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☕ | Three people from different origins hit each other at the destination ... Women love the "cafe" in a small port town and are loved by the locals ...


Three people from different origins hit each other at the destination ... Women love the "cafe" in a small port town and are loved by the locals ...

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Cafe Entrada is about two and a half hours drive from Nagoya, and a short walk from Kashikojima Station, the end point of the Kintetsu-Shima Line.

Baguette sandwich filled with local ingredients In the summer of 2020, we used local ingredients in a small port town in Shima City, Mie Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Kashikojima Station

Kashikojima Station(Kashikojima-eki) isMieShima cityAgocho Shinmei(Kashikojima)It is inKinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)Shima Line OfstationIs[1]..Shima lineTerminal station[1][2]..As the name implies, it is located on Kashikojima Island, in the central part of the island.[3].HonshuAnd Kashikojima is about 20 meters away[4].. Station numberM93.


This station was not included in the Shima Electric Railway route plan.Until just before the start of construction, Ugatahama (two before the start)Ugata Station) Was planned to end[5],Meguro Kamata Electric RailwayVisiting the palace to the executivesAgo BayIt was pointed out that profits could not be expected unless it was invited, and at the board meeting, Kashikojima in Ago BayPearl Harbor StationWill be extended to[6]..Kashikojima at that timepearlAlthough there was a farm, it was an uninhabited island, but since the land was donated to celebrate the opening of the railway station, development as a tourist destination began, and it came to be written in Chinese characters as Kashikojima.[6]..The development goal is to make Kashikojima "of the sea"KaruizawaWas to be[7].

  • 1929(Showa4 years)7/23: Shima Electric RailwayToba --Opened when the Shinjuko area opens[8].
  • 1944(19)2/11: Shima Electric Railway and 6 other companies merged,Mie trafficIs established and becomes a station on the company's Shima line.[8][9].
  • 1964(39)2/1: Mie Kotsu's railway business is separated and transferred to Mie Electric Railway, becoming the company's station[8].
  • 1965(40)4/1: Became the company's station due to the merger with Kintetsu Railway[8].
  • 1969(44)
    • 7/1: This station-Abolished between Shinjuko[8]..This will be the terminal station[2].
    • 12/10: Toba on the Shima Line-The station is closed due to improvement work[8].
  • 1970(45)3/1: Of Shima LineStandard gaugeCompletion of gauge conversion to[8]..Started using the limited express home.Murano TogoDesigned by[10] The current station building is completed[3].
  • 1990(Heisei2 years)12/8: Shima-Shimmei-Double track between our stations[11].
  • 1993(5)9/21: Abolished the regular train platform from the opening of Shima Electric Railway, and started using the new platform on the same floor as the new limited express platform on the north side.[1]..Abolished Kashikojima garage[2], Stopped general use of the old station building from the time of its establishment[3].
  • 1994(6)3/15: Station improvement work completed[11].
  • 2007(19) April 4:PiTaPastart to use[12].
  • 2009(21)11/21: Shima MarinelandHumboldt penguin"Shima-chan" becomes a special stationmaster[13].
  • 2012(24)6/24: "Shima-chan" retires as a special stationmaster[13].
  • 2014(26)3/22: Hanshin Sannomiya Station (currentKobe Sannomiya Station) --Start of temporary limited express service between our stations[14].
  • 2016(28)5/21 - 5/28 : The 42th Summit of Developed CountriesDue to the holding of (Ise-Shima Summit), the section between this station and Ugata station will be suspended.[15](Because the train itself turns back, go to this stationForwardingI got in by handling[16]) AndMinistry of Foreign AffairsShuttle bus was operated by[17]..An identification ID card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was required to board this station.[18]..On the premisesconvenience storeWas open as usual for islanders and summit officials[16].
  • 2017(29)5/26: On the 2nd floor of the station buildingIse Shima Summit MemorialOpens[19][20].

Station structure

Head-end homeHave one line per sideGround station[3].. Until 1993Detention lineThere was (Kashikojima garage), but it has been abolished[2]..The current station buildingMurano TogoDesigned by[10]..Originally, the movement of things such as putting in and out wagons for in-car services of limited express vehicles was considered.platformからbus-TaxiThere are almost no steps such as stairs to the north exit where there is a platform etc.wheelchairIt has a structure that allows you to easily get on and off[Note 1]..However, go up the stairs to the south exit on the Kashikojima port side, one floor below.EscalatorIf you use a wheelchair, you will be guided by a detour if you ask the station staff.[21].

On the first floor of the station buildingFamilyMart(Opened in June 2013) is open[22][23], There is Ise Shima Summit Memorial Hall on the 2nd floor[19][20].. Coffee shop on the 2016nd floor until 2Kashikojima Hojoen"La Perle Kashikojima store", a snack restaurant run by[24]) Etc.[25][26].

