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🧁 | Melon de melon Hamamatsu station square store | Popular melon bread store inevitably lined up


Melon de melon Hamamatsu station square store | Popular melon bread store inevitably lined up

If you write the contents roughly
This melon bread is recommended for those who like moistness compared to plain.

I went to the popular melon bread shop "Melon de melon" in front of Hamamatsu station ... → Continue reading


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Melon bread

Bread > Sweet bread > Melon bread

Melon breadIs from JapanSweet breadKind of.BreadSweet on the doughBiscuitCloth(ク ッ キ ーIt is bread baked on top of the dough.

The biscuit dough is so thick that it does not cover other breads and covers a wide area, and is said to be the most distinctive feature of this bread. mainlySpindle shapeTypes ofRoundTypes and other types.. KinkiShikoku regionPart ofChugokuIn some of the round melon breadSunriseThere is a habit of calling[Note 1].

Origin of the name

Of the nameOriginThere are several theories as below, and it is unknown which is correct.

In addition, latermelonThere are also products that add the above to the raw materials, but this is an example of the style catching up with the name.nameIt has nothing to do with the reason why.



1910ToArmenianFrench baker, Ivan Sagoyan, baked goods in FranceGaletteThere is a theory that it was invented based on.Manchuria OfHarbinFrom Hotel New HarbinKihachiro Okura Imperial HotelIvan Sagoyan pulled out toRussian Empire OfRomanov EmperorBecause he was a former court cook ofFrench breadViennaWind bread(GermanyBread) I was familiar with both recipes. It is said that melon bread was born from the Russian tradition of combining various techniques and textures of bread.[4].

In addition, a new sweet bread made by Kikuji Sandaikawa, the owner of Komagome KimurayaUtility modelThe registration (Showa 5) is similar to the current melon bread in manufacturing method and shape, and there is a theory that this is the root. otherAmericaCame into Japan viaメキシコConfectioneryConcha"German confectionery"(German versionIt is also said. Also,Hong Kong,TaiwanIsWrapping bagThere is a bread very similar to melon bread called "(pineapple bread)", and it is thought that it has the same origin.

Spindle-shaped melon bread

Coop KobeAccording to the 1952 baker of the Kobe Consumers Union, the predecessor of the union,Omelette riceIt is said that the spindle-shaped melon pan started when I saw the cap for it. Unlike the circular ones, do not use biscuit dough,margarineAddedWhite bean pasteContains[5][6].Western foodThe melon bread at this time was made by baking it with the food type used to mold the rice used in stores.AlmondLike split verticallySpindle shapeI was doing There are several grooves on the surface of the biscuit dough on top, and this shape is a variant of melon and was sold as "melon" at that timeMakuwauriIt came to be called melon bread because of its resemblance to.Kobe,京都Items sold at etc. have white bean paste inside[7].ReiwaEven if it becomes, the spindle-shaped type with white bean paste is manufactured and sold, and it is also sold at retail stores such as supermarkets in Osaka prefecture, including those mass-produced at factories in Hyogo prefecture and those with biscuits dough. There are many examples[Source required].

HiroshimaKureThen,Second World WarFrom before,custard creamMelon bread with the inside is also made[8]. AlsoShowa11 years(1936) Founded Kure City's long-established bread shop "Melonpan"[9]From the interview with, once the commercial cooking utensil "Melon type" (Western foodIt's made of metal and has a spindle-shaped rice removal mold to mold the rice to be added to the lunch ofPopular name)Bread doughSince it was molded, it is presumed that it was named melon bread.[10].

Circular melon bread

In the 1930s,sunriseImitating the shape ofRoundBread with biscuit dough on top,SunriseWas born[11].. Kinseido's Kure branch, which has its head office in Kobe,Warship flagIt was called Sunrise because it had radial lines. Since it is easier to attach a grid line than a radial line, it became the present shape. As this became popular, the traditional spindle-shaped melon bread gradually disappeared. Also,Taisho eraTo enter thecantaloupeWhen is imported into Japan, the word "melon" is associated with the round muskmelon. Although the sunrise and the above melon bread were different, the sunrise, which is similar in shape to the muskmelon, was also confused and came to be called melon bread. A major bakery company followed suit, changing what it used to produce under the name of Sunrise to melon bread.

After 2000, using a carA stallThe number of specialty stores demonstrating and selling only circular melon bread using the method is increasing.[12].

Kinki(OsakaAt some stores (excluding regions), both round sunrise and spindle-shaped melon bread are still manufactured and sold. Also, in Kobe and Kyoto, many people call sunrise "Sunrice".[13].

On the other hand,Andersen,The little mermaidHas its head office in Hiroshima, so "Sunrise" is sold.

Other melon bread (other forms)

In addition, varieties of melon bread centered on circular ones are being made one after another, and some of them have nothing to do with the shape of the melon.rectangleMelon breads in the shape of oval or oval have also appeared.Mount FujiThere is also a type of melon bread.In addition, although the biscuit dough is placed on the surface, there are many that do not have an image of the pattern on the surface of the melon, such as parallel lines.In addition, there is a "cameron bread" with a head, limbs, and tail because it is easy to imagine a turtle shell with a circular object and it is easy to match words.


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注 釈

  1. ^ This is because the first round melon bread was named Sunrise.[1].


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