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🍽 | Tetsuro Degawa praises the fried rice made by Yo Oizumi "It's really delicious"


Tetsuro Degawa praises the fried rice made by Yo Oizumi "It's really delicious"

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The laughter problem, Yuji Tanaka, also said, "This is the one that Gal Sone eats, this one."

Tetsuro Degawa praises Yo Oizumi's handmade fried rice. In "Small 28" (Fuji TV series) broadcast on the 3th, nine ... → Continue reading


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Gal Sone

Gal Sone(Gal Sone, real name: Natsuko Meijo <Natsuko Nashiro, maiden name: Sone>  1985<Showa 60>12/4 -) is Japanesetalent,Gourmetcommentator.Watanabe EntertainmentBelongs.KyotoMaizuruI'm from Mother of one son and one daughter.


Maizuru City Meirin Elementary School,Maizuru City Jonan Junior High School,Kyoto Prefectural Nishi Maizuru High SchoolAfter graduating from Japan Cooking Confectionery College Cooking Department[2]do itCooksI have a license.

200510 OfTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.of"The originator! Desperate KingThe result was 6th place, but he showed a presence with "freedom to eat regardless of winning" (By the way, the weight at that time was 45 kg). [3]. after that, 2006"The originator! The big eating queen deciding match The new bomb queen birth match", 2007Win the "Ganso! The Gluttonous King Decisive Battle New Explosive Queen Limit Death Fight Edition" etc. Although he appeared in the program as his real name, "Natsuko Sone",Nakamura volunteersNamed byGalWith the nickname "Sone", he gathered his attention and then moved to Tokyo to begin full-scale activities.

OtherNippon TVof"Radical","Big smile", and also gluttonousGiant Shirata (Nobuyuki Shirata)I'm eating big. at firstAmateur, But in 2006 the entertainment officeWatanabe EntertainmentContract withentertainerStarted the activity as.

20074ToNozomi Tsuji,Tomi AmiWithSeneAsShiho FujitaProduced byFlippingGal Unit "GaluruThe leader, Tsuji, withdrew from pregnancy due to pregnancy and Sone serves as the second leader. FY2 "Japanese New Language/Buzzword Award“Glutton” wins the top ten and becomes a winner[4].

2008When he published his book on Sone, Sone thinks, "My weapon is only eating a lot of talent. It's not enough to keep a talent for a long time." Soon after, Sone began to focus not only on eating large amounts, but also on appealing all work related to food, and began to put effort into eating, communicating comments, and cooking to convey deliciousness.[3].

2011On July 7thMomo Tours, Etc., 9 years olderDirectorIsMeijo LolitaMarry[5][6].. "August 8 broadcast"Momo ToursSone guest-starred in "and co-starred.

2012He gave birth to his first boy in November. 2015Announced second child pregnancy on September 9[7], 2016Birth of a second baby girl in January[8].



  • Family is father, mother, older sister[9], Younger brother, 3 years younger[10][11]There is. Mother is an elementary school teacher[12]So, how to hold chopsticks was difficult to discipline[13]. My sister is a midwife[14]. According to Sone,Kimura TaeI feel like I made him a commoner."[14]. Mother and sister have appeared on TV shows several times[15][16].


  • With my younger brother in elementary schooljudoIn junior high school水 泳Have also learned[17]. Besides this,ピ ア ノ,English conversationWas also learning[18]. During junior high school, she joined the track and field club with her sister andCitizenmarathon(Particularly rice bales and food prizes competitions) took the first and second place with their sisters. For this reason, it was nicknamed the citizen marathon vandalism among the local citizen marathon regulars.[19].


  • Gluttony is inherited from my family (my mother ate as well as Sone when she was young)[13]Since my childhood, I was blessed with a large amount of food and my family eats a lot.[20]..My father was the president of the construction industry locally and his family lived affluently, but when Sone was in the third grade of elementary school, his father failed in business and went bankrupt, and he was in debt.Father leaves home with grandparents[20], The family was forced to live a simple life, such as letting go of the mansion[20]However, my mother's food is still large, and when I invited my partner to my house in high school and had a meal with my family, my mother said, "Boys will eat a lot".hamburgerI enjoyed a large amount of meals such as 7[20].. The mother called "red rice" was cooked with ketchup sauce from raw rice.PaellaBoiled rice[20].
  • After marriage, I have children, so I cook three meals, and basically I cook by myself except for work.[21].. The favorite menu for childrenSavory egg custardAnd is handmade by itself[22].
  • He also made a diet meal for his husband and succeeded in dieting.[23][24].

Himeji resident age, Tokyo life relations

  • After going through high school in Kyoto,HyogoHimejiGraduated from Japan Cooking Confectionery College in Japan[25].
  • I lived in Himeji City until the summer of 2007, TokyoIs my main workplace, and I do not return to Himeji because I am busy with work, so I live in my parents' house and Tokyo.friendAt home (I also had clothes for clothes)Internet cafeI often stayed there and slept there. So I moved to Tokyo that summer. The place I used to go to during the Himeji era was in KyotoKawaramachiIt was a neighborhood[26].
  • When I lived in Himeji, I wanted to eat a lot while saving food costs,Bean sproutsI bought and consumed a large amount of.Sushi ShopWhen there was a meeting with a person in the office at Toro,Sea urchinI ordered a large amount of high quality material and completed the meal[26].
  • After moving to Tokyo,WalletNever carry aroundChallenge menuAt the storedinnerTakePrize moneyEarning or eating at another store for free forevercardI have and use it. I started eating better quality food[26].