Once upon a time, regular trains still exist to the west of the South Exit station building.Shima Electric RailwayAdjacent to the station building from the era, it departed and arrived from the regular train platform, which is one floor lower than the limited express platform (both are on the ground because it is a sloping land), but since 1, it was newly established on the north side of the limited express platform for limited express. You are using a home at the same altitude as your home[1].

Bus stop

1 · 2Limited express platform (8 consecutive lengths)mainlyKintetsu Nagoyaaspect
 Get off at platform 2 and 3
3 · 4Limited express platform (8 consecutive lengths)mainlyOsaka Namba-京都aspect
5Ordinary home (2 consecutive lengths)Ise Nakagawa-Shiratsukaaspect
  • There is no getting-off platform at Platforms 1, 4, and 5[27]..Also, on the south side of Platforms 1 and 2, there was an old ordinary platform from the Shima Electric Railway era.[1].
  • If group trains or special trains departing from or arriving at this station are operated with 4-car trains or more, they will depart and arrive at the limited express platform for 8-car trains.

Ticketing equipment

Diamond surface

Two trains depart and arrive at this station every hour for both limited express trains and regular trains.[28].

Limited express train
  • The first train at this station operates from 6:20 to 6:30, and except for 14:00, it departs at approximately 15 minutes every hour for Nagoya (only Saturdays and holidays at XNUMX:XNUMX are not set), and for Osaka at XNUMX:XNUMX. Minute departure (Saturdays and holidays only at XNUMX:XNUMXHan Iko Limited Express, Departs at 16 minutes only at 00:XNUMXSightseeing limited express "Shimakaze"It is patterned as a two-way operation of the Osaka Ioto Limited Express departing at 05 minutes), and at some times it departs for Kyoto at 2 minutes ("Shimakaze" departs at 20:14) and at 50 minutes. "Shimakaze" bound for Osaka Uehonmachi and Nagoya (at 40:14 on Saturdays and holidays)Meiko Limited ExpressThere is also) is being driven[28].
  • Trains arriving at this station are from 8:21 to XNUMX:XNUMX[28].
local train
  • First train from Toba station in the morningNagoya LineThere are several section trains on the Shima Line that connect to the express train, and the Toba and Nagoya Lines on weekday nights.ShiratsukaOne for each and at the end of the night climbCelebrityAll trains are set except for the destinationIse Nakagawa StationHave been driven up to[28].

Usage situation

According to the "Mie Prefecture Statistics", the daily average in recent yearsBoardingpersonnelIs as follows.

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel

Most of the users are tourists[3]..The table below shows the changes in the usage status of Kashikojima Station.[29].

  • The unit of transportation record (passenger number) is person, and shows the total value for the year. This data is suitable for comparison between years.
  • The boarding / alighting personnel survey result is a value (unit: person) in any one day. Care must be taken when comparing between years, as there are large fluctuations due to factors such as the weather and events on the survey day.
  • In the table, the highest value is shown in red, the lowest value after the year in which the highest value was recorded is shown in blue, and the lowest value before the year in which the highest value was recorded is shown in green.
Annual usage status (Kashikojima Station)
年度Transportation results for this station (passengers): people / yearBoarding / alighting personnel survey results: people / dayNotices
Commuter passCommuting to schoolOut of termtotalSurvey dateInvestigation result
1958 year (Showa 33 year)152,126←←←←176,018328,144   
1959 year (Showa 34 year) ←←←←     
1960 year (Showa 35 year) ←←←←     
1961 year (Showa 36 year) ←←←←     
1962 year (Showa 37 year) ←←←←     
1963 year (Showa 38 year) ←←←←     
1964 year (Showa 39 year) ←←←←     
1965 year (Showa 40 year)110,730←←←←213,892324,622   
1966 year (Showa 41 year)90,930←←←←112,754203,684   
1967 year (Showa 42 year)90,480←←←←102,527193,007   
1968 year (Showa 43 year)66,870←←←←103,145170,015   
1969 year (Showa 44 year)48,540←←←←140,592189,132  Business suspension due to improvement work (bus agency)
1970 year (Showa 45 year)87,090←←←←423,758510,848  Standard gauge and resumption of business
1971 year (Showa 46 year)95,820←←←←382,296478,116   
1972 year (Showa 47 year)94,410←←←←407,046501,456   
1973 year (Showa 48 year)89,370←←←←492,588581,958   
1974 year (Showa 49 year)89,190←←←←503,170592,360   
1975 year (Showa 50 year)82,620←←←←453,413536,033   
1976 year (Showa 51 year)80,820←←←←444,527525,347   
1977 year (Showa 52 year)70,680←←←←446,169516,849   
1978 year (Showa 53 year)71,910←←←←426,714498,624   
1979 year (Showa 54 year)72,450←←←←450,010522,460   
1980 year (Showa 55 year)71,880←←←←427,928499,808   
1981 year (Showa 56 year)73,170←←←←415,313488,483   
1982 year (Showa 57 year)67,080←←←←395,937463,01711/161,905 
1983 year (Showa 58 year)67,950←←←←387,340455,29011/82,123 
1984 year (Showa 59 year)63,660←←←←373,759437,41911/62,003 
1985 year (Showa 60 year)65,580←←←←375,655441,23511/121,540 
1986 year (Showa 61 year)65,550←←←←372,658438,20811/111,331
1987 year (Showa 62 year)59,100←←←←353,129412,22911/101,616 
1988 year (Showa 63 year)56,770←←←←345,149401,84911/81,559 
1989 (first year of Heisei)51,060←←←←357,707408,76711/141,659 
1990 year (Heisei 2 year)60,390←←←←391,619452,00911/61,817 
1991 year (Heisei 3 year)73,200←←←←408,871482,071   
1992 year (Heisei 4 year)79,260←←←←387,492466,75211/102,349 
1993 year (Heisei 5 year)73,950←←←←367,971441,921   
1994 year (Heisei 6 year)83,460←←←←382,929466,389   
1995 year (Heisei 7 year)94,290←←←←342,065436,35512/51,078 
1996 year (Heisei 8 year)92,820←←←←325,425418,245   
1997 year (Heisei 9 year)95,760←←←←296,508392,268   
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)84,180←←←←248,601332,781   
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)80,880←←←←215,521296,401   
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)97,290←←←←218,869316,159   
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)105,210←←←←206,509311,719   
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)121,560←←←←200,158321,718   
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)139,140←←←←185,604324,744   
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)164,010←←←←162,203326,213   
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)166,860←←←←152,497319,35711/81,141 
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)153,600←←←←156,271309,871   
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)137,820←←←←162,672300,492   
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)138,060←←←←170,734308,79411/18993 
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)129,150←←←←153,064282,214   
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)130,890←←←←137,555268,44511/9931 
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)130,800←←←←136,347267,147   
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)128,610←←←←151,999280,60911/13863 
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)135,660←←←←195,735331,395   
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)123,630←←←←199,488323,118   
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)121,410←←←←215,137336,54711/10[30]1,197 
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)117,150←←←←196,522313,672  Ise Shima Summit
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)108,150←←←←193,446301,596  Ise Shima Summit Memorial Hall opened
2018 year (Heisei 30 year) ←←←←  11/13[31]1,125 
2019 (first year of Reiwa) ←←←←    

