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Sapporo Favorite Gourmet TOPXNUMX Travel Komi Hokkaido

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With healthy lean meat and spices, you can feel the original taste of meat.

This time, we will pick up the top 5 popular gourmet foods in Hokkaido, and you will find excellent gourmet foods from famous stores and new stores in Sapporo. → Continue reading

 TV Hokkaido

It is a broadcasting station affiliated with TV TOKYO, whose broadcasting area is Hokkaido. The contents of the program will be distributed in text format, focusing on Hokkaido topics such as daily news, gourmet food, travel, and lifestyle information. I try to write articles that are enjoyable for everyone, not just in Hokkaido. Also, in case of emergency, live distribution will be provided.

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Meat originally

Red meat

Red meat(Akaku) mainly refers to red and warm-colored meat and pulp.

In the meat of animals that feedRed meat,Lean(Akami), sometimesRed meatIt is said to be red.But for a dietary surveyNutritional red meat(Red meat) mainly refers to mammalian meat, which is simply meat.Red meat (nutrition)See.

Red-colored fish are generally lean, sometimes red meat, especiallyRed fishSaid,White fishContrast with.

In fruits, it refers to red to orange flesh and is used like red meat plum, red meat apple, and red meat melon.

Red meat

meatMost of the "red meat" in is muscle tissue, and it is a part of meat that looks red with less fat and streaks.seafoodIsWhale meatAlsomammalianSince it is the meat of (marine mammals), the red part is the "red meat" of the meat.These are commonly referred to as "lean meat" or "lean". There is also information that "red meat is beef, lamb, etc."

beef,豚 肉For red meat such asHemIncluding ironMyoglobinLooks red because it is abundant in[1][2].

Normally, the cut surface of meat turns dark red over time,Vitamin CIt has the property of returning to a bright red color by sprinkling the aqueous solution of, and there is a case of freshness camouflage that abused this.[3].

Red fish

fish meatThe red part of is generally called lean meat.Fish whose main edible parts are red are called lean fish.It may also refer to the blood of fish meat.Tuna,Skipjack,Horse mackerelSuch.

By definition[which one?], "Fish meat with a hemoglobin or myoglobin content of 100 mg or more per 10 g" is defined, according to this definition.salmonIs not included in lean fish.

The red salmon is the foodcrustaceanIncluded in the outer shell ofCarotenoidIsAstaxanthinThis is because it was ingested.Does not contain hemoglobin or myoglobin.The red eggs of salmonids are also due to this pigment.

In tuna meatToroOnly the part excluding the above, that is, the part with low fat content, is generally called "lean meat".


The expression red meatpulp OfColorThe red and orange ones are called red meat or red meat.It is said to be like red meat plum, red meat apple, and red meat melon.watermelon,melon,Dragon fruitSuch.

In English, the one with a red color is "red fresh",橙色The system is called "orange fresh".


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