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🍺 | Helios Sake Brewery opens online shop Nishiwaga / Sawauchi Brewery

Photo Top page of the official online shop opened by Helios Sake Brewery Sawauchi Brewery

Helios Sake Brewery Opens Online Shop Nishiwaga / Sawauchi Brewery

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For the time being, it will sell beer produced at Sawauchi Brewery and sweets from business establishments participating in the local brand "Yukino Chikara" in the town.

Helios Sake Brewery (Headquarters: Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, Representative Director Ryo Matsuda) can purchase products manufactured at the Sawauchi Brewery in Nishiwaga Town ... → Continue reading

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Regional brands

Regional brands(Chiiki brand) is a collection of various regional images that consumers perceive when the region is viewed mainly from the economic aspect.

This term is used in the field of management or marketing.brandIt is a concept derived from "", and has the same system as "product brand" and "corporate brand".dynamicshave.

Therefore, not only real things such as special products and tourist spots are called regional brands, but intangible assets such as place names and terrain that are associated with images such as "food looks delicious" and "the sea is beautiful" are called regional brands. Sometimes, the concept is broad.


Typical regional brands are manufactured using fresh specialties such as vegetables, fruits, fish and meat produced in a specific area, as well as such special materials and traditional techniques.manufactured foodIt is a brand of products such as hot springs and resorts provided in a specific area.A typical such brand is a brand name in which a region name and a product / service name are linked.


The geographical extent to which a brand is associated spans different levels.Sometimes it refers only to mackerel landed in a specific port, and sometimes it refers to vegetables produced in all prefectures.Even with the same brand about cows, "Matsuzaka beefIs the level of the municipality (over multiple) and "Omi beef"Is different from the prefecture level and geographical range.

Even a brand that does not include a region name can function as a regional brand if it reminds us of a connection with a specific region.For exampleOx tongueThe food is famous as a specialty of Sendai City, and "Taiyo no Tamago" is from Miyazaki prefecture.mangoKnown as the brand of.

In addition, even a region name that is not tied to a specific product or service may function as a regional brand.For example, "OkinawaIs functioning as an overall brand of special products produced there and services such as tourism provided. "GinzaIs not only the number one commercial area in Japan, but also a social gathering place for adults at night and an image of an entertainment city such as movies, and is a regional brand that offers various values.

The policy aimed at promoting regional brands includes trademark protection and promotion projects.

The trademark system that protects trademarks that are concretely expressed in letters and figures and attached to goods and services is a typical system that legally protects brands. In April 2006Trademark lawHas been revised and enforcedLocal collective trademark systemWas provided.Trademarks that combine "region names" and "product / service names", which were previously recognized only in special cases such as being famous nationwide, have become more widely recognized.For this reason, there is a misunderstanding that regional brand = regional collective trademark, but regional brand does not mean only the trademark registered as a regional collective trademark.

As a promotion project, in addition to new brand development that is being carried out as a consignment project from the Small and Medium Business Administration to the Chamber of Commerce, it was enforced in June 2007.Law on promotion of business activities by SMEs utilizing local industrial resources(SME Regional Resource Utilization Promotion Law), Agricultural, forestry and fishery products, mining and industrial products and their production technology, tourism resources that are characteristic of the regionRegional resourcesA policy has also been introduced in which small and medium-sized enterprises formulate business plans that utilize local resources, provide various support after examination and certification, and foster local brands.In addition, various types of support have been proposed by local governments and chambers of commerce.

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