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🍺 | Shonan Bellmare official beer 2nd "Bellmare IPA" debuts at the stadium

Photo Shonan Bellmare official beer 2nd "Bellmare IPA" debuts at the stadium

Shonan Bellmare official beer 2nd "Bellmare IPA" debuts at the stadium

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It is scheduled to be on sale during the Shonan Bellmare home game after Saturday, October 10st.

Sankt Gallen will sell the second Shonan Bellmare beer "Bellmare IPA" in barrel on Saturday, October 10st ... → Continue reading


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Shonan Bellmare

Shonan Bellmare(Shonan Bellmare,Shonan Bellmare) Is JapaneseKanagawaAtsugi,Isehara,Odawara city,Chigasaki,Hadano,Hiratsuka,Fujisawa,Oiso Town,Samukawa Town,Ninomiya town,Kamakura city,Minamiashigara city,Oi town,Kaisei town,Nakai town,Hakone town,Matsuda town,Manazuru town,Yamakita town,Yugawara townThehome townToJapan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


Fujita Industrial Soccer ClubAs the predecessor1994ToBellmare HiratsukaJoined the J League under the name of[1],2000ToShonan BellmareChanged the club name to.Home stadiumShonan BMW Stadium Hiratsukaで[1], The practice area is in HiratsukaBanyu Fureai Park Soccer FieldIs[1]..The team name isLatinBeautiful (bellum) and the sea (bellum)Best beaches, Mare), a coined word that combines the two words[1].

Hometown until 1999HiratsukaIn response to the recognition of the "wide area hometown system" in the J League since 1, one cityAtsugi,Isehara,Odawara city,Chigasaki,Hadano,FujisawaとNaka-gun-Koza-gunIt was changed to 3 cities and 7 towns, including 3 towns. On October 2017, 10Kamakura city,Minamiashigara cityとAshigarakami District-Ashigarashimo8 towns were added to the home town, and the home town was expanded to 9 cities and 11 towns in western Kanagawa prefecture.[4].

Since its establishmentFujitaInvestShonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Co., Ltd.Was operating, but in 1999 due to Fujita's financial difficultiesOld and new separationAnd jointly funded by a local companyShonan Bellmare Co., Ltd.Is operated by. In April 2018, he was the largest shareholder at that time.Sanei Architectural DesignAnd deals with training gyms, health food sales, etc.RIZAP GroupJointly fundedJoint Venture"Meldia RIZAP Shonan Sports Partners" is the clubThird-party allotmentThe company has become the largest shareholder (details will be described later).



The predecessor is1968ToTochigiWas launched inTowa Real Estate Soccer ClubAt (Fujita SC)[1],1975Renamed to Fujita Industrial Soccer Club[1].1972ToJapan Soccer League(JSL) Promoted to 1st division[1],1977JSL first victory.Since then, he has won three league titles and two Emperor's Cup titles. As an operating company in October 3FujitaWill be wholly owned byFujita Sports Club Co., Ltd.Was established and the team was nicknamed "Shonan Bellmare"

1993,J League Associate MemberApproved.At that time, when entering the J-League, it was not possible to add the area name to the team name.Bellmare HiratsukaChanged the team name to.At the same time, the trade name of the operating company was changed to Bellmare Hiratsuka Co., Ltd., and local companies and organizations invested (1996Changed the trade name to Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka Co., Ltd.).1993 JFLWon the first division, cleared the stadium problem, and was approved to join the J League[1].

1994-1999 (J League)


I was a director before joining the J LeagueMitsuru KomaedaAnd the head coachNicanorUnder the two-headed system, he advocated super-aggressive soccer, but the Suntory series scored 54th out of 12 teams with 11 goals, the most in all clubs.So, until then, I was the left side backTeruo IwamotoIs converted to an offensive half, and on the left side backHiroaki KumonAppointed.This proved successful, and the Nikos series scored 48 points, which is the most in all clubs, and 26 points, which is the least in all clubs.V KawasakiAnd jumped to 1nd place with 2 win difference,Shonan rampageWas called. Also,Emperor's cupDefeated C-Osaka in the final and won the championship for the first time.Kazuaki TasakaIs a rookie king,BettinoandYoshihiro Nazuka Best elevenWas awarded.


Hidetoshi NakataJoined the group.SimonAdopted a three-volunteer with three midfielders at the bottom of the midfield by Nicanor after joining.The Suntory series scored 3 points, the most in all clubs, and left a decent result of 60th place, but the Nicos series fell into a slump, and when Nicanor was dismissed at the end of August, Komaeda also resigned as far as Section 7 ..The rest of the match was a satellite coachUeki prosperityActed as acting coach, but ended up at the bottom of the 14 teams.But at the endAsian Cup Winners CupWon.


1998 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamAs GKNobuyuki Kojima, MF Nakata, FWRubisu Wagner, DF as the Korean national teamHong Myung-boA total of four people were elected. After the World Cup, Nakataイタリア-AC PerugiaTransferred to.At a sister club this yearJapan Women's Soccer League(L League)Fujita Soccer Club MercuryWas abolished[5].


Of the main sponsorFujitaWithdrew from sponsorship due to business restructuring[5]..Also, Kojima,Koji Noguchi, Nazuka, Tasaka,Hiroaki Kumon,IwamotoThe main force is leaving (Teruo Iwamoto,Akira Narahashi, Betinho,Amir,Taku WatanabeLeft the group before the 1998st stage in 1). The J1 league match ended at the bottom of both the 1st and 2nd stages (4 wins a year),J League Division 2I was demoted to (J2). In December, Fujita newly established Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd. and transferred the business rights of the club to the company, and transferred the company's shares to the shareholders of Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka such as Hiratsuka City.Meanwhile, Fujita bought all the shares of Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka.Shonan Bellmare Hiratsuka was dissolved by a resolution of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on November 12, 2004.[6].

2000-2009 (J2)


The team name is changed from "Bellmare Hiratsuka" to "Shonan BellmareWas renamed to[1]..Hometown from 1 city in HiratsukaAtsugi,Isehara,Odawara city,Chigasaki,Hadano, Hiratsuka City,Fujisawa,Naka-gunOiso Town,Ninomiya townandKoza-gunSamukawa Town OfKanagawaChanged to 7 cities and 3 towns and expanded the area[1][5].

