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🧁 | Which would you like to eat in Hawaii?Pancake VS French toast


Which would you like to eat in Hawaii?Pancake VS French toast

If you write the contents roughly
However, this is a recommended menu where French toast is also very popular.

Not just pancakes!In fact, French toast is delicious in Hawaii! !!Speaking of Hawaiian breakfast menu, ... → Continue reading

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French toast

French toast(English: French Toast,Buddha: Pain perdu)American states,EuropePart ofAsiaIn some countries/regions ofbreakfast,Light meal,DessertOften eaten asBreadIt is a kind of dish. MeltedChicken eggsとmilkLet the bread soak in a mixture such asA frying panEtcバ タ ー,Vegetable oilThe bread is cooked and baked, and the bread has a moist texture.


There are many ways to make French toast, but the basic one is bread (Plain bread,French bread(Sliced), chicken eggs and milkOrange juice,in additionnutmeg,cinnamonSuch asspicesSeasoning liquid mixed withcustardLiquid) and soak both sides lightly in a frying pan. For seasoning liquidVanilla extractMay be added.

Not only bread but also breadRaisinsIncludingRaisin bread,nutsBread containing may be used.Also, instead of one, I put two together and crushed them in between.bananaSuch asfruitsSandwichingjam,peanut butterMay be painted. If you likeバ タ ー,Maple syrup,Fresh cream,powdersugar,gum syrup,honeyAnd so on.

Name and history

It is recorded that dishes similar to French toast were made in various European countries. The oldest record is4st centuryFrom the end5st centuryWas compiled over the beginningRoman EmpireCookbook of the timesApiciusIt is called only "Aliter Dulcia", or "another sweet dish". Bread in milk, but no mention of using eggs[1].

In medieval Europe suppe dorate, "GoldenSoup”), Soupys yn dorye (same as left), tostées dorées (“golden toast”), bread perdu (corruption of “lost bread” in French), etc. It was widely known by name.15st centuryイタリアThe cook(English edition)Also wrote down recipes. This dish was often called "soup" because the bread was soaked in liquid ((English edition)) Is from[2].

France andベルギー,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,カナダ OfNewfoundland and Labrador,America'sNew Orleans,AcadianaThen French toastFrenchBread Perdu, or "lost bread" (French: French toast) Called. The reason is that it "revives" bread that has been hardened by soaking it in milk or eggs ("lost bread").[3].. In France it is eaten as a dessert rather than a breakfast[4].. Even in Japan, it is coming into the limelight under the name of "Pamperdu".[5].. on the other hand,Quebec,AcadiaIs called "pain doré" ("golden bread")[6].. "Pan Perdu" was once in FrenchSunk costPoint tometaphorWas also[7].. There is also a Pan-Perdu recipe that was written in English in the 15th century.[8][9][10].

14th centuryGermanyIs called Arme Ritter ("Poor Knight")[8][11], Also known as English Poor knight[12],スウェーデンAnd the Fattiga riddareフィンランドKöyhät ritarit of the same meaning (in Northern EuropecreamThere is also a more luxurious dessert called "rich knight" using such items). Also in the 14th century,Guillaume TyrrellWrote a recipe for Tosté Dore in his book Les Viandiers[13].

オーストリアとBavariaThen.Italian Of(Italian version,English edition)("PaviaSoup ”) is called Pafese or Pofese.[14].

Around 2003(I.e.With the United States over problemsFranceWhen the relationship between theFrench potatoTheFreedom FlyIt became a topic that it was renamed to.United States House of RepresentativesCongress followed this,(English edition)The House of Representatives took the initiative and renamed French potatoes in the lower house's dining room menu to Freedom Fries, but French Toast has also been renamed to Freedom Toast.[15].

French toast from each country

In Japan, it is common to use bread and soak a liquid of egg and milk with sugar and bake it in a frying pan, but there are wide variations depending on the store. If you sell something baked at a bakery, or if you sell something baked at a bakeryconvenience storeAlthough it is sometimes sold at stores, etc., in these cases, considering the shelf life, many do not soak the liquid into the inside, but only apply it thinly on the surface, so the texture is different from what is served at restaurants There is.
Hong Kong
"Nishitanshi" (Cantonese: Saito Sea, many peopleToastTransliteration of),Tea bowlIt is a standard menu of a coffee shop called. Add beaten egg and fry in a little oil. Serve with butter. Because it is not sweet as it issyrupOrhoneyAnd eat. Between two slices of sliced ​​breadpeanut butterThere are also shops that serve baked goods with the eggs on the outside and beaten eggs only on the outside.
"Tusi Hokoku" (Chinese: Ferg Otoux pinyin: Fǎguó tǔ sī.. There are many restaurants that serve breakfast for their names such as Toji transliteration. In Taiwan, many dishes are grilled on an iron plate. As one of them, there are many things that are not generally sweet, such as putting only beaten eggs on the surface of bread and baking it on an iron plate. For salty ones, use as a filling between two The "Tuna Fish Hokoku Tsuji" (Way You Ferg Otoux) withsweet cornThere is also a "Tamabei Hokoku Tsuji" (Yumi Fergutotoux) with a line between them.
SlicedMozzarella cheeseAfter sandwiching between breads, put the beaten egg on the surface and bake(English edition)("CarriageThere is a salty dish called "mozzarella on board").
Wrap the beaten egg in a bread soaked with sugar added to milkOlive oilDeep fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugarTrihasThere is a sweet called.Ibero AmericaIn some countries it is called Trehus, but there are some differences.
The German Arme Ritter ("poor knight") recipe is to separate egg yolk and egg white and dip the bread in custard liquid with egg yolk, milk and sugar. Sprinkle lightly whipped egg whites, sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.[16].
The United States of America
HallaHaller French toast using is very popular.
Bengal"French toast" is choppedonionAnd blueRed peppersPut the egg liquid mixed withmustardIt is a salty snack baked in oil.[17].


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