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📢 | Taiho Pharmaceutical's first functional food product launched, focusing on women's indefinite complaints


Launched Taiho Pharmaceutical's first food with functional claims, a cold-prevention product focusing on women's indefinite complaints

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"Rhythmitas" is Taiho Pharmaceutical's first food with functional claims.

January 2021, 1 Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO ... → Continue reading

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Taiho Pharmaceutical Industry

Otsuka Holdings > Taiho Pharmaceutical Industry

Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Taiho Yaku Hinkou Gyo,TAIHO Phamaceutical Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfPharmaceuticalCompany.2009From OctoberTokyo Stock Exchange1 partListing OfOtsuka HoldingsBecome an affiliated operating company.

The company name isGrand SumoNameYokozuna-Kouki TaihoNot named afterShokoOf "Haruka Yu Hen"PengIt comes from a theory written about. However, although not directly related, Taiho Kouki'sFour-pronged nameLike our company, it is named after Zhuang Zhou's "Haruka Yu Hen", and its origin is the same. In addition, the telephone number of the main representative of the head office is "4527" and "Yokozuna"punEven if there is no direct relationship, such as the fact that the company was established during the heyday of Taiho Kouki, it is undeniable that the name may have been named after the well-known Yokozuna.

Like the parent company Otsuka HDYomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters,Nippon Television NetworkHas a close relationship with the Yomiuri Group, which is led by, and Japanese TV affiliated stations nationwide.


1963(Showa38) In June, with the Otsuka GroupJapanmainWholesaleIt was established with the investment of 49 companies. Development medicineVentureKnown as, for doctors such as "Futrafur", "UFT", "TS-XNUMX"Anti-cancer agentBoasts the top share in. In addition, "Ciovita Drink" and "SolmacWe also manufacture and sell healthcare products for the general public.

Scotch tapeKnown forNichibanParticipated in capital at the request ofLargest shareholderIs. Also,1974BankruptcyOmi BrothersHas been successfully rebuilt.


  • 1963(Showa38) -Established Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • 1964(39) -Launch of nutritional drink "Ciovita Drink"
  • 1974(Showa 49)-
    • New pharmaceutical department
    • Launched antineoplastic agent "Futrafool ​​Injection / Capsule"
  • 1975(50) -Started advertising for "Ciovita Drink"
  • 1976(Showa 51)- NichibanBusiness tie-up with, capital participation
  • 1978(Showa 53)-
    • Formed a business alliance with Antibody Kasei Kogyo and participated in capital
    • Anti-malignant tumor agent "Futurafuruzupo Zupo S"
  • 1979(54) -Launch of liquid gastrointestinal drug "Solmac"
  • 1980(55) -Launch of antineoplastic agent "Futorafur E Granules"
  • 1981(56) -Launch of antineoplastic agent "Futrafuru E Capsule / E Tablet / Zupo N"
  • 1982(57) -Launch of mini drink "Ciovita Gold"
  • 1984(59) -Launch of antineoplastic agents "UFT" and "Futrafuru E Zupo / E Zupo S"
  • 1985(60) -Launch of antipyretic analgesic "Peletac Granules"
  • 1986(Showa 61)-
    • Moved the head office to the current location (1-27 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    • Liquid gastrointestinal drug "Solmac S" released
  • 1988(63) -Added fine-grained type (UTF fine-grained) to the antineoplastic agent "UTF"
  • 1989(HeiseiXNUMXst year) -Company name changed from "Otsuka Group / Taiho Pharmaceutical" to "Taiho Pharmaceutical"
  • 1990(2)-
    • Acquired shares of Shinsen Pharmaceutical and made a capital participation
    • Released the athlete's foot drug "Polycaine"
  • 1992(4)-
  • 1993(5)-
    • Launched urinary incontinence drug "Bopfour"
    • Sales of infusion productsOtsuka PharmaceuticalMove to
    • Changed company mark and company name logo
  • 1995(7)-
    • Merged with Taiho Fine Chemical
    • "Ciovita Drink 2000" released
    • Return company mark to previous specifications
  • 1999(11)-Launched anti-malignant tumor drug "TS20 Capsule 25/XNUMX"
  • 2000(12)-Launched "Zahap", an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug, "Solmac gastrointestinal fluid", a gastric digestive agent, and "new polykine", an athlete's foot drug
  • 2001(13)-Launched Haruncare Oral Solution, a herbal medicine for frequent urination and urine leakage
  • 2002(14)
    • Published the history of the company to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its founding
    • Released "Solmac S gastrointestinal fluid", a stomachic digestive agent, and "Tiovita Drink 1000", a drink agent
  • 2003(15)-Launched film type lozenge "Perex Lozenge" and liquid gastrointestinal drug "Solmac EX"
  • 2004(16)12 -Acquired marketing rights for the external analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug "Zenol". In April 2005, we released four items (Exum SX, Chick E, Shippittatte, and Hot feeling) as our products.
  • 2005(17)4 -First domestic pharmaceutical company to obtain TRUSTe certification
  • 2006(18)-Launched topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug "Zenol Exam FX", frequent urine/uremic drug "Harn Care Jelly", and stomach digestive drug "Solmac Gold gastrointestinal juice"
  • 2007(19)-Launched topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug "Zenol Exam liquid gel" and herbal medicine "Henseki"
  • 2008(20)9 -Acquired sales of Urepearl Plus series of dry skin treatments and launched renewal
  • 2009(21)
    • 1 - Otsuka HoldingsWill become a wholly owned subsidiary of
    • 6 -Launched anti-malignant tumor drug "TS20 combined granules T25/TXNUMX"
    • 8 -
      • Launched "Solmac Plus", which is a modified formulation of "Solmac"
      • Banyu PharmaceuticalCo., Ltd. (currentlyMSDAcquired part of the Tsukuba Research Institute's land, building and equipment
    • 10 -Launched "Zenol Tape 35 On", a temperature sensitive tape formulation containing felbinac
    • 11 -Launch of liquid gastrointestinal drug "Solmac EX2"
  • 2010(22) June-Launched "Tiovita Drink Ivitas," a pharmaceutical drink
  • 2011(23)5 -Launched "Zahap Felbinac S", an external analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug
  • 2014(26)3 - Astellas PharmaAcquired assets related to fermentation drug discovery research (fermentation library, equipment/equipment, IT system), etc. from a stock company.
  • 2015(27) June-Launched designated quasi-drug mini-drink "Thiovita Gold α"
  • 2016(28) June- Hong KongLaunches "Tiovita 3000" (China name: Quick Health 3000)[1].