Hisato KatoTo the director,NagoyaFrom veteran GKYuji Ito,ShimizuTo DFHiroyuki Shirai, Former V KawasakiMaesono MasakiAnd former ShimizuYoshihara MatsubaraHowever, he was forced to struggle with eight consecutive losses in the final stage and finished in 8th place.Maezono and Matsubara, who were distrustful of the front desk who announced that Kato would be dismissed during the season, also left the team.


Koji TanakaIs appointed as a director.FormerColombia National Team OfPalaciosReinforced mainly by the Colombian group including. It was the return since 1998Keisuke KuriharaYoung FW expected as an aceTakanori TakadaEach scored 17 points, but Kurihara left in the middle of the season and stalled.Finished in 8th place as in the previous year.


Tanaka system second year.Joined midway with the defense team centered on PalaciosShingo Kumabayashi,Tomoyuki YoshinoThe team is inspiring around them.Was enrolled in the previous yearGaviriaWhile practicing in ColombiaLightningThere was some sad news that he died, but he made a leap to 5th place.


SamiaAdopted a 3-3-5 system incorporating Flat 2.The opening round worked, but Palacios was injured and was expected to leave the former Premier League.Middlesbrough Ofリ カ ル ドHe stumbled in the early stages and finished in 10th place (Samia retired halfway, Ricardo also resigned).


Yamada system second year.FC TokyoThanAmaraoHowever, I couldn't get on the wave as in the previous year, and in JulyMatsuichi YamadaDismissed from the director,Eiji UedaWas appointed as the successor coach, but finished in 10th place as in the previous year.After the end of the season, it has been the center of attack since 2003Kim Gun-chulIn the middle of the seasonoakPalacios, who had been transferred to the rental company, has left the group.


The second year of the Ueda system.The early part of the season was good, but he had a hard time in the middle of the season and ended the season in 2th place in the league.After the end of the season, FW from youthTakanori Takada,Yoshikazu Suzuki,Yuya Sano,Tomoyuki Yoshino,BarisicEtc. left the group.


The third year of the Ueda system.Rental transfer FWNaoya UmedaTheUrawaWith a complete transfer fromYamagataTo MFDaisuke Tonoike, Moto Urawa midfielderAziel, Former Yamagata midfielderNivaldo, FWフ ァ ビ オWon.In the league match, Ueda resigned as manager due to eight consecutive losses in the middle of the season.In the final stage, he lost 8 consecutive games and finished in 6th place.After the seasonYusuke SatoTransferred to Tokyo V.Also,Shinji Jojo,Hiroki KobayashiSeven people left the group.

Club slogan: "Kishi Best mind'

Masano KannoBecame the director.Tetsuya AsanoBecame a top team coach. From FC TokyoJaneFrom YamagataRyuta Hara,ShimizuからToshihide Saito,Germany·SV Eintracht TrierからNobutaka SuzukiEarned. Also,KashimaからAkira NarahashiHas returned for the first time in 11 years.In addition, the players who had been rented to J1 were recalled (the rental release of Shonan until 2006 basically included a complete transfer as an option item due to financial reasons, etc. Therefore, it returned from the rental destination. It was a rare case at that time).The team was built with Adiel as the starting point of the attack, and the fight for promotion was thin, leaving the possibility of promotion until the end of the season, but the season ended in 6th place.With this season, the player chairmanDaisuke TonoikeRetired.

Club slogan: "Fighting ~ HEART & HARD ~'

The second year of the Sugano system.Was a regular on the left side backHiroki Oji C OsakaTransferred to.On the other handFukuokaThanRincon,NiigataからMita Hikaru, From FC TokyoYoshiro AbeFrom Yamagata to Shonan YouthKohei UsuiAcquired.The league match was involved in the promotion battle until the final round, but the final ranking was 5th.

Club slogan: "Yushi Shonan Heart & Hard'

Shonan OBKoji SorimachiIs appointed as a director.In addition, Sorimachi taught during the Niigata era.Norito Terakawa,Yosuke Nozawa, Original京都FWYutaka Tahara.Honda FCTo DFDaisuke MuramatsuWhile winning DFToshihide Saito, FWNaoki IshiharaEtc. have left the group.In the league match, he succeeded in starting dash with five consecutive wins at the opening.Involved in the promotion race throughout the season, the final section on December 5thMitoWin the battle and the 3rd place is confirmed. For the first time in 11 yearsJ League Division 1 (J1) Return has been decided (J11 return for the first time in 1 seasons is the longest record in the J League).With this seasonRyuta HaraとTomohiko ItoRetired from active duty.

This season is the final round 49KofuIncludes battles (91 points lined up)Additional timeThe score in the game was 10 points, and the final match against Mito also bounced back 2 points behind.

2010 (J1)

Club slogan: "PLAY ON Heart & Hard 2010'

Second year of Sorimachi system.千葉からArai Tatsuki, From NiigataNaoto Matsuo,SapporoからGenki Nakayama,MitoThanYuki Ozawa,KobeMore from Shonan YouthKenji BabaWas acquired as a fixed-time transfer.

Before the start of the league match, injured people appeared one after another regardless of position, and Ito, who had retired and was the coach of the youth team, was forced to return to active duty, and it became so serious that practice games could not be organized.In the opening round (Yamagata match), he drew and won his first victory against Niigata in the fourth round, but his adherence to the previous year collapsed and he suffered a large number of goals.Above all, he is a meritorious person for promotion in the previous year.AzielHowever, he could not recover from the injuries on both shins and was deregistered as a player (without leaving the team), lacking an effective offensive move, and the attack centered on the sharp counter with the number of people up to the previous year lurked.

Before the second half of the game, Urawa will try to overcome the situation where 4 out of 3 registered players are injured.Ryuta TsuzukiWith a loan transfer (at the same timeKinaga groupDo not unregister, leave the group).furtherChugoku-Beijing GuoanFW that belonged toVaudAnd former FC TokyoEmersonWon.I was away from the battlefield because of a herniated discYosuke NozawaAnd suffered a serious injury before the openingNaoto MatsuoReturned to the battlefield, but on November 7th (Section 18), with no wins since the match against Kyoto on July 11th.ShimizuAfter losing the match, J4 relegation was decided with 2 matches left.Since thenNagoyaThe championship was decided in front of him, and he lost consecutively until the final round, and in the end he did not win 21 consecutive league games.This was the worst record for J1 (J as a whole)KitakyushuThe worst is 35 games in a row.In addition, 16 points, 3 wins in the season, 82 points in total, and -51 points difference were the worst J1 records (at that time).

