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📢 | ~ Words as a side dish ~ "One Cup Daiginjo 180ml Bottled (Ken Shimura's Word Label)" Released for a limited time!


-Words as a side dish- "One Cup Daiginjo 180ml Bottled (Ken Shimura's Word Label)" Released for a limited time!

If you write the contents roughly
Because Mr. Shimura loved alcohol, this time, a collaboration product between Mr. Shimura's words and "One Cup" that you can easily enjoy anytime, anywhere was born.

20210118 Name: Ozeki Corporation Representative: Noriko Nagabe, President and CEO Location: 〒663-82… → Continue reading

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Collaboration products

One Cup Ozeki

One Cup Ozeki(One cup Ozeki)Ozeki Co., Ltd.(HyogoNishinomiya)But1964(ShowaReleased in 39)Sake..Sake in a bottle (180 ml),Cup sakeIt is the first product released as. It is popularly known as "one cup"."One Cup" and "One Cup Ozeki" are from the same company.Registered trademark(No. 1394471, No. 1406154, etc., respectively), but "One Cup" is also registered as a trademark in another field by other companies.

This product has a wide mouth of about 1 go, which is collectively called "one cup" and "cup sake".ガ ラ スbottleToaluminumWe created a style of single-person drinking package with a lid, and it was welcomed to the market as a new sake product that is different from the traditional drinking method of pouring sake from narrow bottles and sake bottles and cup sake at standing drinking stands. It was. Since the 1s, other companies in the same industry have followed suit, and a more casual style has taken root in the consumption of sake.



The one cup was planned to be commercialized in response to a proposal from the then president, Bunjiro Teen Nagabe, to "use the cup as it is as a container for sake and put a label with the manufacturer's name on it."Of the cupDesignIs a wide-mouthed bottle that is easy to drinkTokyo University of the ArtsKoike Iwataro, a label with the words "ONE CUP" in white on a blue background in TokyoJoshibi University of Art and DesignMatsukawa Koji of No. 2 played a central role in the compilation.The bottle label for sake at that time was in kanji or kana.logoIs natural,The alphabetLogo was rare.At first, I intended to call it one cup, but I was afraid that it would have the image of cheap sake and standing drink because it is similar to the standing bar "One cup stand" in Tokyo at that time, so I called it "one cup". became.

1964(39)10/10, One cupTokyo OlympicsIt was released at the opening of.Sake at that timeOne bottleからsake bottleA standard consumption pattern of (Choshi) has been completed, and cup liquor had a strong preconceived image of cheap liquor, a drink bar, and standing drink.With the catchphrase "Drink anytime, anywhere," One Cup brings to the fore the product characteristics that were lacking in traditional sake at the time, such as convenience and convenience, and is targeted at young people who are not bound by traditional consumption patterns. Was done.

Popular commercialization

Immediately after its release, sales were not so good that it could be called a hit due to the negative image that cold sake and cup sake were poor.But,1966(Showa41 years)Railroad KosaikaiAt the request ofShinjuku StationとUeno Station OfStation standFollowing being sold at1967(Showa42) for the first time in the liquor industryvending machineWith sales efforts such as installing a new packaging, one cup of new packaging that responds to lifestyle changes without being bound by stereotypes overcomes the existing negative image and gradually penetrates consumers, and sales gradually increase. I went.

1971(ShowaIn 46), other sake companies that saw the good performance of one cup released cup sake one after another.In 1973, Ozeki released a product with "One Cup Photo", which was a color print of photographs of Japanese landscapes on the back of the label.TV commercialWas very popular with young people at that timeJiro Tamiya,Kenichi HagiwaraIntroduced talents such as. In the 1990sTamura MasakazuとMiyuki NakajimaThe commercial that co-starred with was also talked about.Besides this, TamuraKenji Ozawa,Kato ReikoAnd each co-starred in a commercial.

One cup increases sales1979(ShowaIn 54, it achieved annual sales of 1 million bottles and established an overwhelming top share position that is unrivaled by latecomer cup sake products.In the same yearJapan Brewing AssociationHas awarded the Ishikawa Yahachiro Award to one cup for its contribution to the promotion of alcoholic beverages.

Recent movements

Bubble burstThe sake market has continued to shrink since then, at its peak.1993(HeiseiOne cup, which sold 5 million bottles a year (converted to a single bottle) in 1 years), has recently decreased to about 4000 million bottles a year, but it has become a staple of cup sake and is drunk by many consumers. It has been.

