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🍜 | Collaboration with that famous store!The ramen of Kappa Sushi is really delicious!Serious taste of chicken, zenzai and pancakes!


Collaboration with that famous store!The ramen of Kappa Sushi is really delicious!Serious taste of chicken, zenzai and pancakes!

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This year, the first chicken in Kappa Sushi will be available.

Hello!This is Yokomo, my living mate! !!This time, I tried Kappa Sushi's "Osshiramen Chicken Pancake" ... → Continue reading

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Kappa Sushi

Kappa Sushi(Kappazushi)Kappa Create Co., Ltd.Operated byConveyor belt sushichain. Head office横 浜 市Nishi-wardLocated in. PreviouslyNagano,SaitamaWas headquartered in.

Once the leader in the industry, in 2011SushiroAfter being pulled out byKura Sushi,Hama SushiWas overtaken and fell to the fourth place in the industry. In 4Coro wideHas been acquired by and is trying to rebuild[1].


The origin of the name Kappa Sushi1979Founder Junkazu TokuyamaNagano cityWhen I opened the first store in Nishiwada 1-chome, I thought that the rotation of the conveyor was the same as other stores, so I was turning it by water. That floating appearanceKappaIt was named because it looked like a plate. Also at the beginning (because of the water flow) it was a sushi trough instead of a thin plastic plate.[2][3].

In the past, there were many small stores and there were times when it was sluggish, but it was set up in a store with more seats than a general revolving sushi restaurant, and sushi was 108 yen per dish (tax included.consumption taxSince it was 100 yen before the enforcement, management improved.

Previously, there were stores that were open from 11:2 to 11:23 the next day, but the current business hours are from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX, except for some stores. In addition,New Year's HolidayWill close at 20:22. Normal last order and last entry time is 30:22 or 45:XNUMX. It is open all year round except for renewal work.

No. 2011 in the industry, but in XNUMXSushiroBe overtaken. afterwards,Kura Sushi,Hama SushiIs overtaken and falls to the fourth place in the industry. In the industry, Kappa sushi has become a form of "one person lost", but it is said that the rationalization of management from 4 is due to the reduction of the cost ratio to improve the profit margin. It is said that the bad reputation such as "small" spreads and the customer's foot is far away. The cost of sales ratio was low at 2012% (Q43.7 2014. Sushiro was 48.3% during the same period). Later in 2017, although it increased to 4% in the 6-48.5 period, the number of customers at existing stores continued to decline[1].

2013May 11, 5th in the same industryTochigiUtsunomiya CityHeadquartered inYuanji SushiAnd as early as next yearManagement integrationAnnounced that it will form a business alliance with the assumption that[4][5].. Also on the same date, it is the largest rice wholesaler, the largest shareholder.Shinmei OfMasuo FujioPresident is Genki Sushi President and Chairman and President of Kappa HDHisashi NaoshiBecame president and executive officer[6].

But,2014May 10 OfNihon Keizai ShimbunAfter returning the business integration negotiation with Genki Sushi to a blank paper,Coro widefromTakeover bid(TOB) andThird-party allotmentIn response to this, it was reported that it will be reorganized under the umbrella of Corowide.[7].. The reason behind this is that the management integration negotiations between the two companies, which are currently supported by Shinmei Holding, which has been promoting the integration by the largest shareholders of both companies, did not proceed as expected, the customer base was sluggish, and existing store sales increased It has stated that since the month of March, it has remained below the level of the same month in 2014.[8].. In response to the report, Kappa Create Holdings side said on the same day that "there is no fact decided"[9]Ends business alliance with Genki Sushi on 27th of the same month[10]And the capital tie-up with Shinmei Holding[11].. Officially announced to accept TOB by SPC Kappa, a wholly owned subsidiary of Corowide[12].. same yearMay 12Became a consolidated subsidiary of Corowide as a result of TOB and underwriting of third-party allotment by SPC Kappa[13][14].. On the 17th of the same month, the representative director was replaced by Shigeki Igarashi from Corowide.[15].

2015May 10,Intermediate holding companyKappa Create Holdings Co., Ltd. was merged with Kappa Create Co., Ltd., an operating subsidiary.[16]Changed its name to Kappa Create Co., Ltd.[17].

In June 2017, we introduced an all-you-can-eat test from 6 pm to 2 pm on weekdays, and began offering sushi for 5 yen in November 11.[1][18].