Physical relationship

  • 20077/17BroadcastRadicalAt the stomachRadiographWas released in the absence of the person himself. The size is not so different from that of ordinary people in normal times (July 7,Legal counseling serviceHowever, the same person said), when eating heavily, it was swelled so much that it seemed that only the entire stomach was visible (when other organs were pushed toward the back)Nishikawa FumikoWas explained). The appearance at that time seems to be reflected several times in the big eating confrontation corner of the same programPregnant womanIt looks like. Broadcast September 2007, 9All-Star ThanksgivingThen, there was a plan to say "how much waist will you grow after eating for 30 minutes", while the waist before eating was about 63 cm (measured from the clothes on), after eating it was also 83 cm and 20 cm. Was increasing[26].
  • Intestinal bacteriaAnd found that 50% or moreBifidobacteriaWere found to be occupied (average 10%-15% for general women). Even if you eatBlood glucose levelDoes not increase, so the satiety center is not stimulated (that is, fullness does not appear even if eaten), normal people sleepmetabolismLess,ThermographyAccording to a survey by the researchers, it is close to the same state where physical activity is occurring despite sleeping, and other characteristics are mentioned. The doctor who actually tested the sugar testified that it was "a very rare case as a doctor who has been involved in medical treatment for nearly 50 years." From the doctorstomachThe mouth (pylorus) is wider than that of ordinary people, and the food that you eat is pushed out into the duodenum one after another, so you can eat as many as you want without feeling full."[27]. Have been pointed out to be suspected of malabsorption syndrome[28]. By the way, this peculiar constitution is easy to consume energy, and the bowel movement is 1 times a day, and the person himself commented that it is not eco-friendly at all.[3].
  • On August 2007, 8, right hip fracture was discovered. Due to mild illness, he was allowed to heal itself. Broadcast on September 28, 2008Final Warning! Takeshi's Really Scary Home Medicine(ABC) also told me this[29].
  • @Peps! which is taking a questionnaire to high school girls, Rankin is ranked by female entertainer No. 1 (Peanest research) who wants to see Suppin once[30].
  • My husband once said that my face was 0, but later I said that I had 40.[31].
  • About the appearance of himselfYoichi Warm WaterIt has been revealed in many TV programs as being similar to.

Gluttonous confrontation, competition relations

  • There is a weakness that you get tired of the taste if there is no side dish. Eat desserts such as ice cream and almond tofu to change the taste. I knew thatMasanori HamadaWhen I co-starred on the programChaserYou can ask me."ThailandHave also won the big eating contest[32].
  • 200510/23In the broadcast "Ganso! Gourmet King Decision Battle"Plain breadIn the gluttony showdown,jamUsed a large amount of bread and used 7kg or more of jam to eat 2.33 loaves of bread = 1kg (バ タ ー, It was a good rule to put jam, etc., but it is a rule that the weight is not counted). In this match, he survived in the last frame, but the difference with the bottom that loses was only 6 g.[33].
  • In the soba confrontation on the same program, I got tired of soba at the end of the competition,tempuraI ate only and lost the game (similar to bread, soba noodlesColanderOnly the number of is counted, tempura was out of the competition)[33].
  • 20083/30The flavor of coconut, which is not good at the big eating queen deciding match of the broadcast, is strongFried ShrimpI was not able to eat as I thought, I was defeated by the difference in grams in the semifinal steak showdown, and each wept[34].
  • It is said that the weakness of the jaw power is the weak point, and in battles where the jaw power is more demanded, it may be forced to be inferior.[35].
  • 20088/3ToNippon TVBroadcasted in seriesItte Q to the end of the world!”,YonesukeニュージーランドGo to and bigger than the Japanese oneeelI tried to eat. Of the "rare beast hunter"Imoto AyakoMeet with the localFishermanWith the cooperation ofThree dango brothersWas called "the three eel brothers")Japanese cuisineBring it to the store,White baked,tempura,Kabayaki,No moreI ate up all the 3 animals cooked in the same place (Imoto was not there because I withdrew it when the fishing was finished)[36].


  • In the same female food fighterTomoko MiyakeGood friends with[37].
  • Yuko OguraIs a close friend, and she describes her as a "friend who can be associated with the whole family."Immediately after Yuko Ogura divorced her first husband, she met 1 times a week (weekday day and night).At that time, Sone had a very strong dislike of infidelity as to why such unreasonable things happened.[38].
  • Coincidentally in the hospitalYoko KumadaKumada, who was approaching the end of the month, said that he was giving advice on childbirth.


Part-time job

  • McDonald's when I was a student[42]Ya Izakaya (around 2004)[43]Was working at.

Longing person


  • I'm from Kyoto,Kansai dialectIs not used. Decided to use standard language with the conversion of talent[45].



Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

  • The originator! Desperate King(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
    • -Shinshu/Joetsu edition (November 2005, 11) 6th place
    • New Bomb Queen Queen Battle-Okinawa edition (April 2006, 4) Wins. Become the first queen of bombs.
    • Hokkai Autumn Season Bombing Battle-Hokkaido Edition (October 2006, 10) 1rd place
    • Gal Sone vs New Monsters: The Explosive Queen's Limit Deathmatch Edition-Hawaii Edition (April 2007, 4)RamenCompleted 16 cups and achieved consecutive victory.
    • 2007th place in the battle for the summit of blast-Bali (September 9, 30)
    • Overthrow Gal Sone! Bakushoku Sengoku Emaki-Hawaii Edition (March 2008, 3) 30th place
    • Counter by country! Although he played against the Japanese national team in the world's best eating deciding match (January 2015, 1), he was defeated by an American man in the first match against the United States.
  • Industry Quiz Mini Kite!(Chukyo TV, October 2007, 10-December 6, 2008)
  • Radical(NTV, October 2008, 10-March 1, 2009)-Wednesday corner
  • Reminder DON!(NTV, March 2009, 3-March 30, 2010)-Monday planning (irregular)
  • Pekan TV(Tokai TV, 2009-2011)-"Explosive Peloli Road" corner (irregular)

Web tv



  • Call center lover Episode 6 (TV Asahi, August 2009, 8)-Mari Haraguchi
  • Special drama Big 007(April 2010, 4, Nippon Television)-The role of Kaori




  • Strange food hunter(By Masayuki Yamamoto) Appeared on the 49th "Tower Burger" and 50th "Monster BIG Burger". Included in the 3 volumes of the book.