2011-2012 (J2)

Club slogan: "Kicking HEART & HARD'

The third year of the anti-town system.From ShimizuWestern youhei, From FC TokyoNobuyuki Abe, C from OsakaNaoya IshigamiIs acquired by full transfer. Also,IwataからKentaro Oi, From NagoyaYuki MakiとYoshiki Hiraki,KashimaからRyuta SasakiWas also acquired by a loan transfer.On the other hand, Emerson,Norito Terakawa,Genki NakayamaThey left the group.In the opening round, he beat Okayama 5-0, but as with last year, there were many injured withdrawals, and he remained in the middle of the season, finishing 14th in the season.

The Emperor's Cup in the fourth round(I.e.Defeated.After the season, Sorimachi retired from the coach.

Club slogan: "Kicking'

New directorCho Kwi-jaeIs appointed.

I was enrolled for 6 yearsAzielIs in ChinaWuhan TakujiToYuki Ozawa SC SagamiharaToWestern youheiIs in KawasakiYutaka Tahara Yokohama FCToKohei Usui Tochigi SCToNaoto Matsuo Kansai Soccer League-FC OsakaToYosuke Nozawa AndTo, last seasonKofuWas rented toYoshiro AbeIs in Iwata,Zuegen KanazawaWas rented toTetsuya Sugano SC SagamiharaComplete transfer toNaoya Ishigami OitaToIsamu Matsuura FC RyukyuRental transfer toKentaro Oi(Return to Iwata ⇒ Complete transfer to Niigata),Yuki Maki(Return to Nagoya),Ryuta Sasaki(Return to Kashima) left the group due to the expiration of the rental transfer period,KobeからKenji Baba,YamagataからTomi Shimomura,Tatsuya Furuhashi,Paulista FCからMassenaWith a complete transfer,OmiyaからYazaki Miyazaki, From Niigata last seasonEhime FCWas rented toKazunari OhnoAcquired by rental transfer, Takuya Matsumoto,Shota Furubayashi,Shimamura TsuyoshiReturned from the rental transfer destination,Kei Uemura,SanheijiRental transfer period is extended,Shuhei Otsuki,Kohei MiharaIs a new member.Also in July in SapporoKirinoWas completely transferred.

In the league match, he won the opening match against Kyoto, the runner-up of the Emperor's Cup last year.From the start of the season, he has won 9 games, including 4 consecutive wins and 2 times, with 8 wins and 1 draw, and has maintained the lead since the end of Section 3.Section 10 (MitoBattle) to Section 17 (Kitakyushu戦)まで8戦勝ち無しで第13節に2位、第17節終了時には6位まで順位を下げたが、第18節から9試合連続負けなし(5勝4分)で、第31節(栃木SC戦)に勝利して2位に浮上。第39節の千葉戦に引き分けて3位となったが、最終節にMachidaAfter winning the battle, he replaced Kyoto in 2nd place in the automatic promotion area for the first time in 3 years.J League Division 1 (J1) Return has been decided.I was enrolled for 12 years after the end of the seasonKoji SakamotoRetired.

2月には1億円を超える債務超過に転落し、最悪の場合はクラブ自体の解散の可能性もあるとの一部報道があった(実際の債務超過額は8268万9819円)が、9月から10月にかけて行われた湘南ベルマーレ持株会への一口5万円の拠出金の募集に4120万円、普通株に2980万円の申込みがあり、合計7100万円の増資を行った[7]..In addition, there was an application for 2 million yen and 5 million yen for common stock by soliciting a contribution of 1000 yen per unit to the 3000nd Shonan Bellmare Shareholding Association, and in January 2013 after the approval of the J League.Extraordinary general meeting of shareholdersPlans to increase capital with approval of[8]..Eventually, the insolvency was resolved by the above two capital increases.In addition, it became profitable for the first time in 2 terms.[9].

2013 (J1)

Club slogan: "Kicking'

The second year of the 曺 system. Kinaga group(Oita),Takuya Matsumoto(Kitakyushu),Kento Fukuda(Niigata S), I was transferred to Oita the previous year for a limited timeSanheiji(京都) Is a complete transfer,Isamu Matsuura(JFL-Ryukyu,Kei Uemura(Iwata) Is a complete transfer to a transfer destination with a time limit.Kohei Mihara(Atago),Takahiro Yamaguchi(Nagasaki),This seasonOsaka Toin High SchoolJoined fromKosuke Shirai(JFL ・Fukushima U) Is a loan transfer,Yazaki Miyazaki(Omiya),Lee Min Soo(Shimizu) Has returned to its affiliation.

The reinforcement isTochigi SCからHirokazu Usami-Kenji Arahori,Tokyo VからRyota Kajikawa,YamagataからYuta SuzukiIs a complete transfer,(I.e.からShunsuke Ando,oakからHiroto Nakagawa,Kousuke Taketomi,Kweon Han JinAcquired by loan transfer, as a new foreignerMuangthong UnitedからEgyptianEarned,Ryosuke Kono(2 types registered players in the previous year),Takuya Muraoka,Ryohei Yoshihama(Specially designated player in the previous year),Shota TamuraIs a new member.

Ejibaud leaves during the season, Kweon Han-jinGunmaLoan transfer destination changed,KirinoGahe,Yuzo Iwakami Masaru Matsumoto FCI transferred to a limited time, butSuwon Samsung BluewingsからStevo,EC PerotasからWellingtonIs a complete transfer,Alex Santana,FC TokyoからYohei OtakeJoined with a loan transfer, as a specially designated playerYuto three poles,Go Miyaichi,Shunsuke Kikuchi,Shota Fukuoka(Both officially joined in 2014), joined as two types of registered players.

The league match has not won 6 games since the opening (3 minutes 3 losses), but Section 7OitaHe won the battle 2-1 and won his first victory.However, until the 17th round of the turnaround, a difficult battle continued with 3th place with 4 wins, 10 draws and 13 negative points, and in the 16nd round.FC TokyoLost 1-2 in the match and confirmed 16th or lower, J2 relegation decided[10].

2014 (J2)

Club slogan: "Decisive bullet'

The second year of the 曺 system.Tomi Shimomura,Tatsuya Furuhashi,Naoya IshigamiAnnounced the expiration of the contract of veteran players[11].Kaoru Takayama,Korea Sakae oakComplete transfer toShota Tamura,Ryosuke Kono,Takuya Muraoka,Yuki Inokari4 peopleFukushimaToShoga Kamada OkayamaToKenji Baba MitoRental transfer to.I was transferring to rentalKohei Mihara(Atago),Takahiro Yamaguchi(Nagasaki) Transfer period is extended,Kazunari Ohno(Niigata),Shunsuke Ando((I.e.) And Alex Santana () have returned to their respective affiliations.

