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🍜 | Champon Ichizuru / Enjoy the taste of authentic Kyushu with a Hokkaido taste "Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma" Nobukobu Yoshimura's favorite gem ...


Champon Ichizuru / Authentic Kyushu taste with Hokkaido taste "Saturday Ryokan Sakura no Ma" Nobukobu Yoshimura recommended gem ...

If you write the contents roughly
Some children who don't like vegetables will eat this champon, and when they actually eat it, the crispy texture of vegetables, the taste of seafood, and the rich soup will be addictive.

Speaking of "noodles" in Sapporo ... I think most people would say "ramen".However, it was founded in 2006 ... → Continue reading

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I hate vegetables

I hate vegetablesWhat is (Yasai Girai)?VegetablesI am not good at generalpartial eclipseIs in the form of.

History in Japan

in JapanHigh economic growth periodFrom that time, graduallyEating habitsGradually began to be regarded as a problem as the situation changed.Especially in recent yearsJunk Food,Fast foodWith the spread of vegetables, there is a strong awareness that "vegetable dislike = unbalanced diet".

In particular1970~1980 eraSo it changed rapidlyJapanese OfEating habitsByAdult diseaseThe Ministry of Health and Welfare at that time (currentlyMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare)But1985 "For health promotionDietary guidelines"announced.In this, the ministry recommended "Let's eat 1 items a day", but on the contrary, there was a misunderstanding that it should be more or less than "30 items", so the expression "○○ items" later. Seems to have come to be avoided.

In this flowHealth boom such astrendThere is alsoFrozen food,Retort foodSuch asInstant Food,manufactured foodAs the number of vegetables increased, it was pointed out that they were prone to nutritional excesses and deficiencies, and there was an argument that vegetables that were considered to be particularly prone to deficiencies should be actively taken.As a result, the nutritional balance is particularly excellent.MealVegetables are more aggressive for growing children who are considered to beCuisineWas given.As a result, children who did not like those vegetable dishes were described as "disliked vegetables" and were encouraged to eat vegetables more enthusiastically.


Among them, there were a number of children who were reprimanded for not taking vegetables and were given severe punishment, and in such an experience, they started cooking vegetables.traumaEven people withFood educationFrom this point of view, there are some cases where the unfavorable unbalanced diet is exacerbated.In thisfamily EducationNoDisciplineFrom this point of view, it is said that he was severely scolded for not eating vegetables at home.

Also schoolLunchFor children who left vegetables inteacherForced to eat, the treatment was harsh, ignoring the emotions of the childcorporal punishmentIn some cases, it was thought that it might be a problem.1990 eraGradually, the direction changed to "do not force vegetables to be eaten, but make them delicious by devising dishes."

You can also eat it by chopping the vegetables so that they don't look good, or by making sure that children who don't like vegetables can't sort them out, add them to other dishes, and reveal the ingredients after eating. It's not that there was no tendency for children who didn't have to be deceived and eaten by deception and to hate vegetables more than resentment, but such ingenuity in cooking "made it possible to eat deliciously."[Source required]Some people look back on those days.

Around the 2000s, more delicious vegetable dishesRecipesHas been announced in various ways, and it seems that the direction of "not hiding vegetables and still eating deliciously" is educationally recommended.

Regarding the act of "forcing you to eat vegetables" mentioned above, some ingredientsAllergiesChildren who have a teacher who does not understand this (Desensitization therapyIn the 1990s, it was reported that he was forced to eat the food served by the school lunch and fell into a serious condition.社会 問題It was taken up as "There is no reason to not eat"partial eclipseIt came to be avoided because it was asked whether or not to forcibly correct it.

I hate vegetables and how to cook / cook

Many dislikes of vegetables tend to affect their taste (astringency, bitterness, smell, texture), while the shape (astringency, bitterness, smell, texture)mushroomSome kind of color, such as the desired part of theAssociationIn some cases, they dislike it because of the extension of their refusal to another.

In terms of taste, many vegetablesWarm vegetablesWhen cooked in the form of, astringency, bitterness, oronion,LeekSome of the factors that children dislike, such as the pungent odor of children, are alleviated, and some of them become sweeter.In addition, the texture becomes softer, and cooking can reduce the purpose of the dish and allow you to eat more with a single bite.It may be solved by making a paste.

In terms of appearance, the method of chopping or mixing with other dishes is used, and children prefer it because it has a strong taste, color, and smell.hamburger,curryIn some cases, it can be added to dishes such as.Among these, cutting into small pieces makes it easier to heat and has the effect of making it easier to eat.AlsostewThen, you can ask how to bring out the vegetables that have a unique shape as a play element to make children interested.

In addition, even with raw vegetables, if you cook the astringent leafy vegetables in a boiled form, the lye that causes the astringency will be removed, making it easier to eat (Spinach,KomatsunaAnd so on, and there is an opinion that it is better for health to cook these vegetables rather than raw food.Soak theseBonito,Soy sauceSeason with, or add to other dishes.

OtherFried vegetablesLike, children also like itmeatOn the other hand, there are also vegetables such as raw vegetables and hot vegetables that are just boiled.mayonnaise,dressingIn many cases, it can be eaten deliciously.

Even with these ideas, there are many cases where chopped hamburger onions are picked up with chopsticks, and vegetables of the same color as the vegetables you dislike are not eaten with caution.

Other ideas

It seems that some people are advocating interest in vegetables.Among them, in the vegetable garden and planter cultivation,Mini Tomato,CabbageTo grow things like that and cook and eat the grown thingsFood educationMethod is presented.It's not good for everyone, but through the experience of growing and eating vegetablesAgriculture:,lifeIt is considered to be significant in general education to foster understanding and interest in. (→ →slaughterSee also section)

It is difficult for infants, but when they reach an age where they can understand the explanation of each nutrient, the number of cases of eating with persuasion increases.

Changes in cultivars (to look rather than taste) in the market economySeasonThere is also an opinion that the taste of the vegetables themselves has deteriorated due to cultivation during the period when the above was ignored and excessive application of fertilizer.[1]..In the season of vegetables, for example, spinach is sweeter when it is cultivated in winter than in summer.In connection with the idea of ​​this season (the time when the food becomes more delicious),Local productionAmong them, by "consuming local ingredients at the most delicious time", you can experience the local season and the memory of "eating delicious food".Local loveThere are also movements to increase attachment and interest in such areas.

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    There are few commercial products and it takes time and effort, and depending on the vegetables and cooking method, the (disliked) flavor may be emphasized.


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  • "A magical recipe for healing children's vegetables" (ISBN 4569627404)


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