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🍽 | Gen Hoshino surprised Yui Aragaki! What kind of food did you make with Aragaki in mind !?


Gen Hoshino surprises Yui Aragaki! What is the dish made with Aragaki in mind !?

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A popular project by cooking enthusiast Remi Hirano, Hoshino challenges the making of inserts into Aragaki.

"Ningen Observation Variety Monitoring" is being broadcast on TBS every Thursday from 8 o'clock.Today is the first time in the new year ... → Continue reading

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Remi Hirano

Remi Hirano(Hirano Remi 1947May 3 -) isJapan OfCuisinemania,talent,Chansonsinger.. My real name isRemi Wada(Wadaremi).The maiden name is Hirano.


TokyoTaitobirth,ChibaMatsudo-shiGrow up in.GrandfatherJapanese art historyAt homeLawyer OfHenry Pike Bowie.. My fatherFrench literary OfImao Hirano.. My husbandIllustrator,Essayist,Film director OfMakoto Wada.. The eldest sonTRICERATOPS OfSho Wada..The eldest son's wife is an actressUeno Juri..My second son's wife is a model and a food education instructorAsuka Wada..My cousin runs a talk live houseYu Hirano.

He is active mainly in cooking programs, but he is very excited from beginning to end and is characterized by his quick breathing.The bright character is also appearing as a "cooking researcher" or "cooking enthusiast" in variety shows (cooking corner in the program).

Disney distribution movie released in 2007 "Remy's Delicious RestaurantIn the promotion of "Cooking Goodwill Ambassador" in Japan.

Michiko ShimizuHe is also one of the impersonator repertoires ofHello from Studio Park』(Originally, there are family friends including her husband Wada).Shimizu was amazed at the runaway behavior of the plains, but there was one act that admired the talent of comedy as "a wonderful human resource".[2].

"Today's dishesFrom the free-spirited behavior and the idea of ​​strange cooking, such as "Live (walk) broadcast accidentIs called ("Crazy foodIs also nicknamed).


Tokyo Metropolitan Ueno High SchoolDropout[3] rear,Bunka GakuinStudent,Yoshiko SatoToChansonAnd made his debut as a singer at the Japan Airlines Music Salon.

In due timeTBS RadioThe director of the TBS radio program "Go to Kinkin Kenken's! KayokyokuIn the program corner "Music Caravan" that is broadcast live from stores such as supermarkets in Tokyo and the Kanto region.Kume HiroshiActive in combination with.According to Hirano's recollection, Hirano and the newcomer promotion book of the record company distributed to the director of the radioMari HenmiIt is said that the director originally contracted with Hirano with the intention of contracting with Henmi because the photos of the above were replaced and printed.[4].

It was installed in a vehicle that accompanied a TBS radio car (relay vehicle) in which general viewers in the program participated, and a microphone for broadcasting was installed in the speaker part.jukeboxIn a game where the song played by the "song number" of the jukebox selected by the program is "male singer or female singer?", Hirano repeatedly shouts for a short time until the intro of the song is played and the correct answer is known. "Will there be a man! Will there be a woman!"Was a hot topic at the time.Also during the live broadcast"Hey Kume-san, for this can (in return for listeners)VetconIs it true that it contains meat? "When he said that, Kume immediately hit his head with a microphone, kicked his leg and was silenced, and every time he looked back on that time, he said, "I was paired with a ridiculous guy." I remember while laughing.

Makoto Wada, an illustrator who was listening to the program, fell in love with the plains, and in 1972 he met Wada and got married on the 10th.At first, Wada asked Kume, who was a mahjong companion, to introduce Hirano, but Kume seriously refused, "I will never introduce you, such a tooth! It can't be helped !!".According to Kume's recollection, to be precise, "that person should definitely quit. I'll shake my life."Kume did not slander the plains, but was swayed by her freewheeling work and had a hard time, so she was afraid that Wada would resent her for the rest of her life. ..Therefore, when Wada had no choice but to ask the director of TBS Radio, he said, "I can introduce you, but I'm not responsible."[5][6].

After getting married, he was devoted to childcare and housewifery for a while, but he began to focus on home cooking research and began to play an active part on the front stage again as a "cooking enthusiast" who is not a cooking researcher.This is due to the influence of parents' love of delicious food.Hirano himself has a tongue, and according to Kume, when he had lunch at a food shop on the way for "Music Caravan", he said "It's not good!" If it doesn't taste as expected. It is said that Kume was always overwhelmed because he spoke out.On the other hand, if the taste exceeds expectations, he praised it enough to enter the kitchen and ask the cook to shake hands.