On the reinforcement sideAtagoThanYota Akimoto,FC TokyoMore rental transferYohei OtakeAcquired by complete transfer.FukushimaLoan transfer toRyohei Yoshihama,Kosuke ShiraiIs back.From the previous yearoakMore rental transferKousuke Taketomi,Hiroto NakagawaTransfer period has been extended.FC TokyoからYu MaruyamaBut,TosuからOkada ShoheiJoined by rental transfer.

He continues to make good progress, winning 14 consecutive wins from the opening. He lost to Ehime FC in verse 15, but has not lost 21 races since then. September 9, Away Section 23京都He drew 2-2 in the match and confirmed J1 automatic promotion.After that, he suffered two consecutive losses, but as a result, he won the league title with 2 wins, 2014 draws and 31 losses and 8 points in the 3 season.

2015-2016 (J1)

Club slogan: "Proof show the style'

4th year of the sword system. It was the first J2 challenge in two years.

FukushimaWas transferred to rentalYuki InokariRetired[12], Was transferred to Fukushima for rentalRyosuke Kono(JFL-V Oita),Yuta Suzuki,Ryohei Yoshihama(Gunma),Nobuyuki Abe(Kitakyushu),Hirokazu Usami(Yamagata),NagasakiWas rented toTakahiro Yamaguchi(Oita),OkayamaWas rented toShoga Kamada(Shimizu) Is a complete transfer,Ken Iwao,Go Miyaichi(Mito),Shota Fukuoka, Promoted from youth this seasonNaoki Maeda(Fukushima),Ryota Kajikawa(Nagasaki),Rie Kamekawa(Fukuoka) Is a rental transfer,Shota Tamura,Teru Ando(Fukushima) rental transfer period extended,Takuya Muraoka(Fukushima),Kenji Baba(Mito),Kenji Arahori(Tochigi),Kohei Mihara(Atago) Is completely transferred to the rental transfer destination,Yu Maruyama(FC Tokyo),Hiroki Higuchi(Shimizu →SagamiharaRental transfer to),Hiroto Nakagawa,Kousuke Taketomi(oak),Kumagai Andrew(Yokohama FM) Has returned to its affiliation.

On the reinforcement sideSapporoからLeeFrom Yokohama FMSatoshi Fujita, Last season I was transferred to Fukuoka for rentalEijiro Takeda,UrawaからKeisuke Tsuboi,BotafogoからAndre Bahia,Tokyo VからGold bell mustWill be the first return from Kashiwa in two seasonsKaoru TakayamaWith a complete transfer,Mirasol FCからAlisonFrom UrawaNaoki Yamada,(I.e.からSoryu KaniAcquired by rental transfer.It was a rental transferSeiya FujitaHas transitioned to a complete transfer, during a rental transferOkada ShoheiTransfer period is extended,Ryohei Okazaki(In JuneKumamotoRental transfer to),Amorin,KirinoIs a new member.

Made in februaryEast Asian Cup 2015Then.Ko EndoParticipated as a representative of Japan.It is the first time in 98 years since Kojima, Nakata and Robisu in 17 that they have produced Japanese national team players with no age restrictions.This is the first time since the name was changed to Shonan Bellmare.

In the season, he demonstrated his competitiveness by winning for the first time in 20 years from Kashima, 16 years from Nagoya, and 17 years from Kashiwa, and decided to remain in J8 for the first time since becoming Shonan Bellmare in 1th place in the final result.The coach's skill is highly evaluated, and it is the club of his hometown during the off-season.Kyoto Sanga FCThe possibility of becoming a coach has increased, but eventually the contract with Shonan Bellmare was renewed.[13].

To coincide with the start of the season of the same yearKanagawa(Tvk) "Spirit Bell Mare TVWas started, and the public relations system on TV was strengthened.[14].

Club slogan: "Challenge Shonan EXPRESS will continue to run in 2016'

The second year of the 曺 system.

Ko Endo(Urawa),Ryota Nagaki(Kashima),Yota Akimoto(FC Tokyo),Shota Furubayashi(Nagoya),Lee(K League-Whole south), Loan transfer to MitoKen Iwao(Tokushima) Is a complete transfer,Kenta Hirose(Tochigi), had a rental transfer to FukushimaTeru Ando(Kanazawa), Loan transfer to MitoGo Miyaichi(Tottori) Is a rental transfer,Kosuke Shirai(Ehime),Ryota Kajikawa(Nagasaki),Rie Kamekawa(Fukuoka) completely transferred to the rental transfer destination,Naoki Maeda,Shota Fukuoka(Fukushima) rental transfer period extended,Soryu Kani(Return to Kawasaki → Transfer to Kanazawa for rental) has expired,Atsuki Sawada,Alison,AmorinLeft the group.

On the reinforcement side, from Yokohama FMYuta Narawa,Hitoshi Suto,AndからTomohiko Murayama,KofuからShimoda HokutoWith a complete transfer,千葉からPaulinhoFrom UrawaTakuya OkamotoAcquired by rental transfer,Naoki YamadaRental transfer period is extended,Ryohei Okazaki,Shota TamuraReturned from the rental transfer destination,Yuta Kamiya,Yamane Mirai,Hasegawa Arya JasurIs a new member.

May 10J1 2nd Stage Section 15OmiyaLost in the match, 16th or lower in the annual ranking was confirmed, and the fourth J4 relegation was decided.

2017 (J2)

Club slogan: "Co-run'

6th year of the sword system.This year was the main sponsor during the Bellmare Hiratsuka eraFujitaReturned to uniform sponsorship for the first time in 18 years[15].

Gold bell must(Tokushima),Yuto three poles(Kashima),Daisuke Kikuchi(Urawa),Yohei Otake(Okayama),Tomohiko Murayama(And),Shuhei Otsuki(Kobe),Hasegawa Arya Jasur(Omiya),FukushimaI had a loan transfer toShota Fukuoka(Tochigi SC) Is a complete transfer,Yuji Kajikawa(Tokushima) transferred to rental,Tomokazu Okamoto(TosuReturn to → Complete transfer to Matsumoto),Weslley(Thailand-Buriram United FCReturn to →K League-Incheon(Transfer to) has expired the rental transfer period,OitaWas transferred to rentalKirinoLeft the group.

