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💴 | What is the appropriate price for a car for your annual income?Is it okay for a single mother with an annual income of about 400 million to buy 300 million cars?


What is the proper price for a car for your annual income?Is it okay for a single mother with an annual income of about 400 million to buy 300 million cars?

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You could consider lowering your budget or choosing a car leasing.

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Car lease

Car leaseorAuto lease(Auto Leasing) IsAutomobileTheleaseIt is to be.


Car rentalIt does not lend to an unspecified number of people like the above, but lends it for a certain period by a long-term contract. The hiragana of the registration number is not "wa" or "re"Private carNot distinguished from. There is no distinction between the appearance and interior of a privately-owned car, but since the leasing company finances the car,Vehicle inspection certificateThe above “owner” and ownership are the leasing companies, and “user” is the name of the lessee (contractor). The "location of use base" is the location of the contractor.

A simple comparison between purchase and lease shows that the lease is higher by the amount that the leasing company's fee is added, but mainly because it has the following advantages.CompanyIt is used in. Since the latter half of the 1990s, leases for individuals have also been started.

Reasons for corporate accounting

When you buy a car at a companyFixed assetAccounted forFixed costBe treated. On the other hand, if you introduce a car by leasingRentWill be treated as In general, if fixed costs increase, the flexibility of the balance sheet will be lost and the corporate constitution will deteriorate, so there is an advantage that fixed assets can be reduced by using automobiles that do not directly contribute to production as current costs.

Reduction of operation management labor

Due to the nature of automobiles, if the vehicle is inspected or tax is not paid, you cannot get on the vehicle (corporate activity will be delayed). As a result, vehicle management becomes troublesome. So the car owner should do,

Car leasing is an advantage in that the leasing company does the above to eliminate the hassle of vehicle management by the contractor.

AutomobileVoluntary insuranceFor, you can ask the leasing company, or you can contract in-house.

Finance leasing

Auto loanIf you buy "lease treatment" instead of, it becomes a finance lease. The user is required to maintain the vehicle and pay the automobile tax. You can move the fixed cost portion of your balance sheet into a floating cost.

Maintenance lease

The leasing company takes care of all necessary maintenance, breakdowns, and vehicle inspection procedures. The automobile tax is also paid by the leasing company (added to the lease fee). There is no burden on the user side even if there is a necessary legal inspection, vehicle inspection, or large-scale maintenance, and it is the burden of the lease company that owns the leased vehicle (excluding accidental repairs). Since costs (almost all) other than fuel costs are borne by the leasing company, costs related to vehicles (which do not directly contribute to production) can be fixed. Auto leasing companies partnergas stationIn some cases, the accounts receivable cards that can be used in the vehicle are attached to the leased vehicle, and the costs related to the maintenance and management of the vehicle are unified, and the accounting process becomes relatively easy.

Leasing for individuals

Unlike corporate contracts, the above advantages are not so great, but products are being developed that have the advantage of reducing the temporary economic burden when purchasing a new car.

As an example, the lease period is 3 years, the purchase cost of the car (new car) and the maintenance and inspection cost of 3 years, taxes,Liability insuranceLeasing fees (interest3 years from the sum ofResidual value(Trade-in)Expected amountThe amount that is subtracted from is divided and paid every month. Since the estimated remaining value after 3 years is subtracted in advance, the entire vehicle price will be equalized.InstallmentNormal to repayAuto loanMonthly payment will be less than that of tying up. However, if the loan is paid off, it becomes your property/property,Returned to the leasing company after the lease term endsMust be done and does not become the property of the contractor. At the end of the contract period, the following options can usually be selected.

  • Make a new lease contract and switch to a new car. The previous leased car is returned without paying the remaining value in principle.
  • Purchase the remaining value and use it as your own car. (However, a fee (interestEquivalent)Compound interestSince it is recorded in, the total payment amount will be higher than the auto loan as a result of purchasing the residual value + commission. )
  • Extend the lease period (3 years for a 2-year contract, etc.) and continue using the car. (If the initial expected residual value finally falls due to the lapse of time due to extension, the total payment tends to be higher than in auto loans.)

It is not necessary to prepare a down payment such as a down payment when purchasing a car, it is suitable for those who always want to ride the latest car, but when the car is rough and damaged more than expected, at the end of the lease period The residual value of may fall below the planned amount, in which case the difference must be paid at one time.

At the beginning of the late 1990s and early 2000s when personal leases appeared,car dealerThere was a time when the same product by a car maker credit company that could contract with was spread instead of auto loan,Zero interest rateLending interest rates for auto loans have been low due to policy diversification and diversification of financing, so cars are needed without a comprehensive fund, and cars are only available for a short period of time due to transfer or changes in lifestyle. Other than those who do not need or want to transfer, the benefit is lower than the loan with assets remaining in the hand after the contract ends, and in recent years it has been exclusively for auto leasing companies to cancel mid-term contracts, short-term contracts, and monthly lease charges with credit cards. Paymentable products are emerging.

On the other hand, in recent years we have arranged this residual value setting lease.Residual value setting new car loanIs provided by a manufacturer credit company. This is the monthly payment of the amount deducted from the residual value of the vehicle price when purchasing a new car of the model specified by the credit company, and at the time of the final payment, one of return, transfer and residual value payment is selected, as in the case of the personal lease above. This is a product that combines the characteristics of a lease, which reduces the monthly burden, and the advantages of an auto loan, which becomes the car of the purchaser after payment of the residual value.

Short-term lease for foreigners

FranceIn some countries, the fact that foreigners who stay for a short period (weeks to months) purchase a new car is exempt from tax, and they sell the new car on the assumption that they will buy it back when they return to Japan. There are businesses that provide short-term leasing services. In France,RenaultIs "Euro Drive",PeugeotIs "Open Europe",CitroenIs developing a similar program under the name "Europass"[1].. Foreigners have the advantage of being able to rent a new car at a low price just like a rental car, while automakers have the advantage of being able to buy a new car in a short time and secure a good used car. However, formally it takes the form of "buying a new car", so the name of the car in use belongs to the user, not the leasing company.[1].

注意 点

If you cancel the contract without completing the contract period, you may be burdened. The leasing company prepares the car based on the contract, and if it is no longer needed, it means that the same burden as buying the car is required.

Most of the voluntary insurance must be forcibly attached by the contractor in accordance with the leasing company's instructions and contracts, but some non-life insurance companies call "lease automobile comprehensive insurance", the new car price or A product that compensates the residual value to the minimum is also on sale.

Major car leasing companies

For corporations, there are many cases where a car rental company also manages a car lease.


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