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📢 | "Garibata Pilaf" is now available from the "Del Monte Western Rice Tsukuro Western-style Mixed Rice Element" series!


Introducing "Garibata Pilaf" from the "Del Monte Western Rice Tsukuro Western-style Mixed Rice Element" series!

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In addition to the popular "Chicken Rice" and "Dry Curry", the newly released "Garibata Pilaf" has been added to the lineup of 3 items in total.

No frying pan required!Just mix it with warm rice! January 1 Kikkoman Co., Ltd. Kikkoman Foods Co., Ltd.… → Continue reading

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chicken rice

chicken rice (British: Chicken rice) IschickenとCooked riceStir frytomato ketchupSeasoned withJapan OfCuisine.


Originated in JapanWestern foodIn most cases, tomato ketchup is used for seasoning.As a basic ingredientchicken,onion,mushroomAnd so on, theseChoppedOr smallDicing of swordIt is a dish that is combined with rice.The general way to make itA frying panIt is a method of cooking with tomato ketchup and finally adding tomato ketchup, but do not fry in oilrice cookerIt may be cooked in or seasoned with seasonings other than tomato ketchup.

Chicken rice was in the Taisho eraChicken riceCalled stir-fried chicken,CarrotsWestern-style cooked with onionscooked riceIt wasn't red because it didn't use ketchup.It is said that the ketchup taste comes from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era.Ticken Rice was served as a rice ball to children and orphans in poor families at the "Christmas Charity (now Christmas Party)" held mainly in churches.Volunteer staff based on their knowledge of Christmas offered something that was western, nutritious, and could be eaten by a large number of children.

Known as a prestigious Western restaurant, in TokyoShiseido ParlorChicken rice does not use tomato ketchup, but chicken, onions and mushroomsTomato sauceStir-fry with cooked rice[1].

Children lunchAs one of the typical images of(I.e.A small ornament on top of the shaped chicken riceflagThere is a presentation to set up.As a single item menu, it is shaped with a chrysanthemum-shaped or melon-shaped stamp, and several pieces are colored.GreenpeaceIt is a classic style to decorate.

Not chickenHam,bacon,sausage,豚 肉When using such as, it is called "ketchup rice", but there are some cases where these are served as "chicken rice".

Lightly roasted eggIf you wrap it inOmelette riceIt becomes.

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