On the reinforcement sideAtagoからGenta Omotehara,NagoyaからRyunosuke Noda,FC TokyoWill be the first return in two seasonsYota AkimotoWith a complete transfer,oakからHiroki AkinoAcquired by rental transfer,Teru Ando,Go MiyaichiReturned from the rental transfer destination,Hirokazu IshiharaIs promoted from youth,Masaaki Goto,Sugioka DaikiIs a new member.

During the seasonTsuyoshi Ito Fukushima, Tsuyoshi MiyaichiJFL-ShigaTraining type rental transfer,SiquinhoWas canceled for a limited time transfer contract (then a rental transfer to Oita), but from OmiyaDragan MurjaFrom Nagoya with a complete transferRyo TakahashiWas acquired through a rental transfer.

Section 39, 10nd place held on October 28thFukuoka Tokyo VSince he was drawn in the match, Shonan's second place and above were confirmed and J2 promotion was decided.Shonan drew in the match against Okayama the next day, so the second J1 victory was decided for the first time in three years.


Club slogan: "ALIVE'

The second year of the 曺 system.

Keisuke Tsuboi(Yamaguchi),Teru Ando(And),Eijiro Takeda(Yokohama FC),Kenta Hirose(Niigata),Shimoda Hokuto((I.e.),Satoshi Fujita(Akita),Genie(Kofu),Tando Velaphi(A league-Wellington Phoenix FC),Dragan Murja(スロベニア-NK Olimpija Lubriana) Resigned due to a complete transferYuta Kamiya(Atago),Yuta Narawa(Tokyo V),JFL-V OitaWas transferred to with a deadlinePark Tae Hwan(Korea National League・), JFL ・ShigaWas transferred to with a deadlineGo Miyaichi(Morioka) Transferred to another club for a limited timeNaoki Yamada(Urawa(Return to) has expired the rental transfer period, the rental transferTsuyoshi Ito,Shota Tamura(Fukushima),Yuji Kajikawa(Tokushima) Has completely transferred to the rental transfer destination.AlsoHibiki Wada(Fukushima),Xuean Lyu(Morioka) was promoted from youth and transferred immediately with a time limit.

On the reinforcement side, we returned from Niigata for the first time in 5 seasons.Kazunari Ohno,YamagataからDaiki TomiiFrom UrawaTsukasa Umezaki,HiroshimaからMikić,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Partizan BelgradeFrom originalSerbian representative OfAllen StevanovichWith a complete transfer,oakからYusuke Kobayashi,K League 2-BusanからKorean representative OfLee Jeong HyupAcquired by rental transfer,Ryo TakahashiMoved to full transfer,Kota SanadaIs promoted from youth,Arai Hikaru,Temma Matsuda,Kazuki Yamaguchi,Keisuke Saka,Kunitomo Suzuki,Daiki KanekoIs a new member.

In April 2018, Sanei Architectural Design, which was the largest shareholder of Shonan Bellmare at that time,RIZAP GroupEstablished "Meldia RIZAP Shonan Sports Partners Co., Ltd." in collaboration with.The new company has acquired a 50% stake in Shonan Bellmare.At the same time, the RIZAP Group dispatched seven directors to Shonan Bellmare and became involved in the club management in earnest.[16][17].. RIZAP Group intends to invest 3 billion yen in Bellmare over the next three years[18].

In the league match, although the opening match was won, it was sluggish with 8 win, 1 draws and 3 losses in 4 games after that, and although he won the first consecutive win of the season from the 10th round, he lost 3 consecutive games immediately afterwards.World CupAt the end of Section 15 before the suspension of the league match, he will be in 12th place provisionally.After resuming, it moved between 11th and 14th place, fell to 14th place just before the final section, and fell to 16th place depending on the result of the final section.J1 entry playoffsAlthough there was still the possibility of advancing to, in the final round, they scored 2 points against Nagoya, but after that they gave 2 PK and eventually drew, 10 wins, 11 draws and 13 losses. He finished the season in 13th place.

YBC Levin Cupでは、グループDで第5節まで3位にいたが、最終節で2位長崎に勝利し、3勝1分2敗で逆転で2位となり決勝トーナメントに進出、1回戦で仙台に初戦ホームで3-0と快勝したが2戦目アウェーは1-3で敗れたものの計4-3で準々決勝進出、C大阪に初戦ホーム3-0、2戦目アウェー2-2で準決勝に進出、柏には初戦アウェー1-1、2戦目ホームも90分では1-1で延長となり、延長でともに1点を追加し2-2となったためPK戦に突入、5-4で勝利し初の決勝進出となる。決勝では、横浜FMと対戦し、36分にSugioka DaikiIt was the first time for Shonan Bellmare to defend the first goal with the middle shot of the Bellmare Hiratsuka era.74th Emperor's CupIt has won three major titles since winning the championship.

Emperor's cupThen, I lost to Kawasaki in the 4th round.

Club slogan: "Acceleration -Acceleration-'

16th in the annual ranking.J1 entry playoffsでJ2I've won from 4th placeTokushima VoltisPlay against.The match ended in a 1-1 draw, but by regulation, J2 remained for the second consecutive year.


Total score ranking

RankingPlayer nameScore
1Koji Sakamoto57
3Koji Noguchi53
5Takanori Takada43
6Naoki Ishihara41
7Rubisu Wagner36
8Nozomi Kato30
9Keisuke Kurihara29
10Noriaki Kakimoto28
11Kaoru Takayama25
12Yoshiro Abe25
13Daisuke Kikuchi23
14Yuya Nakamura23
16Ko Endo23
17Yutaka Tahara21
18Ryota Nagaki18
20Ryuta Hara17

* Source:Database of J League, JFL, Japan National Team, Bundesliga.. As of the end of August 2015

(J League, J1 and J2 only.J League Cup,Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship,FUJI XEROX SUPER CUP,Asian Cup Winners CupEtc.)


