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🍽 | Dry food disaster prevention cooking November Classroom held in Kurihira Asao Ward, Kawasaki City

Photo Cooking example: Tofu, dried fruits, and vegetables mixed with white (provided by the same group)

Disaster prevention cooking using dry matter November Classroom held in Kurihira Asao Ward, Kawasaki City

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Instead of eating the cooked food, put it in a lunch box and take it home.

A class to learn cooking without using fire will be held on November 11th (Friday) in case of a disaster.The venue is "Cuff ..." near Kurihira Station → Continue reading

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Lunch box

Lunch boxWhat is (Bento Bako)?Box lunchUsed to store and carrycontainer.lunch boxAlso called.


Kamobetsu Raijin Shrine OfAoi FestivalThen, I put rice and rice cake in a deep fold called ship rice and ship rice cake, and covered it with cypress bark and makomo.Sacred mealIs dedicated, and this is considered to be the prototype of the lunch box[1].



There is a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, and in modern timesplasticIs the mainstreamThu,bamboo,paper,lacquerwareAndstainless,AnodizedProcessedaluminumand so on.The outside isthermosSome are processed into a shape to improve heat retention, especiallyCalled.

moistureIn order not to leaklidPart ofrubberSome are equipped with fasteners to prevent the lid from slipping.In addition, it may be fixed with a rubber belt, string, or cloth to prevent the lid from being opened carelessly.

Japanese ancientHeavy boxMay also be used as a lunch box.

There are also thin disposable ones, such as those made of plastic, aluminum, and paper.

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  2. ^ 明治文化史生活編 開国百年記念文化事業会


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