2011(HeiseiIn 23), 47 years after its releaseMonde SelectionIt was exhibited for the first time in Japan and won the Monde Selection Gold Award.After that2016He has won the Monde Selection Gold Award for the sixth consecutive year until (28).

2014(26) marks the 50th anniversary of its release.Rino Sashihara(HKT48, HKT48 Theater Manager) was appointed as a commercial.

Product lineup

One Cup Ozeki

  • Ozeki Josen Kinkan One Cup (180ml glass / 180ml paper (compact))
  • Kasen One Cup (180ml glass)
  • One Cup Extra (200ml) / One Cup Jumbo (270ml) / One Cup Mini (100ml) --Except for 200ml, the "extra" notation disappeared in the spring of 2010, but the contents have not changed.
    • One Cup Extra Gold (200ml / Top)
  • One Cup Tanrei Dry (200ml) -At the time of launch, no sugar or acidulant was added, but from the fall of 2011, sugar and acidulant will be added.
  • One cup Daiginjo (180ml / super special selection)
  • One Cup <O> (180ml) --A product commemorating the 50th anniversary of the release of One Cup Ozeki.Daiginjo sake is blended with ordinary sake, and the alcohol content is 12%, which is light.

Seasonal products

  • Kamisen One Cup New Rice New Sake (180ml / 2009/2012 Winter Limited)
  • One cup Nigori Sake (180ml / 2009/2010/2011/2012 winter only) (2009 cans and glass cups after 2010)
  • Kamisen One Cup Raw Storage (180ml / 2010/2011/2012 Spring / Summer Limited)


  • Ozeki's (180ml)
  • Ozeki's is also dry (180ml)
  • Ozeki's is also pure rice (180ml)
  • Cheers Tamon (genuine 200ml)
  • RipePlum wine(Plum fruit) (100ml)
  • Mimi Umeshu (with plums) (100ml)
  • Barley cup (Distilled spirits, 180ml)
  • Potato cup (Shochu, 180ml)
  • Kinka Nada Cup (180ml) --Sales transferred from Nada Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
  • Nada / Nishinomiya Nigori Sake (200ml) --Sales transferred from Nada Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
  • Nada no Sake Sake Go (200ml) --Sale is transferred from Nada Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.
  • OzekiSweet Sake(Soft drink, 190g)
Since it is sold in the same glass container as the "One Cup Ozeki" or the same paper cup as the "One Cup Compact", it will be covered in this section for convenience.

Discontinued products

  • Ozeki Josen Kinkan One Cup (100ml Mini / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • Kasen One Cup (180ml paper (compact) / Discontinued around spring 2011)
  • One Cup Extra Silver (200ml / Low Alcohol Type / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • One cup white (200ml / 50% off sugar / discontinued around spring 2010)
  • One Cup Light (180ml / Kasen / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • Ozeki One Pack Blue (900ml / Ozeki Gold Crown One Cup Pack Version / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • One Pack Blue Mild (900ml / One Cup Extra Pack Version / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • One Pack White (1.8L / 900ml / One Cup White Pack Version / Discontinued around Spring 2010)
  • One cup black (200ml / discontinued around fall 2010)
  • One cup sugar-free (270ml / 200ml / discontinued around fall 2010)
  • Ozeki's one (200ml / 270ml / discontinued around autumn 2010)
  • Ozeki Josen Kinba Aragoto (180ml / End of sale around autumn 2010)
  • Cheers Tamon (200ml of top selection / 270ml of genuine jumbo / discontinued around autumn 2010)
  • One-cup Junmaishu (200ml / Kamisen / Discontinued around autumn 2011)
  • Kamisen Kinka Cup (180ml paper / discontinued in the fall of 2011) --Released from Nada Sake Brewery of the Ozeki Group.Manufactured by Ozeki Headquarters.
  • One Cup Rugs (100ml / Kanto Limited / Discontinued in Fall 2012) --Sweet type for women
  • One cupHighball(350ml can / Initially limited to convenience stores / railway shops / Discontinued in the fall of 2012) --Liqueur (foaming) according to the standard (1)

The following products were on sale during 2019

  • Kamisen One Cup Nagoya Tailoring (180ml) --Aichi limited product that goes well with Nagoya food[1].
  • Kamisen One Cup Shizuoka Tailoring (180ml) --Shizuoka limited product that goes well with Shizuoka oden etc.[2].


  • Hitoshi Takase, "The Secret of One Cup Ozeki-The Success Story That Created Longevity Products," Chikuma Shubansha, 1994,ISBN-978 4805002520


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