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🍴 | Miso Park, a must-visit theme park for miso fans


Miso Park, a must-visit theme park for miso fans

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It has a parking lot and is easily accessible, just a 7-minute walk from Meitetsu Nishio Station.

"Miso Park" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, is a miso run by the brewer "Hatoya", which inherits the tradition from the late Edo period. → Continue reading

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It is the only miso specialty paper in Japan that conveys the splendor of the traditional Japanese food culture, Miso. In cooperation with the WEB, we are disseminating the people, things, and things that we meet in "Miso Kado 365 days" to the next generation and to the world.

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Meitetsu Nishio Station

7 minutes on foot

"7 minutes on foot』(Toho 7 Fun) isNHK BS Premium"Premium dramaIn the frame2015 May 1からMay 2Broadcast up toMaeda ShiroAn original screenplay TV drama.All 8 episodes.This is Maeda's first serial drama work.[3].

Rena TanakaThe origin of the title is to depict the events that occur within the "7-minute walk" of the main character, Yoko Kurosaki.[3], In the 2th episode of the broadcast on February 3, an episode was drawn in which Yoriko spends one time just by being trapped in the bathroom.[4].


ス タ ッ フ

Broadcast schedule

Broadcast timesAirdatesubtitle
1 timesOctober06 daysTake a step!Outside the house
2 timesMay 1You are always sudden
3 timesMay 1To be honest, I didn't feel bad
4 timesMay 1I'm a bad woman
5 timesOctober03 daysAm I trying now?
6 timesMay 2If you put it in your mouth, it ’s the same, right?
7 timesMay 2I want to chase rather than be chased
Final episodeMay 2This is a cliff



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NHK BS Premium Premium drama
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~ Christmas miracle ~

Ö 2014.11.4 - 2014.12.23 Õ
7 minutes on foot
Ö 2015.1.6 - 2015.2.24 Õ
The man, a highly conscious system.
Ö 2015.3.3 - 2015.4.21 Õ


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