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📝 | "Baby Star" completes a side dish for dinner !? A surprisingly easy arrangement recipe is a hot topic


A side dish for dinner is completed with "Baby Star" !? A surprisingly easy arrangement recipe is a hot topic

If you write the contents roughly
Whether you haven't eaten a baby star recently or haven't experienced anything other than eating it as it is, why not try "Baby Star for Supper" with this recipe as a hint?

From active children to adults who used to be children, a wide range of generations said, "Sweets that I ate when I was a child ... → Continue reading


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Baby star ramen

Baby star ramen(English name : Baby Star Crispy Noodle Snack) IsSnack company(head office·MieTsu City, NonListingSeasoned fried noodles produced by a company)Snacks.RamenNot only named after the baby starFried noodles,Japanese buckwheat noodles,Udon,pastaNoodle-flavored snacks such asRice crackersThere are also other forms of snacks, such as onebrandIs building.In addition to regular nationwide products, there are also regional products.

In addition, "Freshly made and limited products are sold.Baby star landIs the theme-type commercial facility "YokohamaIt is open in the "Hakurankan" snack factory.


  • 1955 --Matsuda Sangyo Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Oyatsu Company, is the world's firstInstant noodle"Seasoned Chinese noodles" was released, but it ended in failure in terms of sales.
  • 1958 - Sancy breeding(CurrentNissin Foods Holdings)ButChicken RamenWas released and succeeded.
  • 1959 ――When you distributed the pieces of noodles generated in the manufacturing process to employees as a snack, it became popular and commercialized.[1][2]..The first work "Baby ramenReleased.The price is 10 yen[3].
  • 1973 ――With the desire to be the best (star) in snacks for children, "Baby star ramenChanged the name to.1971There is also a document[4].
  • 1973 --Price changed to 20 yen[5].
  • 1980 --Price changed to 30 yen[5].
  • 1983 - Hong KongStarted exporting to[4].
  • 1986 - TaiwanStarted exporting to[4].
  • 1988 --The package design of Baby Star Ramen has been significantly redesigned. The first mascot character (girl, now named "Baby-chan") that has been used for about 30 years since the release of "Baby Ramen", but there was no official name during the active days.[6]) From the second generation "Bay-chan』Replaced.In addition to the existing "chicken flavor", "miso flavor" and "curry flavor" are newly released.After that, various variations in taste and shape will appear.
  • 1999February --Launch of "Baby Star Ramen Maru" packed into a round tablet.
  • 2000 --"Bay-chan"'s younger sister "Bee-chan"Adds to the character. (The combined name of the two is "Baby'[7])
  • 2001 --Launch of "Baby Star Ramen Star", which is solidified into a star shape.Next time2002"Baby Star Ramen Maru" is sold out once,2003Resurrected in the form of replacing "Baby Star Ramen Star" again.
  • 2007 ――The content of one bag of "Baby Star Ramen" has been changed from 1 grams to 35 grams, and the amount has been reduced, resulting in a substantial price increase.FUNKY MONKEY BABYSProduced by "Funky Monkey Baby Star Ramen" Hachioji Ramen・ "Salt taste" will be on sale for a limited time.
  • 2008 - Hayashiya KikusenAffiliation officeToyota artIn partnership withHayashiya Kikuzo Ramen・ Soy sauce flavor ”will be on sale for a limited time. The content of one bag of "Baby Star Ramen" has been changed from 1 grams to 30 grams, and the actual price increase has been reduced from the previous year. The price increase from 23 grams in 2007 will reach 35%.
  • 2009 --The 50th anniversary of the release of Baby Star Ramen.Railroad toys released at the same timePlarailIs also the 50th anniversary, so a collaboration project was born.
  • 2010 --The baby star ramen noodles have been thickened and the package design has been renewed.CMTo the characterKinKi KidsWas appointed.
  • 2016
    • May 12 --"Bay-chan" and "Bee-chan" announced that they will retire in the same year.[8][9].
    • May 12 ――The third generation new character was unveiled.The name will be open to the public, and at the takeover ceremony on January 3, 2017, "HosioWas announced[10][11].
  • 2018 --August 8 is designated as "Baby Star Day"[12].
  • 2019July 7-Baby Star Ramen Factory Integrated in Tsu City, Mie PrefectureTheme park"Snack Town" opens[13].


商品 商品

  • chicken
  • Umashio

For a limited time

  • Spicy chicken-The first character "Baby-chan" is used for the package.
  • Pepper salt-same as above

Ramen for all over Japan

  • Yuzu ponzu flavor, sesame flavor-- GURUNAVILimited time plan product with
  • Youkai Ramen- Yokai watchWithCollaboration
  • Coconut curry flavor- But thoughCollaboration with
  • Baby Stard Big Ramen Green Onion Flavor- Tsukiji Gin DakoCollaboration with
  • Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Takoyaki Sauce Flavor-Collaboration with Tsukiji Gindaco
  • Baby Stard Dekai Ramen One of the best in the world World classCollaboration with
  • Baby Star Dodekai Ramen Tenkaippin Taste is Sane Taste-Collaboration with Tenkaippin
  • Bisonji sji× Baby Star Ramen Sanji no Chikin Flavor[14] --Collaboration with Nijisanji

Other than ramen for all over Japan

Local limited ramen

HokkaidoProducts for the market include products with the names and flavors of famous ramen shops "Santouka" and "Sumire".