Product Line

Drink agent. Famous for the catch phrase "I love this one."
  • Thiovita Drink [Designated Quasi-drug]
  • Thiovita Drink 2000 [Designated Quasi-drug]- TaurineIs doubled to 2000 mg. Green label.
  • Thiovita Gold α [designated quasi-drug]-First in the "Thiovita" brandKukoshiWith extractJoteishiA mini-drink formulation that contains an extract and is designed to have a taste similar to that of the pharmaceutical product "Thiovita Gold".
  • Thiovita Drink Ivitas [3rd Class Pharmaceuticals]-Vitamin B1Vitamin B2・Pharmaceutical drinks containing an increased amount of vitamin B6.blueberryFlavor.
  • Thiovita Drink 1000 [3rd Class Pharmaceuticals]- Vitamin B1-Vitamin B6A red-labeled pharmaceutical drink formulation containing a reinforced formulation.
  • Thiovita Gold [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]- Royal jelly-carrot・Vitamin-containing mini-drink.
  • Thiovita Gold 2000 [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]-Taurine 2000mg + mini-drinks containing crude drug extract.apricotFlavor.
Gastrointestinal drug.. It has the No. 1 share in liquid type gastrointestinal medicine.
  • Solmac Plus [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]-For conventional "Solmac" prescriptionTurmericPlusDaylilyIncrease the amount.
  • Solmac EX2 [Second-class pharmaceutical products]
  • Solmac gastrointestinal fluid plus [designated quasi drug]
  • Solmac Gold Gastrointestinal Fluid [Designated Quasi-drug]
  • Solmac 5 [designated quasi drug]
A mild urine leak/frequency urine improving drug (herbal drug formulation). Risk category changed from April 2012 (No TV telop for use in TV CM at the time of launch. After the risk categorization, a telop for use in revision of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law is inserted.)
  • Harun Care Oral Solution [Designated Second Class Pharmaceutical Product]
Topical analgesics and analgesics.200412からChugai PharmaceuticalWith the withdrawal of the over-the-counter drug business, inherited marketing rights. In April 2011, we redesigned the package design for Exxam series (liquid gel, FX, SX) and Chick E.
  • Zenol Exam SX [Second-class pharmaceuticals]-Solid hard gel (tick) type containing felbinac. Extra-thick specifications (manufacturer and seller:Mikasa Pharmaceutical).
  • Zenol Exam FX [Second-class pharmaceutical products]-Solid hard gel (tic) type containing felbinac. Floral green scent (Manufacturer and distributor: Mikasa Pharmaceutical).
  • Zenol Exam liquid gel [Second-class pharmaceutical products]-Liquid gel type containing felbinac. Uses a long neck that can be quickly applied. Redesigned in April 2 by changing the package design and improving the container stopper and sponge material (manufacturing distributor: Mikasa Pharmaceutical).
  • Zenor Tic E [3rd class pharmaceuticals]-Solid hard gel containing methyl salicylate (tic) type (Manufacturer and distributor: Mikasa Pharmaceutical).
  • Zenol Chip Pitatto [Category 3]-Cooling ship agent containing glycol salicylate (Manufacturer and distributor: Mikasa Pharmaceutical).
Ure Pearl Plus
Dry skin remedy (Manufacturer and distributor:Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory).
  • Urepearl Plus Lotion 10 [The second kind pharmaceutical products]
  • Urepearl Plus Cream [The second kind pharmaceutical products]
Henseki [Second-class pharmaceutical products]
A crude drug formulation that is effective against (manufacturer and seller:).
Liver [Second-class pharmaceutical products]
Released in May 2012. Crude drug preparation effective for liver dysfunction and liver enlargement (manufacturer and distributor: Kenbayashi Matsutsurudo).
Dapeng cold internal use liquid Ginsan [the second kind pharmaceutical products]
Released in August 2016. This is the only liquid type in Ginsan powder.
Shiogama Saffran
Λ 繝 ΛAn over-the-counter drug for ladies (manufacturer and seller: Shiogama Baron Kokato)
  • Shiogama Safranyu [Second-class pharmaceutical products]-Decoction.
  • Shiogama Saffron Enclosure [Second-class pharmaceutical products]-Stick type.
Perex troche [the second kind pharmaceutical products]
Film type lozenge that is used by sticking it on the upper jaw.
Pure Quick S Ointment [Designated Second Class Pharmaceuticals]
Released in February 2017. Topical formulation of antedrug steroid in a small amount of 2g (PrednisoloneValerate ester acetate blend). Available in 1 and 2 bottles (Manufacturer and distributor: Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical).

