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🍴 | Hokkaido ramen for the first time in 10 years ... The taste is Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma "First-class entertainer recommended gem ramen"


Hokkaido ramen for the first time in 10 years ... The taste is Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma "First-class entertainer recommended gem ramen"

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In addition, there will be a cup that continues to be loved in Asahikawa, where richness, umami and spiciness are combined, and miso ramen, which features a soup made with rare 〇〇.

"Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma" broadcast from 11 pm on Saturday, November 28, features ramen.From a doctor due to the effects of acute pancreatitis ... → Continue reading

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It is a broadcasting station affiliated with TV TOKYO, whose broadcasting area is Hokkaido. The contents of the program will be distributed in text format, focusing on Hokkaido topics such as daily news, gourmet food, travel, and lifestyle information. I try to write articles that are enjoyable for everyone, not just in Hokkaido. Also, in case of emergency, live distribution will be provided.

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Miso Ramen

Ramen > Miso Ramen

Miso Ramen(Miso ramen) IsRamenOf soupSauceAsmisoIt was used,JapanRamen.SapporoMiso ramen is well known for its origin, but there are also miso ramen that originated outside Sapporo.


Miso ramen in Sapporo is a popular cafeteria in Sapporo city "Aji no Sanpei』\ The shopkeeperMorito OmiyaInvented in 1955 by[1].

Omiya is a magazine "Reader's Digest』,スイスSince I saw the sentence "Japanese people should use miso more for cooking" by the president of food maker Maggie[1],misoEngaged in the development of ramen using[1]..Ordering miso from all over Japan[1]After a lot of trial and error, such as giving a prototype to regular customers and listening to their opinions.[1], 1963"Miso Ramen" will be officially listed on the menu of the restaurant.[2].

Miso ramen made by adding miso to pork bone soup, which is different from the pork bone soy sauce that was the mainstream in Hokkaido until then. 1965In Tokyo and OsakaTakashimayaWhen it was demonstrated and sold at the product exhibition held in, it attracted the attention of visitors.[3].

after that, 1967ToPink(AfterAsuraport"Dosanko Ramen" operated by Dosanko Business Headquarters) is a ramen shop nationwideFranchiseStart deployment, 1968ToSanyo food イ ン ス タ ン トMiso ramen fromSapporo Ichiban miso ramenThe distribution form of franchise and instant noodles has led to the nationwide popularity of miso ramen, and through these series of flows, miso ramen has become recognized as a local ramen in Hokkaido.[3].

Beef potShop etc.家畜 OfmeatIn the dishes that use, miso was used for the odorous dishes to suppress the odor (SukiyakiSee).Similarlypig bonesIt is possible to suppress the odor by adding miso to the odorous soup stock taken with.

In addition, there is information that the customer was very satisfied when he put the special menu pork soup in the ramen at the request of the customer, but the current owner of "Aji no Sanpei", the son of Omiya. Denies[4].

Cooking method

How to cook at a ramen shop

Dashi is made by boiling pork bones and vegetables.Fry vegetables such as bean sprouts and meat (mostly pork) in a wok, add miso and dashi stock, and heat further.Miso ramen sauce such as miso ramen base and commercial miso ramen soup may be used, but miso ramen specialty stores often use their own miso sauce.

Put the boiled noodles in the bowl and then add the above soup.On top of that, depending on the storeMenma,roasted pork fillet,Green onionsAnd so on.

In stores where meat is used as a soup ingredient, char siu may not be topped.Many stores use corn and butter as toppings.

For seasoning and scenting spices, etc.Chili Oil-Red peppersKind・garlicIn many cases, it is prepared so that customers can use it freely.

Depending on the store,醤 油 ラ ー メ ンIn some cases, the soup stock and miso sauce are added to the bowl and mixed, and then the boiled Chinese noodles are added.

Miso ramen from all over Japan

Local ramen based on miso from all over Japan includes the following.

Similar Chinese food

ChugokuAlso,Beet noodle sauceな どmisoThe taste is similar toSoy sauceThere is a noodle dish using.Many,ZhajiangmianThe noodles are sprinkled with sauce made from soy sauce.In some areasDantan noodlesThere are also dishes similar to miso ramen.ChugokuThere is a "noodle dish similar to miso ramen", but ramen using Japanese rice miso is unique to Japan.

Hong Kong dandan noodles

Hong KongDandan noodles have a relatively large amount of juice, andRed peppersThe taste is similar to that of miso ramen.Similar noodle dishes are available in Shanghai and other regions.However, JapanmisoThere is disagreement as to whether or not to put it in the category of miso ramen.

Spicy miso ramen

Red peppersMiso ramen with spicy flavor, a mixture of Japanese miso and pepper,Pea soy sauce,Gochujangなどが利用されることもある。辛味噌をトッピングするスタイルとしてはAkayu Ramenの名が挙げられる。



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