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🍴 | Meiji, new release of the series' first sweets flavor "Melty Kiss Melting Mont Blanc"


Meiji, new release of the series' first sweets flavor "Melty Kiss Melting Mont Blanc"

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This is the first sweet flavor of the "Melty Kiss" box type.

In the Meiji era, "Melty ..." will be the first sweet flavor from the winter limited chocolate "Melty Kiss" series. → Continue reading

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Meltykiss(Melty Kiss)Meiji Co., Ltd.Available in winter onlyチ ョ コ レ ー トThe name of the brand. 1992Released.


Meiji Seika was the first in Japan to release chocolate that cannot be sold during the summer when temperature control is difficult, with the themes of "I want you to eat chocolate at the most delicious time" and "Mouth melting like snow". did.

Product lineup

  • Melty Kiss Creamy Chocolat
  • Melty Kiss 3 cacao
  • Melty Kiss Rare cacao
  • Melty Kiss Melting Caramel Chocolat
  • Melty Kiss Dark Matcha
  • Melty kiss dark strawberry
  • Melty Kiss Fruity Dark Strawberries
  • Melty kiss fragrant milk
  • Melty Kiss Scorched Milk
  • Melty Kiss Franboise
  • Melty Kiss Slim Kiss Melting White
  • Melty Kiss Almond Caramelize
  • Melty Kiss Ajiwai Uji Matcha
  • Melty Kiss Premium Chocolat
  • Melty Kiss Scented Kinako
  • Melty Kiss Umami Matcha
  • Melty Kiss Gianduja
  • Melty Kiss Royal Milk Tea
  • Melty Kiss Kuchidoke Rum & Raisins
  • Melty Kiss A cake soaked in Western liquor
  • Melty Kiss Dark
  • Melty Kiss Pyramid
  • Melty Kiss Vanilla White
  • Melty Kiss Fragrant Matcha
  • Melty Kiss Cacao Style Mild Bitter
  • Melty Kiss Cacao Style Fragrant Franboise
  • Melty Kiss Kuchidoke Brandy & Orange
  • Melty Kiss Nutty Chocolat
  • Melty Kiss Yuzu

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