Domestic title

International title



Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Yellowish green[1]Yellowish green[1]Yellowish green[1]
FP (2nd)white[1]white[1]white[1]
GK (1st)OrangeOrangeOrange
GK (2nd)tagtagtag
GK (3rd)blackblackblack
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

  •     Light green[1],    blue[1],    white[1]

Uniform design

  • In 1997, for the first time in the J League club, the uniform number was adopted under the uniform number. Adopted in 1997-1999 and 2002-2004.
  • Based on light green until 2000. It changed to a blue tone from 2001, but changed to a design based on light green again from 2010.
  • Light green is the image color of Fujita, the parent company,1994 J LeagueAt the time of joining, the J-League side requested a change from blue, so light green was pushed out all over.
  • The star (★) on the left chest emblem that has been attached since 2013 isThe 74th Emperor's Cup All Japan Soccer Championship(1994 years) andAsia Cup Winners Cup 1995-96Represents the victory of[19].. From 2015J2Winner (2014), from 2018J2Winner (2017), from 2019Levan cupEach star was given a victory (2018) (the two stars representing the J2 victory have moved to the right sleeve).
  • From 2019, the club's slogan "Do you enjoy it?" Has been placed under the emblem.[20].

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestSanei Architectural DesignMELDIA
Sanei Architectural Design
2016-2016 is "SANEI ARCHITECTURE DESIGN" notation
clavicleRIZAP GroupRIZAPFebruary 2018-Written on the right
Upper backIndustrial Management UniversityIndustrial Management University2010-Mid-2004-2009 is chest
In the middle of 2004-2006 is "SANNO "Sanno University" notation
2007-2009 is "SANNO" Industrial Management University"Notation
Lower backNippon TanshiNT
Nippon Tanshi
2016-Chest in the middle of 2012
In the middle of 2012, "Nippon Tanshi Nippon Tansi Co., Ltd."Notation
2016-2017 is "Nippon Tanshi" notation

The history of uniform supply

  • 1992-1993 (J-League associate member):ASICS, 93 Emperor's Cup only basic (Phoenix)
  • 1994-1996: League matchesMizuno, Cup match is basic (Phoenix)
  • 1997-1998: Mizuno in league match, cup matchKappa(Phoenix)
  • 1999-2002: Kappa Sports (Phoenix)
  • 2003-2004:Puma
  • 2005-2006:PIKO(Production: Elea Japone Sports in 2005, Erain Japone Sports in 2006)
  • 2007-2011:A line(Aline Japone Sports / College League)
  • 2012-Present:penalty

Successive uniforms

Chronology of successive sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1994IDDBefore banHOYA
Before banTohato-Before banMizuno /
1997Mizuno /
1999- /
- /
2000IDD /
nakata.net- /
Rhythmedia Tribe
avex group
2003- /
- /
Rhythmedia Tribe
SANNO Large productivity
Renewal /
avex group/
2005SANNO Large productivitySANKYOA
2006- /
Daiichi Sankyo
Industrial Management University
2009- /
Click securities
I Net Rely
Industrial Management UniversityGeecom
2012- /
Nippon Tanshi
Nippon Tansi Co., Ltd.
- /
2013- /
- /
2016Sanei Architectural DesignNippon Tanshi
Sanei Architectural Design
2018Shinwa Pharmaceutical- /
Nippon Tanshi
2019- /
2020-- /
HNK East Japan Express