The first appearance on a cooking program was NHK's "Today's dishes』.The dish that was treated in the first broadcast episode was stir-fried beef and tomato, and because the tomato material was squeezed by hand and cooked, many complaints were received.[7]..Later, this dish was released on the same NHK program over the years.Your name], The cooking method is introduced again as it was at that time.If you finish cooking within 20 minutes in "20 minutes for dinner" in the broadcast,ChansonTaking advantage of his special skills as a singer, he has earned a shaku by singing original songs in his spare time.

He continues to be a singer, and in the 90's he was in charge of the theme song for TV animation, and occasionally appeared in concerts.

Remipan / Remipan Plus

Multi-function jointly developed with Odashima Co., Ltd.pot"Hirano Remi no Nabe Do! Remi Pan" (hereinafter ""Remi bread") Is often used for cooking.Remi breadFluororesinProcessed flat bottomaluminumPot or deepA frying panAnd there is a variable steam hole in the lid.The lid handle also functions as a lid stand.In addition, Remi bread may be presented as a free gift in the cooking corner where Hirano serves as a judge.To the main supporters of RemipanYuzo GutchThere is.Cumulative sales will reach 150 million units.

To the designerFumie ShibataNew Remipan "Remipan Plus"[8]Released on March 2016, 3.We have developed and adopted a handle with a built-in magnet so that tools such as chopsticks and spatulas, which had been difficult to place during cooking, can be temporarily placed on the handle of a frying pan.

Other products

  • My harmony[9](Universal Dashi Pack)
  • zipron[10](Towel integrated apron)


  • Mrs.remy's Touch Food-A food education app that you can play and learn[11]


Main appearance program

Past appearance programs

Many others




  • Bayon of Temptation (1970,Columbia Records)
  • Rock that is a little worrisome (1971, Columbia Records)
  • For Our Bright Future (1972, Columbia Records)
  • Con! Con! (1972, Columbia Records)
    • A competition with the B-side song "Kamonegi Ondo" (Nakagawa version is called "Kamonegi Ondo"). In 1975Peace Katsuji and Dark HorseChanged some lyrics to coverYoko NagisaWas also covered by the 2016 album "Nagisa Strat".
  • Little ghost song / no ghost
  • Yakushi (consignment production)
  • Why (March 1977,Toshiba,Eisuke RyosukeCo-star)


  • Let me know-Chanson de Remi (1988, XNUMX)Bandai・ Music Entertainment)
  • Small Earth Makoto Wada / Song Picture Book Small Earth (Makoto Wada / Lyrics / Composer, Guest Singer / Guest SingerChinatsu Nakayama, Record: 1977, CD: October 1997, 10)
  • My trip (November 2006, 11,)


Major books

  • "Remi Hirano's selfish rice" (2016, Takarajimasha)ISBN 9784800264442
  • "Remi Hirano's new 140-character recipe" (2016, Fusosha Publishing)ISBN 9784594074586
  • "My harmony[17](2016, Natsumesha)
  • "Hirano Remi's Happy Recipe[18](2015, Jiyu Kokuminsha)
  • "Remi Hirano and Asuka's" Daughter-in-law's Rice Story "[19](2015, Seven & i Publishing)
  • "De Remi's Childhood Song" (1977, Cultural Publishing Bureau, 1984, Chuokoron-sha)
  • "Remi Hirano Cooking Tournament" (1986, Kodansha)
  • "Remi Hirano Cooking Parade" (1992, Kodansha)
  • "Remi Hirano's Apron Notebook" (1995, Cultural Publishing Bureau)
  • "Remi Hirano's Delicious Classroom" (1996, Japan Broadcast Publishing Association)
  • "Smile is a feast" (1997, Kodansha)
  • "Hirano Remi's Happy Making and Happy Eating" (1998,SHUFUNOTOMO)
  • "Remi Hirano's Feast Recipe" (1999,Shogakukan)
  • "Remi Hirano, a side dish shop with a spirited seal" (1999, Cultural Publishing Bureau)
  • "Remi Hirano, seemingly gorgeous" (2000,Kodansha)
  • "Remi Hirano's rice is the best!" (2000, Kodansha)
  • "Awkward Two People" (Interview with Koki Mitani, Appeared as a Guest, Kadokawa Bunko)


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