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外部 リンク

LOL problem

LOL problem(Bakusho Mondai)Hikari OtaYuji TanakaConsists ofJapan OfComedy combination,chairperson.. BelongsThe office TheTitan.. Abbreviation isLol,BakushoSuch.


Hikari Ota(Hikari Ota  19655/13) (55 years old)
Blur・ In charge of creating material.The standing position is on the right.
SaitamaFujimino-shiI'm from
Yuji Tanaka(Yuji Tanaka  19651/10) (55 years old)
Ota says the leader of the laughter problem[1].TsukkomiIn charge.The standing position is on the left.
TokyoNakanoI'm from




College days

The encounter between the twoNihon UniversityFaculty of ArtsTanaka, who saw Ota who was teasing the examiner at the examination venue, thought "I don't want to get involved" (although Tanaka thought that he would not be able to pass the exam anyway, so on the day of the examination Was playing grass baseball until just before, so he was wearing a baseball uniform and taking the exam.[11]).After enrolling, I met again in the bathroom of the university and talked to Ota, wondering if he had passed the exam. Ota gave a polite answer, which was completely different from the situation at the examination venue.In addition, Ota made a noise in the first class after enrollment and excited other students, but Tanaka did not get into that atmosphere.

The total number of credits earned during the Nihon University College of Art was 2 credits.Moreover, Ota took only two credits, one of which was a credit that all participants in the ski camp could get.[12]..Ota later criticized Nihon University's professor as "a hangout for those who couldn't become an actor. I don't think I'd like to raise an actor," and was absent from the lecture.

The former manager is two classmates who have been together for nearly 2 years since he was 18 years old.[13].


In private, Tanaka calls Ota "light", and Ota calls Tanaka "kid".When Tanaka is at work, he calls Ota "Mr. Ota" to separate work and private life, and Ota calls Tanaka "Tanaka" because he feels that "kids" don't know who he is. Because[14].

Also, each other lives in a very close neighborhood (Ota jokingly said, "Tanaka has moved here."[Annotation 1], Tanaka often rushes in, saying, "You came to my hometown (Tokyo)."[Annotation 2]).

All threeSocial MediaIf you don't use such things, you can reach Otamobile phone"There is no reason to do it" because I do not own[15].

All threeAutomobile OfDriver's licenseI do not have.Tanaka had considered obtaining a license in the past, but gave up due to opposition from President Mitsuyo.[16][17]..Also, Ota was in collegebikeLicense andHonda VT250Z[18]I had a self-damage accident[19].

Since there is no driver's license, the office prepares a shuttle car when moving, and both will return home when all work is completed[17].

All threeI can't drink alcohol[20].

The two people's private lifestyles and habits and Mitsuyo's crisis management ability have been successful, and they are accepting many job offers as described below.[17][20].


All threeCatI like itPetOta is almost okay with Tanaka, who loves him differently.Because of this, the cats of the Ota family have different personalities, and the cats of the Ota family never approach the visitors, as opposed to the cats of the Tanaka family who cling to the visitors.

Two peopleMotoharu SanoSouthern All StarsWhen it comes to the topic, I'm always competing with which one is the better fan.

Entertainment activities

The origin of the combination nameLatte columnWhen I happened to see a book called "Problem True Story" at a bookstore with the phrase "Bakusho" that is often used in Japan, I was impressed by the fact that "Problem" was included in the title, so Ota named it.In addition, one of the reasons is that he tried to stand out because there are many combinations of katakana names, which is Ota's autobiography "Crow" (Shogakukan). "Crow" is a word that was nominated when I was thinking of changing the name of the duo for a while.As mentioned above, the (nominal) leader of the combination is Tanaka, but it was Ota who decided it.[1].

It is said that there was a tendency in the industry that "the laughter problem cannot be used, TV is too dangerous" when I was doing radical content such as "career guidance room", and Ota said that at that time "because I was young" I had that kind of consciousness that I would change the world with this. "[21].

When I first started manzai, I was only doing current affairs as a knuckle, and the main thing was "What if XX was XX?" "What if" "If it hurts in the summer" etc.)[22][23].

TV program(Mainly MC since 2000s) ・Radio programAlthough he has a lot of regulars, he also handles regular live performances of Titan, serialization of magazines, and publication of books.Manzai stories are mainly made by Ota (Tanaka thinks about Tsukkomi a little, and most of Tanaka's Tsukkomi thinks about it).Currently, the ones with the theme of current affairs are conspicuous, and the ones that incorporate a wide range of hard and soft material, and are mainly nonsense and poisonous.[24]..Ota deals with current affairs, "I wasn't conscious of wanting to tease politics, it was just more efficient to use news as the subject." "It's difficult to make a control without mentioning that." Road "[25]..Therefore, it is a negative idea to cut out only a part of the material and be evaluated or criticized.[26]..Also, in an interview in 2017, Ota described the performance of his DVD "2017 Manzai" Bakusho Mondai Two Shot "" as "I'm talking about current affairs, but our manzaiYou can see that no one has been caricaturedIs appealing[27].

