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🍽 | What is this, it's like raw!Easy to use freeze-dried garlic and ginger


What this is like raw!Easy to use freeze-dried garlic and ginger

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It is used for colds, vomiting, and loss of appetite because shogaol, a pungent ingredient, promotes gastric juice secretion and aids digestion and absorption.

Choshi Condiments Dried garlic and ginger add condiments to your self-catering life! "Raw sensation" garlic & let's ... → Continue reading


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Shogaol (Shogaol) or (6)-ShogaolGinger OfSpicinessIt is an ingredient and its structure isGingerolIt's similar to.ZingeroneProduced when ginger is dried or heated, similar to[1]..The name comes from the Japanese word "ginger".

Shogaol is probably gingerol when stored or exposed to excessive heatDehydrationIt is generated by being done.The abundance ratio of shogaol and gingerol is sometimes used as an indicator of product quality.[2].

ShogaolScoville valueIs 160,000 SHU.Compared to other pungent ingredients, shogaolPiperine(pepperSpicy than the spicy ingredient)Capsaicin(Red pepperIt is less spicy than the spicy ingredient).

materialScoville value


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  3. ^ Ula (1996), op. Cit. "The HPLC measures the capsaicinoid (s) in ppm, which can then be converted to Scoville units using a conversion factor of 15, 20 or 30 depending on the capsaicinoid." This would make capsaicin 15,000,000 SHU.

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