th.In addition, both Grand Tree and Seven Park Ario KashiwaSogo/SeibuThe jointly-named small store "Seibu Sogo" has opened, but Grand Tree is due to sluggish sales. 2017The store will be closed on August 8 (Seven Park Ario Kashiwa's "Seibu Sogo" will continue)[2][3].


For a list and detailed information of each tenant, seeGrand Tree Musashikosugi HomepageSee.


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