Some of the materialArrestSome people have been harassed, and some have made a noise, but since it is often decades since the event, Tanaka often rushes in, "Forget it anymore."Regarding reusing the material, Ota states, "The more you chew, the more interesting it is, and the more you chew, the more it tastes."[28]..In addition, when Ota, who often makes mistakes, criticizes or blurs other people's mistakes in comics and magazine serialization, Tanaka often says, "I don't want to be told by you who are making mistakes on a daily basis."[29].

Mackerel,KnightsWhen an entertainer who is good at current affairs like this appears in the same live or program, we have a meeting with them in advance so that the story will not be covered.[30][31].

Ichiro FurudateOta's bokeh "It seems as if you are having a meaningful and interesting talk, and when you are wondering how meaningful it is, it completely makes the meaningful TV-sized talk meaningless. It feels good. "[32].

Comedy criticRally TodaSays that there are three types of bokeh in Ota: "simple bokeh", "poisonous tongue bokeh", and "nonsense bokeh".[24]In particular, "nonsense bokeh" is said to be a hidden taste of the comic book of the laughter problem, and is evaluated higher than "poisonous tongue bokeh".[33].

While TV is the center of the entertainer's activities, Ota expresses his desire to become a comedian who can laugh on the radio.To make comic story material, Ota reads a newspaper article scrapped by Tanaka and blurs it, and Tanaka takes a method of writing down the material while putting in a tsukkomi.From that, Ota called Tanaka "SecretaryI have pointed out.In addition, this work is done in the living room of the Ota family.

In "Vocaten", which is mainly about puns, Tanaka was mainly thinking about the material.This is because Ota has no sense of puns, and in the recording, "Ota's story"Sadaharu OhWas changed to "Osada Haruko", but he died because it didn't make sense.About that timeBoomerIs witnessing[34]..However, since Ota makes the control part that makes it stand out, Tanaka is actually thinking only about the pun part. "KISS ME in a swimsuit』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Alternately starred, playing the bed scene each time.Also, in an era when there were few appearances on TV etc., the script written by Ota was synchronized.HonjamakaWas also played.

19994から 20063To, "Ponki kicks(Fuji TV series), the mouse costume character "Baku Chu MondaiAppeared regularly and gained popularity. 20065から 201612UntilFly! Baku Chu Mondai』Became an independent programCS broadcasting-Fuji TV One Two Next(At the beginningFuji TV 721) Was being broadcast.

2005 OfWith high taxpayer numberIn the talent category, both of them were in the top 2 (10th in Ota and 8th in Tanaka).

When comedians are in the top class, there is a strong tendency for them to appear only on their own regular programs, and even now, when they are busy, they are actively performing as guests.Also,"Education of Nippon of the problem of laughter''Exploration Bakumon』(NHK General), And many other programs with a strong culture.

Office officialサイトProfile photo[35]Continues to use promotional photos taken around 1997.

Drama,moviesIn such cases, both of them appeared as guests and in the role of "Choi", and there were many roles of themselves.However, from the latter half of the 2000s, Tanaka made a movie "Infected islands] And drama "Q10』(Nippon TVsystem),"Love Neet-How to Start a Forgotten Love』(TBSHe has appeared in (kei), etc., and his work as an actor is increasing.

As a job at "Pin" (one person), Tanaka said, "Sacas''S ☆ 1』(Both are TBS series)Information programIs the moderator of.On the other hand, Ota is "The Bird of Maboroshi" (Shinchosha Co., Ltd.) Such asNovel,essayHas written a lot.Most of the publications under the name of "Bakusho Mondai" are written by Ota alone (Ota alone).Later).

As mentioned above, although they do not drink alcohol, do not have a driver's license, and do not have a mobile phone in Ota, brewers / car makers and used car purchase shops / mobile companies "cause incidents / accidents / troubles". There is nothing to do, "he said, considering the attitude of the laughter problem as a relief material and actively appointed it for advertising.[20]..In addition, it is said that seriousness and commitment to performing arts are also decisive factors for the appointment.[36].. Many of the commercials make use of Tanaka's Tsukkomi and Ota's nonsense bokeh.[37][38].

Combi friend

Ota has absolute confidence in comparison with Tanaka, and when he seizes various opportunities, he repeatedly criticizes and blames Tanaka as one of the gag.On TV, Ota often blames Tanaka, but Tanaka says "Kireru".childrenOta always apologizes and collects it because he talks about the dissolution as soon as it is ridiculed.As an episode based on the above, Tanaka broke the story when he was a newcomer, and Ota blamed Tanaka in the dressing room after the story, but Tanaka said, "If you make a mistake in the story on the next stage, the combination will be disbanded!" For some reason, it gets reversed.However, Ota once desperately soothed Tanaka, saying, "It's not something that has been disbanded because of this."When they quarrel between Ota and Tanaka, they make up.

20009/11, Tanaka on one sideTesticleExtraction of手術Was done.It was a malignant tumor, so-called testicular cancer, but as a result of a consultation between the entertainer that he could not laugh at cancer, Press conferenceThen Ota made a series of gag with Tanaka as a story and laughed.At that time, just before the opening at that timeSydney OlympicsTracing the headline "Tanaka, I got the money !!"sports newspaperDecorated.Since then, Ota's tampering with Tanaka with a single-ball material has become a combination of iron plate material, and it is promised to be included in the comics.

