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📊 | Tokyu Hands / "Shop Channel Store" opened, program broadcast once a month


Tokyu Hands / "Shop Channel Store" opened, program broadcast once a month

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In addition, the "store owner" will also participate in the product proposal presentation from Tokyu Hands to Shop Channel buyers.

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Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd.(Tokyu Hands,British: TOKYU HANDS INC.) Is centered on big citiesHome center-Misc & AmenitiesStorechainCompanies to develop.Tokyu GroupBelongs toTokyu Fudosan HoldingsIt is under the umbrella of.TOKYU pointsMember stores.

Brand statement"This is a hint market."

In the store visitor and media, "HandsIs often abbreviated as[3].


Tokyu Hands is an urban location type home improvement store that handles many products related to housing and daily life.It features a detailed assortment of daily necessities.SuburbOnly a small number of large-scale products such as location-type home improvement stores are displayed.Car navigationAnd so onDepartment storeIt may be classified as ".

We handle a wide variety of items.It is also known as a fancy shop and variety goods store, as well as tableware / cooking utensils used at home, cleaning / laundry / bath products, bedding, stationery, and interior goods.Also, for specific industries such as those used by professionalstoolIt also has the function of providing materials and materials for craft enthusiasts.OtherbagFrom silverAccessories,Magic trickA wide range of products such as party goods such as props are lined up, and many of them became popular because they were handled by Tokyu Hands.

When beginners use these high-performance products, they have a strategy of expanding staff who can give accurate advice and developing a customer base.About products Differentiate from other stores by having a clerk who is familiar with the product lineup, usage and application of each manufacturer guide and demonstrate in detail, and respond to inquiries and order requests from customers looking for products. I'm trying.

Increase sales by arranging a variety of products without focusing on the best-selling products to encourage "buy next" or by attracting customers who come to the store for new discoveries.Long tailKnown for strategy[4].

In addition, as a sales form that does not go through storesNet storeIn addition to operating (about 7 types of products), the Corporate Sales Department undertakes product sales and custom-made procurement for companies.In the latter, it is possible to collect information from about 1 business partners about more than 6000 products including foreign companies and propose more than 9600 million types of products.[5].


Tokyu Hands1976(Showa 51) Company established in August[6],Tokyu real estateAs a new business to use idle landYasuhiro HamanoEntered the home improvement business by the proposal of.November of the same yearKanagawaFujisawaIn the first storeFujisawa storeOpen[6].. Next day1977As the second store in NovemberTokyoSetagaya OfFutakotamagawaToFutakotamagawa storeOpened[6](For details on both stores#Stores that existed in the pastSee).

1978(Showa 53) September, TokyoShibuya WardUdagawa TownToFlagship shopBecomeShibuya storeOpen[6]..The store format that develops similar products on each floor, which is a feature of Tokyu Hands, isShibuyaOriginated in the store.Originally the site of the Shibuya store (1973Until nowMeguroGohongiIt is inJapan Anglican SocietyThere was a church of St. Paul[7]) Was a land owned by Tokyu Land for many years,Organ slopeIt was difficult to build a general store building in a narrow section facing a slope called.By using this slope in reverse, three types of floor heights are set by matching the height of the surrounding roads with the entrance and exit of the store (Skip floor), Each floor is displayed by using the alphabets "A", "B", and "C" together ("6B" = "6th floor B floor", etc.), and the stairs connect each floor in a corridor shape.With this ingenuity, we have developed a product group in one field for each small floor, and by giving a view from one floor to another, we have created a floor structure that raises the expectations of visitors and encourages migration. (After that1988Opened in MarchSannomiya店[6]Has a similar structure because it was also built on a slope).

I've seen it before, but I didn't even know how to get itCraftsIt is a kind of appearance that road tools, metal materials, resin materials, etc. are lined up in neat storefronts in urban commercial areas that can be said to be "out of place" and sold in appropriate quantities.Culture ShockTokyu Hands Shibuya storeShibuyaIt became known as a new attraction of.

This sales style of Tokyu Hands has led suburban home improvement stores and others to focus on personal product lineups.In response to the success of Tokyu Hands1980 eraIn the oldSaison Group(Current:Sogo/Seibusubsidiary)ofloft 1987In ShibuyaSeibu Department StoreOpened in (next to Shibuya store),1985ToKeio Group OfKeio AtmanEstablished a company (the first store opened the next day1986 OfSeisekisakuragaoka store), Which triggered the birth of a large general store chain influenced by Tokyu Hands' business format.