Special uniform

  • Asian Cup war uniform
There are several types of cup games in Asia, such as those with HOYA breasts and those with DDI as in league games.The basic design is the same as the basic cup battle uniform (however, there is no sponsor on the sleeves and the back has a personal name).There is also a chest sponsored by Fujita for the Shonan Rose Cup, which was held during the 1995 China expedition and as a pre-season match.At the Asian Super Cup, I wore a uniform with a DDI on the chest and a Japanese flag on the sleeves.
  • Legend of Bellmare
In 2003, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bellmare's birth, the players who participated in more than 100 games (9,000 minutes or more) and contributed to the development of the club are commended as "Legend of Bellmare".Winners will be presented with a commended season home model uniform with the uniform number and name printed in gold at the time of enrollment.
However, the official winner is 2003Bettinoonly.Also in 2003Rubisu WagnerDoes not reach the specified participation time,1998 FIFA World CupReceived the award in response to special cases such as contributing to the participation of.
  • Junior Youth National Tournament Uniform
Since 2006, there are uniforms worn by junior youth teams only in special games such as the final tournament of official games.Bellmare OBHidetoshi NakataWas requested by Bellmare in 2004, and Nakata supervised the design, and he presented the clothing itself to the team.
This is inspired by the uniforms given only to regular college rugby players by junior youth coaches who wanted junior youth children to take good care of things and felt that they had to develop that feeling. I offered it to Nakata, thinking, "If it's a product designed by a player I admire, I'll be attached to it and use it carefully."
  • Tanabata Memorial Uniform
2007:Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata FestivalWith the aim of strengthening the ties between the excitement and hometown[21]May 7Used only in the match. The uniform worn for only one match is the second one following Jubilo Iwata's 1th anniversary uniform, and both are treated as third shirts for registration.
2009: Eline plans under the title of Tanabata Monthly[22]..Sales for general sales were strong, with additional sales and subsequent build-to-order manufacturing.[23].
2011: Planned as "Reconstruction Prayer Tanabata 2011 Authentic Uniform" to pray for the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2020: In support of the activities of the Japan Executive Committee of the "MAKE IT BLUE" campaign, which expresses gratitude to those who are fighting at the forefront of medical practice and to regain the vitality of the region, "2020 Tanabata MAKE IT BLUE Memorial Uniform" I planned it as.
年度DateseasonOpponentScoreUniform features
2007May 7J2 Section 26Fukuoka0-2 ●Bellmare's team color, light green, which is the color of bamboo grass, and black in the night sky are used.
The design is the same as the 2007 home model, but the light green color scheme is reversed from the home model.
2008May 7J2 Section 24Mito0-1 ●The black color of the night sky is used, and the home model and light green are reversed.
A model that pushes the light green of bamboo grass to the front.
2009May 7J2 Section 26Kofu2-1 ○For field players, the main color is black, which is the image of the night sky, and the stitches are gold, which represents the stars.
For goalkeepers, the light green that represents Tanabata bamboo grass is the main color, and the stitches are gold that represents the stars.
May 7J2 Section 28Fukuoka2-3 ●
2010May 8J1 Section 16Shimizu3-6 ●1994 J LeagueThe design at the time of promotion is reproduced.The main color for field players is black.Light green
Color scheme around the neck and sleeves.Light green is used for the goalkeeper.The color scheme is paired with that for field players.
May 8J1 Section 19京都2-2 △
May 8J1 Section 20Urawa1-4 ●
2011May 7J2 Section 19Tokyo V1-3 ●For field players, black is the image of the night sky and strength.
For the goalkeeper, sax blue with the image of the Milky Way.
Both uniforms have gold cross lines on both front and back sides.
May 7J2 Section 21千葉2-0 ○
May 7J2 Section 23Kumamoto1-0 ○
2012May 7J2 Section 22And1-1 △Stars are gradation on the entire surface of the uniform, and the PENALTY mark on the shoulder and pants side is also dotted with stars.
For field players, black is the image of the night sky.The goalkeeper is a light green that represents Tanabata bamboo grass.
May 7J2 Section 25Yamagata0-0 △
May 7J2 Section 26Kitakyushu1-0 ○
2013May 7J1 Section 14Sendai0-0 △The design concept is "Milky Way" expressed on the entire uniform.
A Tanabata commemorative uniform commemorating the 20th anniversary of the club with an unprecedented bold design.
Blue is the base for field players.Pink is the base for goalkeepers.
The left sleeve of both uniforms is green.
May 7J1 Section 15oak1-2 ●
May 7J1 Section 17Niigata0-2 ●
2014May 7J2 Section 21Gunma0-1 ○For field players, we have boldly adopted flash yellow, which is the image of the stars that color the night sky (winning stars), for shirts, pants, and socks.
The windsock of Tanabata decoration is expressed in green.
The goalkeeper expresses purple with the image of the Milky Way in a gradation of shades.
May 7J2 Section 22Kumamoto2-1 ○
May 7J2 Section 23Toyama2-0 ○
2015May 7J1 2nd Section 1Nagoya2-1 ○For field players, the concept is "Green Galaxy"
A green nebula that shines in deep navy outer space is designed on the upper part of the body.
The gradation pinstripe placed on the entire shirt expresses the "green meteor" that leads to victory.
The base color for the goalkeeper is based on cool gray,
The gradation from cyan blue to navy creates a summer-like coloring.
May 7J1 2nd Section 3Kofu0-2 ●
May 7J1 2nd Section 5oak3-0 ○
2016May 7J1 2nd Section 1Yokohama FM0-3 ●For field players, many constellations that shine green in the jet-black night sky are designed throughout the body.
Near the club emblem is "Vega of Lyra = Orihimeboshi", the main character of the Tanabata legend.
"Aquila Altair = Hikoboshi" is printed in flash yellow.
For GK, the coloring is like Tanabata, which is a combination of flash green and black.
The star map is designed based on the old star map 200 years ago.
May 7J1 2nd Section 3Tosu0-2 ●
May 7J1 2nd Section 6(I.e.2-3 ●
2017May 7J2 Section 21Nagoya2-1 ○Uses "dazzle pattern" which means "illusion".
A star pattern named after Tanabata is incorporated into a complex geometric pattern.
The field player is colored with "Shonan Blue", and the goalkeeper is colored with "Bellmare Green" as in last year.
May 7J2 Section 23Tokyo V2-0 ○
May 7J2 Section 25Tokushima2-0 ○
2018May 7J1 Section 16Tosu1-1 △The design concept is "Victory Star".
The star gradation that rises toward the sky is expressed by star gradation, and the V-shaped line created by the star is an image of Victory's V.
The sleeve line is also designed with a star gradation.
As for the coloring, the field player uses a navy blue star for Bellmare, and the goalkeeper uses a pink star for flash magenta.
2019May 6J1 Section 17C Osaka0-2 ●Navy, which is popular among supporters, is used as the base color for field players.
The star geometry pattern (geometric pattern) associated with Tanabata is expressed in similar colors.
For goalkeepers, pink was adopted as in the previous year.
Also, as the biggest feature, with the understanding of all uniform partners
It is adopted by many club teams such as the top leagues in Europe as part of branding.
"Sponsor logo, uniform number / name notation, hometown notation" etc. are unified in one club color light green,
Achieve a stylish design.
Sublimation prints are used for the uniform numbers and names to reduce the weight in accordance with the humid summer of Japan.
May 7J1 Section 19Kobe3-1 ○
2020May 7J1 Section 2Sendai0-1 ●This year'sShonan Hiratsuka Tanabata FestivalWas canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus,
I used the bamboo pattern because I wanted to brighten the area at such times.
In support of the activities of the MAKE IT BLUE JAPAN executive committee, the whole body is unified in blue for field players and pink for goalkeepers.
The "MAKE IT BLUE" logo is attached to the front hem of the shirt.
May 7J1 Section 4Sapporo0-0 △
May 7J1 Section 6Kashima1-0 〇
May 12J1 Section 33Oita1-2 ●
  • SHONAN 10th uniform
Created in 10, the 2009th anniversary of the name change to "Shonan Bellmare".
It was worn at the Emperor's Cup with gratitude for 10 years and a desire to continue walking together.
  • Special exhibition match uniform
August 2012, 9,J2The uniform worn by Bellmare Legend (OB player) at the special exhibition match of "Bellmare Legend (OB player) vs. Celebrity soccer team SWERVES (Swaves)" held before the start of the match against Kusatsu in Section 33.The design is the same as the regular model of the year, but with blue for field players and pink for goalkeepers.Also on the chest is this year's uniform sleeve sponsorChecker MotorsIt has the logo of[24].
  • Bellmare 20th Anniversary Match "Re-member" Uniform
A one-match limited memorial uniform worn by the Bellmare team at the Bellmare 2013th Anniversary Match "Re-member" on January 1, 27.A striped pattern that remains in the history of Bellmare is arranged in a contemporary style and asymmetrical accents are used to create a sense of dynamism.On the right sleeve is "HIRATSUKA", which is the hometown notation of the Bellmare Hiratsuka era, and the 20th anniversary mark of the J League.Bellmare 1th anniversary mark on the left sleeve[25].
  • Authentic uniform for the 50th anniversary of the club
A one-match limited memorial uniform worn by the Bellmare team at the club's 2018th anniversary match (J9 Section 22 C Osaka match) on September 50, 1.A reproduction of the uniform design of the Fujita Industrial Club soccer club era[26].

Sub-organization / development


2002 years,J League Centennial PlanAiming to create and establish a comprehensive sports club in line withSpecified nonprofit corporationShonan Bell Mare Sports Club(Shonan BSC) was newly established.At the same time, the junior and junior youth divisions were transferred to Shonan BSC, and Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd. will manage the top team and youth.In addition, Shonan BSC is other than soccerInter-competition exchangeAlso working on.For more information about Shonan BSCThis itemchecking ...

Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd. has been in business since 2004.スペイン OfCA OsasunaIs affiliated with[27] Others, from March 2013Fukushima United FCConcluded a partnership with "Sales / Business", "Strengthening" and "Academy" (Later)[28][29].

