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☕ | Hamaru Stone Kiln Cafe | Lunch at the exquisite stone kiln pizza baked by the owner who likes surfing!


Hamaru Ishigama Cafe | Lunch at the exquisite stone kiln pizza baked by the owner who likes surfing!

If you write the contents roughly
If you add chili sauce, it will taste different, so this is also recommended.

Hamaru Ishigama Cafe is located right next to Ishihitonohoshi Park in Nakatajima, Minami-ku.Trailer house and log house style ... → Continue reading


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chili sauce

chili sauce(Chili sauce) isTomato,SpicesUsedソ ー スKind of.Japanese food standard composition tableChili sauce and chili pepper sauce are different[1].


Chili sauce is made by roughly crushing tomatoes for processing, removing the skin, and concentrating them.Salt, Spices,Vinegar,sugarA sauce that has been seasoned with other ingredients[1].Fried food OfSauceAsAsiaIn addition to being often used in the areasalad OfdressingIt is also popular as.

Chili sauceJapanese Agricultural StandardAccording to (JAS), it is classified as processed tomato products, and it is classified as a product with a soluble solid content of 25% or more.[1].

The chili sauce classified as processed tomato products and the chili pepper sauce classified as pungent seasonings are different (in the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan, chili pepper sauce is classified as 17005 and chili sauce is classified as 17038).[1].TabascoChili pepper sauce such as is a seasoning that is fermented by mixing strong spicy pepper and salt with vinegar.[1].

Chili isLatin AmericaIt refers to the native pepper (chili pepper).

North America(アメリカ合衆国,カナダ) And what is called "Chile"Chili con carneIn many cases, it has a different meaning from chili sauce in Asia.


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