In addition, station shops andhighway Ofservice areaThere are also regional baby stars for souvenirs sold at.

Other than local limited ramen

  • Baby Star member's stamina ramen- SDFStandLimited

Destination brand

"Town candy store"(Seven-Eleven), "Around the snack."(Lawson), Etc., some of which manufacture baby star ramen as one of the series products of other brands.

Cup Noodle

Cup Noodle"Baby Star Cup Ramen" has been sold nationwide. For CMKinya AikawaWas appearing. Around 1987, in response to the seal boom at that time, a new cup ramen with a seal (East and West Haunted Army Seal) "Surprise Cup Ramen" (two types of soy sauce flavor in the Orient and curry flavor in the West) was newly released, and the following year, Famicom Became a charismatic presence for children during the boom eraMaster TakahashiA tie-up version with is also available.Currently,"ButamenIs the core brand of Oyatsu Company's mini-cup noodles,100 Yen shopAs a low-priced version of "Butamen", mini-cup noodles under the "Baby Star" brand are on sale, and some are limited to local areas.

Overseas market

Currently outside of JapanHong Kong,Taiwan,Mainland China,South Korea,The United States of America,IndonesiaBut it is on sale.Many overseas products have different flavors than those for Japan.

In Hong KongCantoneseso"Dosei Koshinan(Tonsendim Sammin, Dosei Dim Sum Noodles, Dosei Tenshinmen) ”, which is popular in addition to chicken flavorFried noodlesThere are many types such as taste.

In TaiwanChineseso"Special model student dim sum rice cake(Todon Morphance Dien Singh Bin,ㄊ ㄜ ˋ ㄉ ㄥ ˇ ㄇ ㄛ ˊ ㄈ ㄢ ˋ ㄕ ㄥ ㄉ ㄧ ㄢ ˇ ㄒ ㄧ ㄣ ㄅ ㄧ ㄥ ˇ, Special model student dim sum rice cake, Tokutomo Hansei Tenshinhei ”is sold under the product name.

Mainland ChinaThen in Chinese "Favorable star, Bay Basin Hao Chi Mien, Bèi bèi xīng hǎo chī miànIt is sold under the product name of "Kaibaiseikoukitsumen".

IndonesianThen, the product name is "Mie Baby Star".

Usage other than direct food

Monjayaki,SobaIt is common to add baby star ramen as an ingredient.Also,SprinkleIt may also be used as.Cook padな どインターネットBaby star ramen was used as an ingredient in the above cooking siteRecipesIs open to the public.Original cookingsaltSince the salt content of this product is added in addition to the amount, it is also necessary to adjust the salt content.

Similar products

Similar snacks that compete with baby star ramen are sold in Japan and abroad.The main ones are listed below.

In downtown TokyoMonjayakiIt was used as a standard topping.It was sold by a manufacturer called Marumitsu Confectionery, but it is no longer on the market due to the bankruptcy of the company.After the sale is discontinued, unbranded products have been distributed for commercial use, and it is said that they are used in some monjayaki restaurants.
Ramen shop Taro, Yakisoba shop Taro, Don Taro
IbarakiJoso City OfConfectioneryGoods.Don Taro is a candy with an instant udon motif.
Chicken Ramen Mini
Nissin FoodGoods.It is sold in packs of 3 individually wrapped.
Okiko Ramen
Okinawa OfOkiko Co., Ltd.Goods.Regular-sized instant noodles have been discontinued, and confectionery-sized ones are sold in reprint packages.
Taro-kun of mini ramen
Gunma OfDaikoku Food IndustryGoods.Sold in packs of 4 individually wrapped.
Tokyo ramen
Tochigi OfTokyo Ramen Co., Ltd.Goods.It is also individually wrapped and packed in 4 pieces, and there are several flavor variations.
Yatter! Men
OsakaJack confectionery products. A candy with a hit of 1 yen per piece.
Small prince noodles
Taiwanese food company Miou1970 eraToInstant noodleWas sold as "Prince hermitageBecause there are many cases where children eat as it is, the seasoning and amount have been changed.Small Prince AnWas released.In addition, it is dried on the assumption that it will be eaten as it is for prince noodles.LeekI added the explanation that I put the powdered seasoning in it, crush it in a bag, sprinkle it with powder, and eat it as it is.
Science noodles
A product of Uni-President Enterprises in Taiwan.Originally it was an ordinary instant noodle, but now it is sold for direct eating.Comes with regular dried green onions and powdered seasonings. Some are divided into 15g pieces, which are mixed with powdered soup from the beginning.
Zhang Kimi Masako Sister
Taiwanese food products.In addition to those with powdered seasonings similar to scientific noodles, there are round tablet-shaped products that imitate "Baby Star Ramen Maru".
South KoreaAn ordinary instant noodle-style snack snack released by Ottogi, a food company in Japan.KoreanProduct name of "뿌셔 뿌셔"Break and break" means "break and break", break the bag into small pieces, sprinkle with powdered soup, and eat directly.BulgogiTasteTopokkiThe taste is Korean-style.
Late 1980s Bell Foods (nowKracie Foods) Is a rectangular noodle that has been sold.A masked wrestler seal was attached to the seal boom at that time.Later, Ramenbaa Mark 2 was also released, but the bonus sticker was changed to a card.

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