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☕ | Lunch with vegetables, meat, fish and eggs little by little The theme of the Japanese cafe is “adult lunch”

Photo "Adult lunch" is the theme of various side dish set meals

Lunch with vegetables, meat, fish and eggs little by little The theme of the Japanese cafe is "adult lunch"

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In the evening, you can enjoy simmered flatfish (780 yen) and fried chicken wings (600 yen) along with shochu, sake, and wine.

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Fried chicken wings

Fried chicken wings(Karaage from Tebasaki)chicken OfChicken wingsThefriedThe dish I made.It is eaten all over Japan, but especiallyChukyo area(AichiNagoya cityIt is often eaten in and the surrounding area).


Fried chicken wings (wings)SaucePaint,salt-pepper-White sesameSprinkle with etc. to finish.With a crispy texturespicesCharacterized by its effective tasteSakeCan be eaten as.

In the Chukyo area, "chicken wings" often refers to this dish, not to the chicken (meat) part.

SimilarAmerican foodAs,BuffaloSpecialty food,Buffalo wingThere is.For fried chicken wingsCayenne pepper sauceバ タ ーTangle.


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780 Yen



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