Celebrity related

Shortly after their debut, they saw their talentsRakugo performer OfTachikawaSaid to send a word of support to Ota, saying, "Catch the world."He also emphasized the importance of Tanaka as a companion, saying, "Don't cut only this guy (Tanaka). There aren't many people who can do this."

"Sunday Sunday with laughter problemFrequently co-starred inOhashi KyosenThere was an occasional disagreement with Ota, and there was often a dispute with Ota.However, both parties are discussing under a certain relationship of trust, and Tanaka, who was watching the exchange at the end, commented, "It was fun because the tone became like a fight between parents and children."[39].

Ryutaro KamiokaIn a conversation with Danshi Tatekawa, he said, "The comedy and variety shows are no longer educated. The only thing that saves me is that the laughter problem makes me nervous when I meet Danshi Tatekawa. How do you keep it and move it to the next? I'll ask you, the comedy problem. "

Film director·Sonoko OnsenIsWhy bad in hell』When castingTetsuo ShinoharaAfter watching the director's "Work on the Grass", I offered to appear in Ota and Tanaka.Sion Sono himself called Titan and negotiated with the president, Mitsuyo Ohta, but revealed when he co-starred that he was refused because the schedule did not match.In addition, the roles offered to the two when it was made into a movie later are eachHiromi Hasegawa-Hoshino GenPlayed by[40].

Yoichi ShimadaIn the examination of "GAHAHA King", "They have a higher level of material than Beat Takeshi. They broke the level at the time of the comics boom for the first time."

"If I of Ota Mitsuru became Prime Minister... Secretary Tanaka.In the thoughtideologyWe performed and discussed with various politicians and critics regardless of.

Junichiro Koizumi-Shinzo AbeDuring the administrationCherry blossom viewingHave attended[41].

In 2008 and 2009 at that timeGovernor of Osaka Prefecture(Ex-Mayor of Osaka) And belonged to TitanTohashi HashishitaMr. and Mrs. Ota and Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka to support their activitiesFurusato tax payment1000 million yen usingOsakaOffering to[42]..Ota has a friendship with Hashimoto by e-mail, but in public he ridicules Hashimoto and makes objections.[43].

SMAPThe year of debut is the same (both debuted in 1988),SMAP x SMAP』(Fuji TV system) specialty corner"BISTRO SMAPHe is also the most guest of male entertainers.Also,Takeshi KusagiIs called because he never touches (about the incident) at all in the first "BISTRO SMAP" after returning after a scandal, but if he is a laughter, he will gag well.[44]..Especially in OtaSMAPHe professed to be a big fan of the group, and often talked about the friendliness of the members on the radio and TV.That is the edgeWe are SMAP!I was in charge of writing the lyrics, and when it was announced that the group would be dissolved, I was shocked, and I prefaced that "things that only the people can understand" about the inside, and worry about all the members. Making a statement[45][46]..Even after the dissolution, Tanaka2017 World Baseball ClassicWhen watching the match between Japan and the Netherlands at Tokyo DomeMasahiro NakaiEncounter and have a conversation[47], OtaKimura TakuyaStarring drama "A LIFEOr praise[48], Immediately after both left Johnny's officeShingo KatoriWhen"Oja MAP!!Co-starring in "Special"[49], Continue to interact with the members.

Also synchronousNatsuo OkamotoI have a friendship with them.バ ブ ルThe first thing I picked up about Okamoto, who had no work after that, was "Bakusho Mondai"Sunday Japon] (TBS system).

Since the 2010s, "Bomb! The Friday] (TBS system) etc.Toshihiko TaharaOpportunities to work with are increasing.The trigger was "Happy Boys Hour Lol's Pee Problem!』(Fuji TV system) co-starred in the special feature of Toshihiko Tahara (Tanaka is a big fan of Tahara).By the way, both have the experience of being "dried" in the entertainment world once.

DowntownIn 1994, Ota said, "Hot dog pressIn the series "Declaration of decency destruction of" Bakusho Mondai "!?"Hitoshi MatsumotoCriticized the fashion sense of[50]Then, due to the protest from Matsumoto side,1990 eraSince the middle of the year, disagreements have often been talked about on the internet, and the two groups did not co-star on the program or talk about each other on the program.[51].. Broadcasted on March 2014, 3, "You can laugh! Grand Finale Thanksgiving super-large issue』, Also rumored to be out of touch with downtownTunnelsPlayed a co-star with.I wasn't planning to play with Tunnels in downtown, but TunnelsTakaaki Ishibashi Noritake KinashiInvited the problem of laughter and rushed in, and Matsumoto jokingly said, "The internet will be rough."After that, the broadcast on November 2016, 11, "Downtown DXIn addition to having a guest appearance by Ota's wife, Mitsuyo, and having a talk with downtown.[52][53], Tanaka's wifeYamaguchi MoeIs Downtown DXDowntown NauAppear in and talk about couple episodes[54]Although there is no direct co-starring, it is okay to laugh at each other's recognition and relationships!It is improving compared to before 2014 when he co-starred in.

Ota said, "Hall of Fame』And often co-starred in programs such asUtchan NanchanHe was swearing at him, and he knew it, but he continued to call the laughter problem on the show.[55].

Ota and TanakaMotoharu SanoHe professes to be a fan of Sano and often co-stars with Sano.

Keisuke Kuwata / Southern All Stars

Ota and TanakaSouthern All StarsHe professes to be a fan of the group, and when a new album comes out, regardless of group or solo, he also plays on the radio program.