  • 1973(Showa 48) August-Founder Junkazu TokuyamaNaganoNagano cityEstablished Gem Enterprise Co., Ltd.sushiManufacturing and sales ofMister Donut OfFranchiseStart deployment.
  • 1978June (Showa 53)-Gem Enterprise Co., Ltd.'s sushi department became independent,Limited companyEstablished Nagano Foods.
  • 1979(54) August-Kaiten sushi restaurant "Kappa Sushi" opened the first store in Nishiwada, Nagano City, and started chain development.
  • 1983(58)
    • April-From Nagano Foods Co., Ltd. to Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.Company nameChange.
    • August-Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.Organization changeAnd established Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd.
  • 1984(Showa 59) June- Kanto regionAdvance to (SaitamaYashio city)
  • 1988(63)
    • January-Changed the trade name from Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. to Nissin Co., Ltd.
    • 2 month - SaitamaOmiya cityHeadquarters are built and moved to.
  • 1991December 3-Acquired TMT Co., Ltd.Wholly owned subsidiaryAnd later changed its name to Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (first generation).
  • 1992June (4)-Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (first generation) is Nissin Co., Ltd. as a formally surviving company.Absorption merger.
  • 1994(6) June- stockThe over-the-counter registration market (currentlyJasdaq) Published in the store.
  • 1996(8) January-Made Tokutoku Co., Ltd. a handmade udon wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 1999(11) April-"Kappa Sushi" large store opening.
  • 2003(15)
    • Unknown date- Side dishStarted developing the store "Kappa Kitchen".
    • September-corporationFamily houseBusiness and capital tie-up with.
    • May-KG Asset Management Co., Ltd. (later Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (5 generations)) established.
    • 11 month - Tokyo Stock ExchangeIn the second partListing.
  • 2006(18)
  • 2007(19)
    • May 3 -Co., Ltd.ZenshoConcluded a capital and business alliance agreement with
    • May 3 -In accordance with the partnership agreementZenshoAgainstThird-party allotmentAnd Zensho becomes the largest shareholder with 31.09%.
    • May-Sold shares of Tokutoku Co., Ltd. (now F. Delica Tokutoku Co., Ltd.)
    • May 7 - ChugokuBirtheelAbnormality (For details,Imported eel safety issuesDiscontinue sales of "Unagi" and "Unatoro Gunkan". Start selling yakinako at some stores. Currently, only eels are on sale again.
    • May 10 -Co., Ltd.ZenshoFrozen capital and business alliance with
  • 2008(20)
    • May 3 -Of all storesdraft beer・Bin beerGiraffeからSuntorychange to. The price has also increased by about 100 yen.
    • May 4 - HiroshimaAdvance to.
    • May 5 - FukuokaAdvance to.KyusyuFirst advance into the area.
    • August-Acquired additional shares of AM PMM Kansai Co., Ltd. and made it a consolidated subsidiary.
    • May 8 -Co., Ltd.ZenshoOf the capital and business alliance with Kappa Create (first generation) owned by Zensho Co., Ltd.stockAnnounced that 31.09% of 20.59% will be purchased through off-auction own share repurchase transactions.
    • May 8-Kappa Create (first generation) is a corporationZensho OfEquity method affiliateGet out of.
  • 2009(21) June- South KoreaEstablished Kappa Create Korea Co., Ltd.
  • 2010(22) December-Established F. Deli Kappa Co., Ltd.
  • 2011(23)
    • March-Make Japan Fresh Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
    • April-AM・PM・KansaiFamilyMartAbsorbed and merged into[19].
  • 2012(24)
    • May 9 -Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (first generation) changed its name to Kappa Create Holdings Co., Ltd.Holding companyMove to. Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (100nd generation), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kappa Sushi in JapanCompany splitTo take over.
    • October-Established Kappa Create Supply Co., Ltd.
  • 2013(25)
  • 2014(26)
    • May 10 -On the same day, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun was reported to take part in the company's takeover bid from Corowide and to return the business integration negotiation with Genki Sushi to a blank sheet.[7].. In response to the report, Kappa Create Holdings side said, "There is no fact decided"[9].
    • May 10 -Officially announced that it plans to join the company by blanking out the business integration negotiations with Genki Sushi and the tender offer from Corowide[10][11][12].
    • May 12 -SPC Kappa Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corowide, acquired a majority of the shares through a tender offer for the shares and underwriting a third-party allotment. Corowide becomes the parent company.
    • May 12 -Relocated headquarters to Yokohama, Kanagawa (same location as Corowide headquarters).
  • 2015(27)
    • May 5 -Various payment methods for accountingCredit card,Electronic moneyPayment is possible.
    • May 10 -Kappa Create Holdings Co., Ltd. absorbed 100% subsidiary Kappa Create Co., Ltd. (2 generations)[16]Changed name to Kappa Create Co., Ltd.[17].. Kappa Create Supply Co., Ltd. merged with F. Deli Kappa Co., Ltd. and Japan Fresh Co., Ltd., and changed its name to Japan Fresh Co., Ltd.[20].
  • 2016(28)May 10 -Change the corporate logo.
  • 2017(29)
  • 2018(30) March --All shares held by Kappa Create Korea Co., Ltd.Rains InternationalTransfer to


Special menu

The salad warship is a very popular menu, and it is also introduced on the official website. It's a popular menu on the street, and it's said that "Kappa sushi exists for salad warships", especiallyNaganoBoasting great popularity[22]. Fuji Television Network, IncVariety program "Mecha x 2 cool!"soNine Tine OfHiroyuki YabeDeveloped byCorned beefPostedWarship rollWas adopted as a formal menu for a while. This is the Mimata store (GunmaMaebashiIt was taken at the time of the opening of (Mimata Town) and was sold as a menu to commemorate the opening. In addition to sushi, the dessert product "Oka Lemon" was also sold for a limited time. Then, around June 2018, it was re-sold as a limited-time menu under the name of "Resurrection ‼︎ Nostalgic Corned Beef Warship".

