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🍴 | I want to eat as many times as I want!7 MUJI "excellent curries" that I'm glad I bought this year

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I want to eat as many times as I want!7 MUJI "excellent curries" that I'm glad I bought this year

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And it has a rich taste that makes the best use of the sweetness of coconut milk.

Curry is delicious at MUJI!Here are 7 recommended MUJI curries with Dodon!For those who like spicy food ... → Continue reading

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Coconut milk

Coconut milk(OrCoconut milk,English: coconut milk) Is maturecoconut OfseedInside the, solid formed in layersendospermGot from, sweetmilkFood ingredients.


After boiling the grated coconut solid endosperm with water over low heatBack strainerAnd coarsegauzeSqueeze with a cloth such as

A watery liquid collected in the center of coconut seeds, that is, liquid endospermCoconut juice) Is completely different fromBiologyStudy of plantsTissue culture OfCulture mediumWhen using this liquid endosperm, it is confusing because the name "coconut milk" is used. There is also coconut milk made using coconut juice and solid endosperm instead of water.[Note 1]


Coconut milk is a lot熱 帯It is a very common ingredient used in cooking, especiallySoutheast Asia(Thailand,Malaysia,Sri LankaEtc.) orPolynesiaIs often used in. Generally canned thingsfrozenWhat you have done is for sale. Frozen productsFlavorIs maintained for a relatively long time, and the unique flavor of coconut iscurryAnd othersSpicesIn most cases, it goes well with well-cooked dishes, so be careful with the freshness when using it for cooking. Depending on the product, thick solids may separate and float on the can. this isCoconut creamIt is called, and may be used as a material depending on the dish. Shake well before opening the can to make it even.カ メ ル ー ンThen.pilafIs mixed in.

Once opened, cans of coconut milk should be refilled in bags, frozen, and used up early. If left open at room temperature, it will be damaged immediately,aciditycoming out.

タ イ 料理

In Thailand, many households grow coconuts in their backyards and so on. At home, coconut solid endosperm is scraped with a special tool, and water is added and squeezed three times. The first coconut milk is fairly thick, the second (so-called "second squeeze") is moderately light, and the third is even thinner. When boiling a dish, first use the squeezed coconut milk, and when finishing the dish, adjust the concentration by adding an appropriate amount of the thick coconut milk squeezed the first time.

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  • (en)-Caribbean-style bean rice.
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  • Haupia -It smells like coconut milkjellyStatepudding.
  • - TaroAnd steamed the coconut milkYokanSweets like.
  • Luau -Meat, fish and taro leaves stewed in coconut milk.

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注 釈

  1. ^ Coconut juicebody fluidSince the ingredients are close and the inside of coconut is basically sterile,DehydrationWhen you wake upDripForPhysiological salineIt was actually used as an intravenous drip when there was no such thing.

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