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📝 | There is also such a way to eat!Three recipes that do not know the rut using the "Chinese cabbage" left over from the ingredients of the pot


There is also such a way to eat!Three recipes that do not know the rut using the "Chinese cabbage" left over from the ingredients of the pot

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Rolled Chinese cabbage, which is not cabbage rolls, is also recommended because it can be easily made with bacon.

Hello!This is Chie Oto.When it gets cold, you can eat more hot pot!Among the ingredients in the pot, Chinese cabbage remains ... → Continue reading


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Roll cabbage

Roll cabbage(British: cabbage roll, stuffed cabbage) IsWestern foodOne of the.

Minced meatFinely choppedVegetablesThe ingredients made by mixing such things were boiled.cabbageIt is a dish made by boiling a bale-shaped roll using a single leaf.


Originated from around the 1st centuryAnatolian PeninsulaWas eaten atDolmaIt is a dish called.this isGrapeWith leavesmeatIt is made by wrapping rice and simmering, and is still popular today.Turkish foodIs.This is in the 15th and 16th centuriesEuropeIt is believed that it became the current cabbage roll while changing its shape.

JapanToMeiji28 years(1895) It is said that the one introduced as "Roll Cavage" in the published "Women's Book" is the first to be seen.

Manufacturing method

Peel off one by one, boil it to soften it, and drain it.cabbageWith leavesMinced meat,onionとcarrotFinely chopped,Salt,pepper,nutmegWrap the ingredients made by mixing them into a bale shape.The end of the leafToothpickAnd so on.Further slicedbaconMay be wrapped around.thisBouillon,TomatoTaste soup,White sauceBoil it in such a way.


It is eaten in many countries around the world, although there are slight differences in ingredients and seasonings.Eastern Europe,ArabThen.RiceIt is often made by adding.


As unique to JapanKanpyoYou can tie it with and eat it as it is.AlsoOdenAs an ingredient ofJapanese styleThere is something that is stewed with the soup stock.

Also, for cabbage rolls as home cookingWorcestershire sauce,tomato ketchup,Soy sauceYou may eat it with something like that.

As an arrangement dish, instead of cabbageChinese cabbageThe dish using Chinese cabbage is called cabbage roll.


Fermented with salted lactic acidWhole sour cabbageMake with "SarmaleIsルーマニアIt is a typical home-cooked dish.

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