Customer service

How to order

Order isTouch panelIt is in the form.

In the touch panel type store, a touch panel type terminal is installed in each seat, and it is possible to operate the terminal separately from the current product and place an order for the product. The ordered products are on the rail called "Express Lane" above the sushi stream.ShinkansenIt is carried on a tray in the shape of. Shinkansen design700 seriesOrN700 seriesThere are many designs likeE5 series,Doctor yellowThere are different designs in stores. It should be noted that some stores have different colors for each seat rather than the "express lane", and some stores are carried in the normal lane with the plate placed on the container showing the color of that seat. is there. Recently, some stores have two-tiered express lanes (upper and lower tiers are 2 lanes).

In addition, a store clerk carries a large number of orders and products that hinder loading on any lane.

At the time of checkout, the clerk comes to check the number of plates by pressing the checkout button or the checkout button displayed on the touch panel.

Payment Method

In the case of accounting, in addition to cash or designated coupons (such as shareholder coupons),VISA,master CardWith credit cards and electronic money such asiD,Rakuten Edy,WAON,Prepaid Transportation Cards,nanaco,Chinese UnionPayIs available at all stores. Also,d pointIs also available at all stores. This is the first major revolving sushi restaurant that handles credit cards, electronic money, and UnionPay at all stores. The development of member stores isMitsui Sumitomo Bank CardWill do.

Store development

Kappa sushi2015(27)May 1Currently, we have 34 stores in 339 prefectures, and the largest store isTokyoNerima-kuNerima store in.Kanto regionAroundTohoku region-Chubu region-KinkiHas many stores inHokkaido-Hokuriku 3 prefectures-ShikokuHas not been opened in theEhime,TokushimaThere were several stores in, but withdrew),Chugoku(Long time agoShimane There was also a withdrawal),Kyusyu(Saga,Miyazaki,KagoshimaNo 3 stores have opened stores. ), the number of stores is small. Also, HokkaidoAbashiriAlso of the same nameKappa SushiThere is a sushi restaurant called, but this is completely unrelated.


The character that appeared in commercials and so on until the corporate logo was changed in October 2016 is the brother and sister Kappa who lives in Kappaya. From July 10, original goods such as plush toys, stationery and toys were born. In addition, dad, mom, and Ryujin-sama will appear on the homepage and mobile phone corners.

Car-kun (Kappa age, 5 years old)
A cheerful, cheerful and bright boy. It's a little bit awkward, but sometimes my sister's older brother, who has a scratch.
Parko-chan (Kappa age, 3 years old)
I'm smart, but I'm not good at sports. A solid and gentle girl who always helps her brother. The shell is heart-shaped.

It hasn't appeared for a while after the change of the corporate logo,2018May 2, Announced the revival of the character. The design has been completely redesigned, and significant changes have been made, such as the body color of Parko-chan becoming pink. Designer is play set products Shiro Nakano[23].

Sponsor activity

group Enterprise

  • Japan Fresh Co., Ltd.-Subsidiary. Conveyor belt sushi business/vendor business.

Former affiliated company

  • Ltd.Family house -Held 59.2% of the shares, but sold the shares in September 2007.
  • Tokutoku Co., Ltd.-Hold 28.42% of the shares, but sold the shares in May 2007.
  • AM・PM・Kansai -Held 90% of the shares, but April 2011FamilyMartMerged with.
  • Kappa Create Korea Co., Ltd. --Conveyor belt sushi business.He held 80% of the shares, but sold the shares in March 2018.


  • 2007(19) In connection with the announcement of the partnership with Zensho on March 3,Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) employees were revealed to have been engaged in illegal trading of stocks. For more informationInsider trading case by NHK staffSee.
  • 2012Than,MINI STOPとCocostoreIn some of the, collaboration products with Kappa Sushi have appeared. There is a dedicated lunch box corner that sells sushiPOPIs also deployed. Onceam / pmOperated by Kappa Create as a Kansai region franchiseeAM・PM・KansaiBut there was a collaboration product with Kappa Sushi,FamilyMartSales had ended due to the complete closing of the store due to the management integration, but now it is restarting. It is also sold at Family Marts other than Kansai. Even after the corporate logo was changed in October 2016, the old logo is still used.
  • In 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa), President of Kappa CreateKoki TanabeHas been a group company of Zensho Holdings, which was his previous job, for two months from November 2020 when he became an advisor to the company.Hama SushiAssuming that you received sales data from Zensho's former colleagueMetropolitan Police Department TheUnfair Competition Prevention LawIt was reported on July 2021, 6 that a search for the house of the Kappa Create headquarters was conducted on June 28, 7 on suspicion of violation.[24].

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