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🍴 | Ayami / A cup of soul aiming for even higher "Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma" Top-class entertainer recommended gem ramen ④


Ayami / A cup of soul aiming for even higher "Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma" Top-class entertainer recommended gem ramen ④

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The ingredients and sauce are exquisitely adjusted in a wok, and the bouillon soup taken from genkotsu (upper femur of the pig) or maple (chicken legs) is combined.

"Menya Saimi" in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo.Needless to say, this is a restaurant that represents the Sapporo ramen world. Created on November 2020, 11 ... → Continue reading

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It is a broadcasting station affiliated with TV TOKYO, whose broadcasting area is Hokkaido. The contents of the program will be distributed in text format, focusing on Hokkaido topics such as daily news, gourmet food, travel, and lifestyle information. I try to write articles that are enjoyable for everyone, not just in Hokkaido. Also, in case of emergency, live distribution will be provided.

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WokWhat is (Chukanabe)?Chinese cuisineUsed forsteelRound bottom made ofpot.ChugokuExceptSoutheast Asia,JapanBut it is widely used.

Names in each area

MandarinThen, they are called hot pot, hot pot, fried vegetable hot pot, etc.CantoneseThen it is a wok, and in Hokkien it is a ding.EnglishThen in Cantonese "鑊"(Wok, wok) borrowedwokCall.IndonesiaThen "Pengorengan",MalaysiaThen "Quari",フィリピンThen they are called "kawa" and "kawari".


Woks are roughly divided into one-handed Beijing pots and two-handed Cantonese pots according to the handle.Beijing pot and Cantonese pot are not only different in handle, but also in depth and radius (the size of the diameter of the curve).The Beijing pot has a small are and a deep bottom.Cantonese pot has a large and shallow radius.There is also a type called Sichuan hot pot, which has a deep bottom with both hands.

In terms of size, there are large ones with a diameter of about 30 cm to huge ones with a diameter of about 2 meters.Small ones are used for stir-fry, and large ones are used for cooking soups and rice at restaurants.In Europe and the United States, flat-bottomed woks are sold as "Woks".


The material is oldsteel,cast ironHas been used, but cast iron is rarely seen in recent years.Also, in addition to steel woks, recentlyTitaniumAlloyaluminumAlloy products are also commercially available.Using titanium has the advantage of being extremely lightweight, and using aluminum has the advantage of good heat conduction.

The punched-out product has the characteristics that the density of the iron material increases, the heat conduction is good, and the fine irregularities are filled in and smoothed, so that it is hard to be burnt.But in general, to reduce costsPress workingMany of them are manufactured using.

Before cooking, the iron pan is strongly air-baked to burn out the old oil, and then new oil is added to smooth the surface.This is called "oil-returning (kneading pot in Chinese)", and a pot that has been properly re-oiled is hard to burn.The surface finish is traditionallyBlack rustHowever, in recent yearsFluororesinSome are coated with, and this is the mainstream in Europe and the United States.


stir fry,BakeOf course,Boil,Fry,SteamBecause it is possible to support a wide range of cooking methodsUniversal potIt is also said.

Equipment to be combined

When making fried or boiled foods, (Jarlen) is often combined.When steamingSteam basketPlace on a wok filled with hot water.As you can see from the image, for stir fryLadleHowever, the ladle that is combined with the wok is quite large, and the mounting angle at the tip is also loose.

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