Around the station

North exit
South exit

Bus route

There is a bus stop in front of the station (north exit)Mie trafficbyShima Spain VillageThe route to is in operation (suspended when the park is closed).other than thisHotel,Japanese innMany shuttle buses arrive and depart[7].

Special stationmaster "Shima-chan"

Shima Marineland near Kashikojima Station in November 2009female OfHumboldt penguin"Shima-chan" became a special stationmaster[33]..Shima-chan became the stationmaster for the purpose of revitalizing the Kintetsu Shima Line, and 1 days in a year.Stationmaster hatshirtWith a collartieI stood at the ticket gate[34]. 2001(13)5/4Was born[34].

2010(22) On November 11, a ceremony to commemorate the 21st anniversary of inauguration was held at Kashikojima Station, and a letter of appreciation was given.Horse mackerel1 year (about 220)kg) Was sent[34]..At the ceremony, the animal stationmaster "SeniorIsWakayama Electric RailwayKishi Station OfTama station managerからCongratulationsArrived[34]..Also, on the same dayToba --On board the "Penguins Train" between Kashikojima and marched inside the Kintetsu train with three other penguins.[34]..翌年のNext year 2011(23)5/29ToConcourse"Penguins stationmaster's office" is set up in[35],same year11/20Was appointed as a special envoy for tourism in Shima City.[33].

Shima-chan, who has continued to play an active role as described above, will retire due to the expiration of her term on June 2012, 24, when she goes to work.7/30Announced by Kintetsu Railway[13]..After that, 2014 (Heisei 26)3/22Died due to spawning trouble[36]..He was 12 years old, and was in his 40s and 50s when converted to human age.


  • It is the southernmost station on Kintetsu (the easternmost and northernmost stations are Kintetsu Nagoya Station, and the westernmost station is Osaka Namba Station).
  • 1969Abolished in JulyPearl Port Freight StationThe trace of was used as a detention line (Kashikojima garage) for a long time after that, and it remained a remnant of the past.[2]..It was removed when the above-mentioned ordinary train platform was abolished and disappeared.[2]..The track traces were overgrown with weeds for a long time[37] But nowParking LotBecame[2].
  • It was reported that there was a plan to operate a limited express train from this station to Hanshin Sannomiya Station by the end of 2012 or the spring of 2013, but it was finally realized on March 2014, 3.[14].
  • This is the largest number in Kintetsu station numbering (93).

Next station

Kinki Nippon Railway
M Shima Line
Shima Shinmei Station (M92)- Kashikojima Station (M93)

The route that once existed

Kinki Nippon Railway
Shima Line (Abolished section)
Kashikojima Station - Pearl Harbor Station


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