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🍜 | Miso Ramen Specialty "Nigetsudo Urawa Saido Store" Aged miso ramen is delicious


"Nigetsudo Urawa Saido" specializing in miso ramen Aged miso ramen is delicious

If you write the contents roughly
The chewy thick noodles are strong and chewy, and have a presence that is comparable to thick soup.

I went to the miso ramen specialty store "Nigetsudo Urawa Saido Store" that opened in September 2020!It's going to be cold ... → Continue reading


The local media “Urawacity.net” that sends useful information about Urawa is nicknamed “Urawa City Net”.

The information posted by the manager who lives in Urawa is mainly based on the information that he has actually seen, eaten, and experienced.

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