Also, once a sponsorIndustrial Management UniversityBy the connection of "Shonan Sealex(CurrentYokohama DeNA BaystarsWe have also planned joint discount tickets with the farm (2nd army) team.

club house

Formerly the parent companyFujitaThe Okami Ground owned by the company was used as a practice ground and had a clubhouse, but the Okami Ground was acquired in 2004.Shoin University Shoin University Shonan CampusIt was the ground of. Until September 2006, Bellmare used it as a practice field under the contract, but from October 9Banyu Fureai Park Soccer FieldAlong with moving the driving range to, the office and clubhouse also moved to the area adjacent to the Banyu soccer field.

Nikkei Bellmare

2006 year 9 month,(Spanish version)Established.As part of the strengthening program, we plan to dispatch, train and strengthen young players in the Paraguay League, which has no foreign nationality quota, and belong to the second division of the league (equivalent to the fourth division in substance).As team advisors, Nicolas Leoz, chairman of the South American Football Federation, and Kiyoshi Makabe, former president of Shonan Bellmare Co., Ltd., are listed.In the future, the players who grew up in this club hope to make a leap to Shonan Bellmare and to the league clubs around the world, and officials say that they would like to support them.[30].

Shonan Bellmare has not invested because the operating entity of the club is "Japanese Bellmare", which was established by the investment of Sakura Group, a local corporation, and SEA Global of Japan.The relationship between the two clubs is in the form of tie-ups and cooperation.Although the intention to train players overseas is the same,Albirex NiigataWas established as a motherAlbirex Niigata Singapore,[31] Also, professional baseballHiroshima Toyo CarpOperates directly byCarp Academy[32] It is a different organization from

Alliance with other J-League clubs

2013,Fukushima United FCFormed a business alliance with.Both clubs go beyond the boundaries of clubs and hometowns, expand each other's economies of scale, and aim to further increase and develop the value of the club, and are involved in sales / business, training of players and coaches, and sub-organizations. To promote alliances, etc.[28].

By doing this, I introduced to Fukushima the players who belong to Shonan and cannot easily get a chance to participate.Transfer with time limitWe will strengthen the provision of practical opportunities by (including training young players), hold practice before the start of the season at the practice field (Banyu soccer field) in Fukushima, and go to Hiratsuka in January 2014. At our joint fan appreciation event, mutual supporters can create synergistic effects and benefits such as purchasing goods from affiliated clubs.[33] And

Relationship with Hidetoshi Nakata

Hidetoshi NakataWas enrolled in Bellmare from 1995 to July 1998.

  • From 2000 to 2001, he sponsored the back of the uniform (logo is "nakata.net").
  • Since 2002, he has been an official club partner.
  • In 2006, junior youth wore uniforms designed by Nakata at national competitions.Details will be described later#Special uniformreference.
  • In 2008, participated in Shonan practice to build the body for TAKE ACTION! 2008 "+1 FOOTBALL MATCH" sponsored by Nakata.[34].
  • In February 2010, the Shonan OB team's "We're back FC" and "TAKE ACTION FC" played against each other as the "Shonan Bellmare J2 Promotion Commemorative Match".For Nakata, it was the first match at Hiratsuka Stadium since he was transferred overseas, and he participated as a member of "TAKE ACTION FC" in the first half and "We're back FC" in the second half.
  • In January 2013, he participated in Bellmare's 1th anniversary match "Re-member" as Bellmare OB.

Bellmare Queen

Before the start of the 2010 seasonLa ParleFour Bellmare Queens and one Bellmare Mermaid were elected with the support of. The five of them appeared at events in the home game Hometown and acted as team mascots.Some members went away personally. La Parle in October 4bankruptcyHowever, after 2011, I changed members and continued activities.Weekly soccer magazine20116It also appeared in the release interview project.Four people were elected in 2012 (two of them were elected for the first time in two years), four in 4, and five in 2 through Internet voting. In 2, we will not recruit membersOscar promotionWas elected from.

Bellmare Queen (2010)

Bellmare Mermaid (2010)

Bellmare Queen 2011

Bellmare Queen 2012

Bellmare Queen 2013

Bellmare Queen 2014

Bellmare Queen 2015

Bellmare Queen 2016

Bellmare Queen 2017

Bellmare Queen 2018

Bellmare Queen 2019

Stadium relocation concept

Shonan Bellmare has moved its headquarters to Hiratsuka City until today.Hiratsuka StadiumAlthough it is based in (Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka), the current capacity is only slightly higher than the J1 standard of 15,000.Therefore, in September 2, a major construction consulting company was considering a stadium construction plan that could accommodate more than 2016 people, with multiple locations from home towns such as Hiratsuka, Fujisawa, and Chigasaki City as candidate sites. Revealed in some reports of[35].

And in January 2017, it referred to as "Shonan Stadium Study Group", organization composed of local Chamber of Commerce and Industry and economic officials has been formed, was confirmed a policy to propose a transfer destination candidate to Bellmare in prospect until the December ..Until now, at Hiratsuka StadiumJ League club license systemThe Bellmare side has appealed to Hiratsuka City regarding the renovation and extension of the stadium with a roof that suits the plan, but Hiratsuka City continues to be reluctant to this plan.Therefore, he is requesting the study group to explore the possibility of constructing a new stadium.[36].

At the 4nd meeting of the study group in April of the same year, 2 candidates from 4 cities of Hiratsuka, Kayagasaki, Fujisawa, and Odawara other than Hiratsuka Stadium were listed, 3 on private land and 7 on public land. It was.In the future, it is said that it will seek opinions from music related people so that the stadium can be used not only for soccer and rugby but also for various purposes such as concerts.[37].

On the other hand, Hiratsuka City is requesting that Hiratsuka Stadium continue to stay.Since the relegation to J2000 in 2, Hiratsuka City has exempted 5000 million yen from the estimated annual stadium usage fee of about 3000 million yen.Since this exemption is currently only available at Bellmare, some city halls say, "I've provided a lot of support, but it's too selfish to suddenly leave (from Hiratsuka Stadium)."Also of Mayor HiratsukaKatsuhiro OchiaiAlso talks about the expansion of the stand and the LED lighting tower scheduled for the end of 2017 as "one of the messages I want you to stay at Hiratsuka Stadium".[38].


The financial results of Shonan Bellmare are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationOthercostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesOthercostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


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