Keisuke KuwataIt is also said that he likes comedy, and Southern's 20th anniversary special program "Stupid waist" and 20th anniversary live "Super Live in Nagisaen "Moro Out Festival-Unagi is Netri Father Uttori for Excessive Service-"』And deepened exchanges by making guest appearances.Also,Act Against AIDSEvent "XNUMX! Solo red and white song battle""XNUMX! The XNUMXnd Solo Red and White Song Battle""Heisei XNUMX fiscal year! The third solo red and white singing battleIn ", he appeared in VTR as a" special judge "and showed off his comics.

Ota became friends with Kuwata by e-mail after co-starring on the radio, and he said that he would be sent impressions of watching the program in which Ota appeared and things related to Southern activities.[56].

The 1998th album "" released by Southern in 13さ く ら"Bakusho Mondai" recorded in the 5th song of "Bakusho Island" is taken from the laughter problem.The lyrics are sung about social issues at that time, and the content is reminiscent of the comic story of the laughter problem, which is good at current affairs.

Masayuki Watanabe

When the Bakusho Mondai problem was just formed, it was said to be the "comedy gateway to the Kanto region."Masayuki WatanabeSponsored byLa Mama rookie contestThe story that first appeared in "" was so popular that it was scouted by Ota Pro on the spot and became a hot topic in the live performance.Watanabe later said in an interview, "I'm happy to be present at this moment."

When it was said that discrimination stories such as "bullying" and poisonous tongue stories that had been done since the formation were "not suitable for TV", Watanabe said, "Those who have done something that seems more interesting than appearing on TV now. I like it. "

After that, Watanabe"Laughing big problem" seriesHe made a regular appearance on the show, and even now that the show has ended, he often has the opportunity to co-star in the show on the Bakusho Mondai issue.In the serialization of the magazine, he worships as "an existence that can be called a master."

Relationship with the big 3


TamoriEven when he was still unknown, he co-starred with "Tamori ClubIt became known to the world with the appearance of "Tamori's SUPER Vocabula Heaven".before"LOL problem cowboy, "Tamori Club" was mentioned as the program where they can demonstrate their abilities most.

"A store where celebrities from Takeshi and pacific saury gather』(Fuji TV system) Ota is also BIG3 at the time of appearanceBeat takeshiAkashi familyIn the talk, he said that he has a longing for Tamori.

Ota said, "A-Studio』(TBS system), he also said that he is happy that Tamori, who is usually quiet, laughs at his gag.

1997From around that time, I started to break,Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!』(Fuji TV series) has also increased since this time.afterwards, 2000From April, it officially joined as a regular Wednesday.

The leader of the regular team on Wednesday, the oldest regular as a combination of "Waratte Iitomo!" And was breaking the record, but Tanaka moved to Monday due to the change of the regular team in April 2012, the 4th year of regular It was the first separate appearance.

Beat takeshi

Ota was strongly influenced by Beat Takeshi, and said, "Since Takeshi came out, I knew how interesting it was to say what he really meant."Takeshi's Japanese Education White Paper』(Fuji TV).When Ota consulted with Takeshi, "I want to make a comedy movie," he said, "If you want to make a movie, hit it first." "If you want to make a comedy, spend money."[57]..Takeshi said that he happened to see Tale when the Bakusho Mondai issue was formed, and said, "I thought these guys were interesting" and "The cut of the story was similar to Two Beat."The laughter problem is "Anyone in Takeshi PicassoWhen he showed his manzai directly in front of Takeshi, he said, "I like it. I have a similar feeling to myself."

Takeshi appeared as a bird at the live "TITAN LIVE 2016YEARS anniversary" hosted by Titan on February 2, 12, and performed the rakugo story "Humanity Greengrocer".[58]..At the invitation of Ota for the liveKeisuke Kuwata-Yuko HaraThe couple were also watching in the audience, and after the performance, Kuwata said, "It was really wonderful. When Takeshi came out, it was divine.pillowI'm sending an email to Ota saying "I cried from[59].

On the other hand, he is a disciple of Takeshi.Asakusa KidI'm not on good terms with Ota, especially with OtaDr. SuidobashiWas known as a dog-monkey friend.As a cause"Beat Takeshi All Night NipponIt is said that the blurry remarks that Ota made when he was acting as an attempt to issue "Takeshi-ism", which he said, had an effect.In addition, it should be notedHideo HigashikuniharaHearing this blurry remark and praising the laughter problem[60]..As mentioned above, when Masato Hagiwara was hospitalized for liver cirrhosis, laughter and Kid got together at the hospital (Kid also supported Hagiwara's hospitalization life at this time), and Ota in the hospital room where Hagiwara is sleeping. Hagiwara, who should have been suffering from illness, tried to take the place with a gag.After that, Hagiwara's wife set up a seat and went out drinking together and made up for them.[61]..However, it was recorded in "Quick Japan" No. 76,Yoshida GoAccording to the "Bakusho Mondai Long Interview" by, apart from the early stages of the activity, the later "conflict" is a "story" to break the schedule harmony of comedians, and it is not actually a disagreement.OtaTamabukuro ShintaroWe exchange books with each other and evaluate them on the radio, and we are in contact with Dr. Suidobashi by letter.[62].

Akashi family

pacific saury Akashiya has been highly acclaimed for the laughter problem since he belonged to Ota Pro, and he co-starred for the first time in 1990.Hatsumode! Bakusho Hit Parade』, Praised the two stories, and was convinced that it would be an era of laughter problems ("pacific saury no Manma』).On the other hand, they also said that they have been fans of "pacific saury's All Night Nippon" since they were students.Beat Takeshi All Night Nippon"I was looking forward to Thursday," he said.

