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📝 | Recipe contest grand prize menu commercialized ♪ Time-saving and easy "Letcha! Grand prize seasoning"

Photo Source: Living Hyogo Web

The grand prize menu of the recipe contest has been commercialized ♪ Short and easy "Letcha! Grand Prize Seasoning"

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Easily complete a professional taste by combining with a small amount of ingredients For short-time cooking Just by combining a small amount of ingredients with this seasoning mix, "Fajita" is stir-fried chicken and paprika with Mexican, and "Orange chicken saute" is a marmalade of chicken with a clove scent. Sautéed wind, "Polyyal" is a professional taste that is hard to make at home, such as stir-fried potatoes and chicken with Indian spices, completed easily and in a short time.

▲ From the left, "Letcha! Grand Prize Seasoning Fajita", "Orange Chicken Saute", "Poriyal" (Manufacturer ... → Continue reading

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