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🍴 | Also pay attention to "Gracolo Song" sung by Issei Takahashi!This year too, Mac, Gracolo, Kita!


Also pay attention to the "Gracolo Song" sung by Issei Takahashi!This year too, Mac, Gracolo, Kita!

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"Gracolo" is a long-selling product that has been sold for a limited time as a winter tradition since it first appeared in 1993.

The season of "Gracolo" has come to McDonald's again this year.This year's new recipe, "Kokumi Beef Stew Graco ... → Continue reading

 Tokyo Bargain Mania

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商品 ン グ セ ラ ー 商品

Traditional poetry

Traditional poetry(Fubutsu) is(I.e.Peculiar phenomenon, culture,taste,Biology , Goods sales, etc., and things/things that can characterize the season more consciously. The range of features is wide,俳 句 OfSeason wordsUnlike what was limited asJapanRefers to what appeals to modern people about the season of. Also from the nationwide,FestivalThere are even small areas such as, and are often used when expressing the arrival and turning point of the season.

less thanNEWS,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,News (Chinese)Examples of national features that appear in, etc.

Chinese New Year

New year's card - New Year's gift - Kadomatsu - 節 分 - Seven herbs in spring

Shoto - The beginning - Hakone Ekiden- New year concert


First in spring - Snow shape - school bag - new employee - Selected High School Baseball Tournament - Hina doll - Carp streamer

Cherry blossom - Astragalus - White clover - Rape blossom
Butterfly - Shirouo - Swallow
Strawberry - Cherry - First bonito - Fresh tea
Graduation ceremony - Cherry-blossom viewing - Entrance ceremony - Burning - Peach festival - Boys' Festival - Golden week - 母 の 日 - rice planting


the weather
rainy season - cumulonimbus - Escape water - Yudachi - Squall - thunderstorm - sunstroke - Sweat - Hot weather - Chunxia
Summer vacation
Sprinkling water - fan - Fan - Fan - Air condition - Blind - Wind chimes - Evening cool - plateau - Playing in the water - Pool
Sea opening - Sea bathing - Sea house - 砂 浜 - Watermelon split
Morning glory - ヒ マ ワ リ - Loofah - Bitter gourd - Herbs
Sweetfish - Cicada(Cicada rain)- Beetle - fire Fly - Mosquitoes(Mosquito coil-mosquito net)- Dragonfly - Goldfish
Straw hat - Sandals - Shorts - 浴衣 - Sunglasses - Nap
Summer Vacation - National High School Baseball Championship - Forest school - Seaside school - Obon - Spirits sink - Radio gymnastics - Shelf
fireworks - Bon dance - Nightclubs - water baloon
幽 霊
Ghost story - test of courage - Haunted house
shaved ice - Popsicle- ice cream - chilled Chinese noodles - Raw noodles - By the way- beer - lemonade - watermelon 


the weather
autumn rain - typhoon - First frost - First snow - Sardines - Early spring - Dead tree
Sports day(sports festival) - Cultural Festival(Gakugeikai)- Reading week - Autumn cluster amaryllis - Rice harvesting
Moon watching - Fifteen nights - Tsukimi dumpling - - Bocchi (peanut)
Autumn leaves - Maple - Ginkgo - Fallen leaves - Susuki - Hagi - Autumn seven herbs - Amaryllidaceae - Cosmos - Chrysanthemum - Gentian - Fujibakama - Kikyo - Dahlia - Ominaeshi - Keito - Betel oyster - ア ザ ミ - Solidago aureus 
Insect sound - Cricket - Susumushi - Migratory bird - Red dragonfly


Pear - Apple - Oyster - ginkgo - sweet potato - Chestnut - Matsutake mushroom - New rice
サ バ - Saury - salmon - イ ワ シ


snow - Frost pillar - Icicles - Ski - ice skate - Christmas tree - Bonfire - illumination - Barley - Snow insect - Stove train - Sasara train

Swimming in the cold - Christmas


Housecleaning - National High School Ekiden

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