Since pacific saury himself rarely makes guest appearances on other people's programs,LOL problem cowboyIt is said that it is unusual to appear as a guest in.Also on January 2014, 1, "Sunday Sunday with laughter problem』But as a 300th anniversary guest, co-starred for the first time in 14 years.When pacific saury co-stars with the Bakusho Mondai issue, he almost always uses "Tanaka's height" as a story, and talks about the time when the two of them had a hard time independently.In particular, it seems that pacific saury at that time was quite worried about the story that he had a hard time independently, and the laughter problem began to sell again. 1998Around that time, he actively appeared in his own programs, playing a role.Also, in "A store where celebrities of Takeshi and pacific saury gather", he was the only comedy duo to appear as a guest, and "Akashiya Santa's biggest Christmas present show in history』(Fuji TV system) is given preferential treatment such as making it appear directly in the studio for the first time.

Bakusho Mondai has also appeared several times in "Waratte Iitomo!" On Friday, when pacific saury was a regular era.[63].. The two are people from other offices, and Ota sometimes calls pacific saury "you."

In private, Ota visits pacific saury's dressing room and complains about Mitsuyo's "bad drinking habit", and pacific saury makes a point of it when co-starring.Also, one of the few people who makes a point of saying that the laughter problem was dried up at the time of independence.



Appearance only in combination.Individual appearancesYuji Tanaka # Appearance,Hikari Ota # Appearancechecking ...

tv set



tv set

Special number / single shot





  • Happy Time Yearbook (Album,SPE Visual Works
  • Super Nintendo Song (Single, St. Giga) Not for sale.King after schoolIt was produced in a limited edition of 100, and was presented to the listeners.

*Baku Chu MondaiThe work in the name isBaku Chu MondaiSee section.


  • 2006 2006st Half Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" (July 7, 28)
  • The second half of 2006 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" (January 2007, 1)
  • 2006 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" Complete Edition (2 Disc Set) (January 2007, 1)
  • First half of 2007 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" Maniac Edition (2 discs) (July 2007, 7)
  • First half of 2007 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (July 2007, 7)
  • The second half of 2007 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" (January 2008, 1)
  • 2007 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" Complete Edition (2 Disc Set) (January 2008, 1)
  • 2008 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" Normal Edition (October 2008, 10)
  • 2008 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" 20th Anniversary Edition (2 Discs) (October 2008, 10)
  • 2010 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" -2009 Total Financial Results- (January 2010, 1)
  • 2011 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" -2010 Total Financial Results- (January 2011, 1)
  • 2012 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" -2011 Total Financial Results- (January 2012, 1)
  • 2013 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (May 2013, 5)
  • 2014 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shots" (June 2014, 6)
  • 2015 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (May 2015, 6)
  • 2016 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (May 2016, 6)
  • 2017 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (May 2017, 6)
  • "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot 2018 30th Anniversary Edition-Best Selection Selected by Bakusho Mondai-" (December 2018, 12)
  • 2019 Manzai "Bakusho Mondai Two Shot" (May 2019, 6)
  • Bakusho Mondai x University of Tokyo Culture of the University of Tokyo (April 2007, 4)
  • Bakusho Mondai Nippon Liberal Arts Special Bakusho Mondai x Keio University 2030 Impact (April 2008, 4)
  • Bakusho Mondai's Culture DVD-BOX (5-disc set) (October 2008, 10)
    • Japanese culture of the laughter problem vol.1
    • Japanese culture of the laughter problem vol.2
    • Japanese culture of the laughter problem vol.3
    • Japanese culture of the laughter problem vol.4
    • Japanese culture of the laughter problem vol.5
  • Happy Time Saijiki of Bakusho Mondai (SPE Visual Works)
  • LOL problem (Polygram
  • Horse racing basic course that can be understood even by horses with laughter problems (Fuji TV Video Planning Department /FCC・ Distributor:Pony canyon
  • new treasureship (Nippon Victor・ Distributor:Victor Entertainment
  • Shichifukuto (Victor Japan, distributor: Victor Entertainment)
  • Recommendation of laughter problem (Bop
  • Junior high school kingShinken seminarVideo distributed to students as an appendix)
  • Sagawa-kun's week *Kazumasa SagawaCo-starring with (Video bargain king

*Baku Chu MondaiThe work in the name isBaku Chu MondaiSee section.


  • TIZ -Tokyo Insect Zoo-(1995) --Zacca role: Hikari Ota, Kamikiri role: Yuji Tanaka (both voice appearances)
  • Wario's Woods LOL version(Original game delivered in Satellaview)
  • Comedy nervous breakdown LOL!Human Trump-A Windows-only game commemorating the 50th anniversary of "Akasaka Comedy DOJO" sponsored by TBS Radio
  • Quiz Trivia KingDS (released by Kamui Co., Ltd. on February 2010, 2) Moderator by voice of the laughter problem


Magazine serialization

  • Tv bros"The other side of the world" --- Ota's novel and Tanaka's paper clay work express the world.At the beginning of the series, Ota posted his opinion on current affairs rather than a novel.
  • Weekly playboy"The end of the century jigsaw puzzle of the Bakusho Mondai" → "Ota's true intention of the Bakusho Mondai" → "The funny news commentary of the Bakusho Mondai"
  • Treasure Island 30WIREDCyzoWiLLHanada"The Japanese Principles of the Bakusho Mondai" --- Written in a comic style. "Will"-> "Hanada" is a conservative magazine, but as mentioned above, the reason is that "it's just a story and not a political claim" and "the serialization itself is changing, so any magazine is fine". It is serialized inTomohiro MachiyamaAsked, "Are you aware that you are out of place?"[15]..In addition, the editor-in-chief of "WILL" → "Hanada"Kikai HanadaHas long praised the issue of Bakusho Mondai as a comedian, and in 2002 he said, "I want you to appear in the issue of Bakusho as long as I continue to do magazines."[64].
  • Da Vinci"The original theory of Japanese history of the laughter problem"


History,Current affairsMany of them are written in a comic style (such as the "Japanese Principles" series).However, according to Ota, despite Tanaka appearing in the work under the name of "Bakusho Mondai," Ota mostly writes by himself, and Tanaka does not participate in the work.Tanaka says, "It's like lending a name."The manuscript fee is also distributed to Tanaka.In addition, this is sometimes mentioned in the Japanese principles, and in particular, Ota often makes Tanaka's lines different from his own claims, and at that time, it is customary for corrections to be made immediately.