Discontinued products

  • Thiovita Pengyu Sei-Drinks (released in 1981)
  • Thiovita Drink Healthy-Drink (released in 2003)
  • Tiovita Kitasei
  • Thiovita Peng Yun S [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]
  • Solmac-liquid gastrointestinal drug (launched in 1979)
  • Solmac Payne-Gastrointestinal analgesic and antispasmodic (released in 1982)
  • Solmac S [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]-Liquid gastrointestinal drug (released in 1986)
  • Solmac S gastrointestinal fluid [designated quasi drug]-stomach digestive agent (released in 2002)
  • Perex Granules-Cold Medicine (released in 1967)
  • Coredes A granules-antipyretic analgesics (released in 1978)
  • Peretac Granules [Designated Second Class Drug]- Acetaminophen-EtenzamidAn antipyretic analgesic that contains a crude drug.
  • Neopass F-anti-inflammatory/analgesic patch (released in 1981)
  • Zenoru Warm sensation-Warm sensation patch (released in April 2005)
  • Zenol Tape 35 Warm [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]-Felvinac 35mg blended warm feeling tape agent (released in October 2009) (Manufacturer and distributor:Nichiban, An OEM product of "Loich Ferbi Wen" released by the company)
  • Zahap E [3rd Class Pharmaceuticals]-Odorless patch (Manufacturer and distributor: Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical)
  • Zahap Felbinac S [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals]-Quarter-sized analgesic and anti-inflammatory patch containing Felbinac. Discontinued at the end of March 2017 (Manufacturer and distributor: Okayama Taiho Pharmaceutical).
  • Taiho Cold Oral Solution <Fukan> [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] --For cold-type colds, which are typical symptoms of "chilling sickness," "fever," and "snot."KakkonyuBase-based twice-daily type.
  • Openg Cold Oral Solution <Funetsu> [Class 2 Pharmaceuticals] --For cold-type colds, which are typical symptoms of "swelling and pain in the throat," "cough," and "headache."GinsusanBase-based twice-daily type.
  • Harun Care Jelly [Designated Second Class Pharmaceuticals]-Discontinued at the end of January 2.
  • Polykine-athlete's foot remedy
  • Polykine V-athlete's foot remedy
  • New Polykine [Second-class medicine]-athlete's foot medicine. The spray cream was discontinued at the end of January 2 and the liquid was discontinued at the end of April of the same year (manufacturer and distributor: Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory).
  • Pantocrine S Oral Solution-Nourishing Tonic with Natural Herbs (released in 1981)
  • Pantoclin S Capsule-Nourishing Tonic (released in 1987)
  • My Femmy [Medical Equipment]-For Womenコ ン ド ー ム.. Imported from the UK but not currently sold.
  • Mylara-Soft type contraceptive film (released in 1983, discontinued in March 2001)
  • Minitel [Medical device]-Portable liquid crystal thermometer (released in 1991) (Manufacturer and distributor: Nichiban Plast)

TV commercial performer



Thiovita Drink
Thiovita Drink 2000

Offer program

* Programs provided since April 2018 have been appointed as "Ciovita Drinks" nationwide.Nogizaka46Due to this, one program of "Nogizaka Under Construction" (however, April-September only), and other local advertisements[2]And spot CM development.



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  2. ^ Example・「Winking!The provided programs differ depending on the region, such as the 11:XNUMX first half part (TBS local).
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