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🍽 | "It's delicious just by looking at it ...!" The long-awaited recipe book from the buzzing cooking video Tasty is here!

Photo Tasty Japan #Buzz rice BEST50 (Shogakukan)

"It's delicious just by looking at it ...!" The long-awaited recipe book from the buzzing cooking video Tasty is here!

If you write the contents roughly
A recipe that has been played 172 million times with the proposal of turning the usual dumplings into cute flowers.

The year-end and New Year holidays when you want to eat delicious food and have a good time.Even though I have more time than usual, I think about the time and effort of cooking ... → Continue reading

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Cute flowers

"Cute flowers(Cute Hana, Petite Fleur)1959Announced inThe PeanutDebut song.An original composed and recorded by Sidney Bechet (American)coverIt is a song that was played.It was novel in Japan at that timePop musicMusical music (in JapanJapanese popsIt is also called), and it is also a hit song during the period when pop and rock increased in the music genre.In addition to The Peanuts, he also covered Chris Barbers Jazz Band, Acker Bilk, Peanuts Hucko and others.The Peanuts Hucko cover is titled "Small Flowers".


19592/11, The Peanuts released this song when they made their debut as a singer.The original song was by American jazz musician Sidney BechetFranceIn "Petite Fleur", which was composed when he went to Japan, the peanut single was given the Japanese title of "Cute Flower".

It became a hit as soon as the record was released in May of the same year, and as of July, it recorded sales of over 5 copies.[1].Peggy Hayamaof"Leaving Tosa Nankoku"Frank NagaiAlong with "Chaco disappeared in the night fog", it is said to be a hit song that represents the first half of 1959 in record sales.[1].

1967There is also a re-recorded version after changing the tune around that time.In this re-recorded version, the tune has changed significantly. There was also a version that was considerably arranged, such as calling "Petit Fleur" repeatedly ("Night hit studio』Broadcast in).

In addition, "NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Has never been sung.However, it was the day of retirement19754/5of"The Peanuts Goodbye Performance], The opening and ending (encore) were sung twice.At this time at the openingYumi ItoThere was also a happening that he misunderstood it as a full chorus and made a mistake in the lyrics (my sister's)Emi ItoWas singing as usual).

The original version is "Youth Song YearbookIt is also recorded in "'50s omnibus" (the second final track).

Lyricist / Composer

Recording artist


The subject of this songKayo movieBut,195911/11ToNikkatsuPublished in the system.MonochromeNikkatsu ScopeHowever, the screening time is 49 minutes, so-calledSPIt's a movie.

The content is until the twins of the farewell debut in the entertainment world, and the "twin of the farewell" isErich KestnerMasterpiece "Two LotteIs the same as "The Peanuts starring later"Me and me』(1962Toho.Toshio SugieIt is also diverted to the director).

The Peanuts will be next1960Public song movie "Flower of passion』Also appear.

ス タ ッ フ

  • Planning:
  • script:Futazo Takahashi
  • Supervision:
  • Photo: Isamu Kakita
  • Art: Yoichiro Nishi
  • musics:Nakamura Hachidai
  • Recording: Toshio Nakamura
  • Lighting: Isamu Takahashi
  • Edited by: Mutsuo Tanji


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  1. ^ a b "Is the record world in the second half of the year still in full swing?" "Yomiuri Shimbun] Evening, December 1959, 7, page 25.

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