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🧁 | What is your fortune next year?"Ushi-nen no Omikuji Baum" is released from Ryugetsu, who is familiar with Mikata Roku.


What is your fortune next year?Released "Omikuji Baum of the Year of the Cow" from Ryugetsu, who is familiar with Mikata Roku

If you write the contents roughly
Why don't you enjoy the new year with "Omikuji Baum of the Year of the Cow"?

A long-established store in Tokachi, familiar with "Anbatasan", which is the focus of attention in the morning drama, and "Sampo Roku", the original moist firewood-type Baumkuchen. → Continue reading

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A regional revitalization co-creation platform created by people who love Hokkaido. We will convey the charm of food, culture, industry, climate, and people.

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Yang Child寅辰NoonSignXu
陰丑卯巳Not yetRooster亥

丑(Cow, Chu)ZodiacOne of.It is usually counted second in the zodiac.



  • The year of the ox isADIs divided by 12, and 5 is left over.
  • The moon of OxOld calendarDecember (generallyNew year1).
  • The time of ox is about 2 hours around 2:4 am. "Ox" (Ushimitsu) divides the time of the ox into four minutes, and the time corresponding to the third, that is, from about 3:2 am to about 2:30 am, and the vegetation also sleeps. The eaves of the house were said to be 3 inches lower, and it was thought that it was a suitable time for monsters to jump.
  • The ox is 30 ° to the right of the north standard (slightly north of the northeast, slightly east of the northeast, and slightly north of the northeast).direction.
  • 五行Toke[1][2]Or water[3].
  • Is seriousMyself, Cerebral apocalypseXin, I have a feelingMoxibustion.
  • 陰陽Is a shadow.


"KanjiAccording to the Ritsukei-shi, ox is a "string" (chu: meaning "string" and "karamu").It is said to represent a state in which buds are formed in the seeds and cannot grow yet, and it is also called a hieroglyph with fingers bent into a hook shape to twist or knit threads.

Animal cows were assigned to make it easier to remember later.

There is a quote in the market saying, "Tatsumi ceiling, falling at the end of the horse, patience, roostering. It is commonly said to be a paragraph[4].

Zodiac signs including ox

Bronze ox head.JPG


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