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🍴 | "Pringles" to "Triple Sour Cream & Onion" 3 times richer

Photo You can fully enjoy the rich and rich sour cream flavor

From "Pringles" to "Triple Sour Cream & Onion" 3 times richer

If you write the contents roughly
The base color is a deeper green than "Sour Cream & Onion".

Kellogg Japan has "Triple Sour Cream & Onion" from the molded potato chips brand "Pringles" ... → Continue reading

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sour cream

sour cream What is (sour cream)?Fresh creamTheLactic acid bacteriaでfermentationRich in fat made by lettingDairy productsIs.Fresh cream obtains a refreshing acidity and richness by artificial or natural fermentation.Sour cream has a light acidity, but the name "sour" comes from fermentation production by lactic acid bacteria.


Sour cream made from fresh cream contains 16-21% fat and has a unique taste due to lactic acid bacteria.For sour creamgelatin,Rennet, And vegetables酵素Some contain additional ingredients such as.

Light sour cream has 40% less fat than regular sour cream and is made by mixing fresh cream and milk.

Non-fat sour creamCornstarch,gelatin,Carrageenan,Guar gumIt is thickened with a thickener such as.

3/8Is in Japansour creamFor the first time in Japan on "Day of the Day"sour creamWas established by a dairy product manufacturer that worked on the development of.


Sour cream is not completely fermented and must be refrigerated.otherDairy productsSimilarly, it is usually sold with a expiration date, but whether the expiration date is "sale", "taste", or "consumption" differs depending on the region.On the surface of sour creamMoldMay grow,cheeseUnlike, it cannot be used with the surface removed.


Mainly Europe andNorth AmericaUsed in cooking, sour creamseasoningUsed as.Traditionally a topping of baked potatoes, choppedChivesIs attached.CreamysaladAlso used as a dressing basecake,ク ッ キ ー,U.S. biscuits,donut,SconeIn addition to the powderGrilled cookingBut it can be used.Central americaNow, a crema similar to sour cream (Creme fraiche CheeseHowever, it is the main ingredient in breakfast.

South America OfコロンビアThen,AjiacoYou can eat it as you like.

Sour cream is alsoFrench fries,crackerFor "onionDipIt is used as a base for various dips such as ".

Ukrainian food (Ukrainian cuisineandRussian foodThen, sour creamSmetana TheBorschtAnd other soupsPierogiIt is a seasoning ofBeef stroganoffIt is used for cooking such as.

Tex-Mex cuisineThen,Nachos,Burrito,GuacamoleUsed as a replacement for crema in[1].Hungarian foodThen,ソ ー スMaterials andHamenterCrepe OfRecipesUsed for.

fermentationバ タ ーIt is used as a raw material for.It is also used for sweets in Eastern Europe.


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