Japanese Principles Series
  1. "Japanese Principles of Bakusho Mondai"Treasure Island(November 1997)
  2. "The Japanese Principles of the Bakusho Mondai 2000"Media Works(November 1999)
  3. "Bakusho Mondai's Theory of Japan 2"Gentosha Library(November 2002)
  4. "The Japanese Principles of the Bakusho Mondai World Upheaval Edition"Gentosha(November 2002)
  5. "Who did in such a world"Gentosha(November 2004)
  6. "The Japanese Principles of the Bakusho Mondai 5"Gentosha(November 2006)
  7. "The Great Depression Era: The Japanese Principles of the Bakusho Mondai 6"Gentosha(November 2009)
  8. "The Japanese Principles of Bakusho Mondai: An era where you can say things freely, an era when you can't say things"Ota Publishing(February 2015 Tomohiro Machiyama(Co-authored with)
  9. "Japanese Manzai Bakusho Mondai Theory of Japan"Ota Publishing(September 2018, special issue commemorating the 9th anniversary of the Bakusho Mondai combination[65]
Japanese History Principles Series
  1. "Bakusho Mondai's Theory of Japanese History"Media Works(November 2000)
  2. "The Japanese History of the LOL Problem, Great People"Media Works(November 2001)
  3. "The Great Japanese History of the LOL Problem"Gentosha(November 2002)
  4. "Showa is far away"Gentosha(November 2003)
  5. "A book that understands Japanese history with 12 people"Gentosha(November 2004)
  6. "12 crimes in Japan"Gentosha(November 2005)
  7. "Bakusho Mondai War Theory"Gentosha(November 2006)
  8. "Japan and rice"Gentosha(November 2007)
  9. "Japanese literary metamorphosis theory"Gentosha(November 2009)
  10. "Bakusho MondaiTaikoki"Gentosha(November 2010)
  11. "Bakusho MondaiChushingura"Gentosha(November 2011)
  12. "Kuroda KanbeiWhy didn't you take the world? ”Gentosha(November 2014)
Today's Joe on the laughter problem(Cartoon·Nishimoto Hideo
  1. "Today's Joe 1 on the Bakusho Mondai" (co-authored)Kodansha(November 2001)
  2. "Today's Joe 2 on the Bakusho Mondai" (co-authored)Kodansha(November 2001)
  3. "Today's Joe 3 on the Bakusho Mondai" (co-authored)Kodansha(November 2001)
  4. "Today's Joe 4 on the Bakusho Mondai" (co-authored)Kodansha(November 2002)
Fin de siècle jigsaw puzzle series
  1. "Bakusho Mondai Jigsaw Puzzle at the End of the Century"Shueisha(November 1999)
  2. "Bakusho Mondai Current Affairs Boy"Shueisha(November 2001)
  3. "Living in the present of the laughter problem!"Shueisha(November 2003)
  4. "I haven't heard about the laughter problem."Shueisha(November 2004)
  5. "Bakusho Mondai, we!"Shueisha(November 2005)
  6. "Pump and dump"Shueisha(November 2006)
  7. "A clean vote for the Bakusho Mondai issue to Tanaka!"Shueisha(November 2007)
  8. "Bakusho Mondai (laughs)"Shueisha(November 2008)
The daredevil series of the world
LOL problem Carboy series (a book version of the "Carboy" section)
  • "Family Stadium64 Official Guidebook ”Shogakukan(January 1998) * Appeared in an interview.The match was played with the original team created by Ota and Tanaka (in the editorial department).
  • "Bakusho Mondai People"Gentosha(November 1998)
  • "Laughing big problem"Kodansha(November 1999)
  • "Super laughter big problem"Kodansha(November 2000)
  • "The size of death in the Bakusho Mondai issue, read in an obituary in a newspaper, a biography of 20th century figures"Fusosha(November 2000)
    • "The size of death in the laughter problem above and below"FusoshaBunko (July 2002)
  • "Seven people in a dialogue"Shinchosha Co., Ltd.(November 2000)
  • "Bakusho MondaiPakkunEnglish Principles ”(co-authored)Media Works(November 2001)
  • "The Column of Bakusho Mondai"Kodansha(November 2001)
  • "Bakuman!" (Co-authored)Gentosha(November 2002)
  • "Bakusho Mondai, a book to learn English with Pakkun news" (co-authored)Gentosha(November 2002)
  • "Laughter Newspaper"Kadokawa Shoten(November 2002)
  • "Bakusho Mondai's" Recommendations for Literature ""Shinchosha Co., Ltd.(November 2003)
  • "Letter from Ryoma read by Bakusho Mondai"Information Center Publishing Bureau(November 2005)
  • "That's why I don't say it, a guide to counterattack of cliff-top company believers"Shogakukan (November 2008)

LINE stamp

  • Talking Bakusho Mondai (2015, Titan)-with audioLINEstamp.The illustration isOh Hinatago.
  • Bakusho Mondai Talking Stamp (2018, Titan)


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