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🧁 | The representative from Japan is that sweet!Thorough commentary on the "sweets of the world" that appeared in the new movie "Notting Hill Pastry Shop"!

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The representative from Japan is that sweet!Thorough commentary on the "sweets of the world" that appeared in the new movie "Notting Hill Pastry Shop"!

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, "Pierre Hermé", which made Ispahan, also sells chocolate-coated orange sweets called "Orangette".

Recently, it has become possible to easily purchase various sweets, but there are still unknown sweets in the world ... → Continue reading


Maijitsu is a web media that introduces a little behind-the-scenes information about the entertainment world, hidden faces of celebrities, and crying and laughable stories on the Internet as "a little nice story" "actually a ○○ story".
It publishes about 10 articles every day, and is mainly supported by men and women in their 30s and 40s who are concerned about rumors of entertainers!

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List of species of the genus Rose

In this section, List of species of the genus RoseI will explain about.There are various theories about the number of species of the genus Rose, and while some species are so similar that they can be regarded as variants of one species, some species of the same species are so different that they seem to be different species.It is estimated that there are at least 360 species of Rose[1].

Subgenus or node

The genus Rose is divided into four subgenus.

  • Subgenus Frutemia Hulthemia(Old nameSimplicifoliaeMeans monoplane)-Inhabiting Southwest Asia (R. persica)R. berberifolia (Syn. R. persica there. berberifolia) Applies.Both are rare in the genus Rose, not compound leaves托 葉It is a species that does not have.
  • Subgenus Hesperodes Hesperrhodos(Scientific name means Western rose in Greek) --As a species belonging to this subgenus(English edition)と(English edition)Inhabit the southwestern part of the North American continent.
  • Rosa hirtula subgenus (Platyrhodon ) --Sanshobara inhabiting East Asia (R. roxburghii) Only.
  • Subgenus rose RoseAll rose species other than the above are applicable and are further divided into 11 sections.
    • Lady Banks' rose Banksianae – A rose of Chinese origin with white or yellow flowers.
    • Kakayanbara section Bracteatae – There are three species, two of which live in China and the other one in India.
    • Dog rose section Caninae – Roses native to Asia / Europe and North Africa with pink or white flowers
    • Carolina section Carolinae – Roses with white, pink or lighter pink flowers,North AmericaInhabits the whole area
    • Koshinbara section Chinensis – White, pink, yellow, red or these colored mottled flowering roses inhabiting China and Myanmar
    • Gallicanae Gallicanae -Pink or crimson roses that live from West Asia to Europe
    • Gymnocarpae – A knot made to distinguish it from rose hips.this house,(English edition)Inhabits the western part of North America, while other species inhabit East Asia.
    • Rosa laevigata section Laevigatae – Inhabits China.
    • (English edition)Pimpinellifoliae – White, pink, bright yellow or mottled flowering roses of these colors inhabiting Asia and Europe
    • Hamanasu section or Kinna momea section Rose (syn. sect. Cinnamomeae) -White, pink, light purple, red-purple or red-flowering species, distributed all over the world except North Africa.
    • Neubara section Synstylae – Among the roses distributed all over the world, those with white, pink or red flowers

Main species

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