In October 1983KansaiBecame the first storeEsakashop,Tama areaBecame the first storeMachidaOpened the store, the next1984In 10 monthIkebukuroOpened the store.

It will be the first store in Chubu in November 1986.NagoyaOpened ANNEX store in[6].

Capital AreaTokyu Hands, which showed high ability to attract customers in various placesbrandPower isProvincial cityAttention was also paid to.In the regional core cities, the complex building newly constructed by the redevelopment projectKey tenantThe store openings were limited because of the characteristics of the business format, which required a vast population in the trade area.1990 eraStarted opening stores in more regional core cities.1995In 10 monthHiroshimashop,1998In 3 monthSapporoThe store opened[6]..In parallelThree major metropolitan areasWe are also opening stores in1990In 9 monthYokohamashop,1996In 10 monthShinjukushop,1999In 3 monthShinsaibashiOpened the store, opened the Nagoya store in March 2000[6].

Since then, there have been major changes in the three old stores, Fujisawa, Futakotamagawa, and Shibuya.2006The 1st and 2nd stores were closed one after another, and the 1st store, Fujisawa store,2006The store will close on December 12, and the second store, Futakotamagawa, will also be closed in June 31.Futakotamagawa StationPeripheral redevelopmentFutako Tamagawa RiseClosed due to construction. The Nishi Shibuya Tokyu Building, where the third Shibuya store is located, was originally owned by Tokyu Hands, but the land and building will be invested by Tokyu Land Corporation, the largest shareholder, in November 3.Special purpose companyAfter the sale to2007It was sold to a commercial fund special purpose company "Godo Kaisha Arcadia 1" formed by Tokyu Land Corporation on January 31, and since then Tokyu Hands has rented a building from the company and continues to operate.

2000 eraSince then, it has been opening new stores.2002In 3 monthselect shop"Hands Select" as the first store of "Hands Select"AobadaiStore "Aobadai Tokyu SquareOpened (opened on November 2000, 11) (changed to "Hands B Aobadai Tokyu Square Store" in September 1)[6]..Small store in the general store format "Hands BeeThe brand is2008"Hands Bee" opened in June Sapporo Stella PlaceUsed from "Store" (closed in March 2019), in February 3Tamaplaza Terrace OfTokyu Department StoreTama Plaza store"Hands B Tama Plaza Store" opens on the 1st floor.2010 eraSince then, it has rapidly expanded its store openings as a tenant of commercial buildings, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Since the 2010sTokyu Plaza,FrellNot to mention the commercial facilities of the Tokyu GroupTobu Department StoreIkebukuro store (closed in September 2017),Grand Duo-Atre(JR East),Keikyu Shopping Plaza Wing,Emio(Seibu Railway),Torie Keio Chofu(Keio Electric Railway),Sagami-Ono Station Square(Odakyu Electric Railway), Etc., we are actively opening stores in commercial facilities affiliated with railway companies other than the Tokyu Group.[6]。。 2011年、四大広域圏で唯一、未進出だった九州に初めて博多店を開業。以降、熊本店を除いてJR Kyushu Retailと手を組んで九州各地の主要駅ビルに出店(博多・長崎・大分・宮崎・鹿児島)。さらに沖縄・四国・北陸・毛野(北関東)・東北にも進出。

As another new format,2004In November, as the first proposal-type room center "homeyroomy"LaLaport FunabashiOpened "Hommy Rumi Funabashi Store" in.Only one large floortenantIt was open as a store,2009From April 4st, the format was changed to a regular Tokyu Hands store.[6].. Note thatLaLaportThe opening of stores in Tokyu Hands continued in October 2006.Lalaport ToyosuStore, Tokyu Hands in March 2007Lalaport YokohamaThe store opened[6]. Also2011Tokyu Hands opened in AprilUmedaFirst in the store at Tokyu HandsCafeThe business format "Hands Cafe" was added, and cafes have been opened in various places since then.[6].

201410/10,Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping CenterToBEAMSWithCollaborationOpened a new format "WORK HANDS Futako Tamagawa Rise Store", and reopened in Futako Tamagawa, where the second store used to be.[8][9],20173/26Is closed at[10][11].

Also as an overseas store20124/1ToChugokuEntered the first storeShanghaiPlum Dragon TownIsetanI opened a store inside[12],2016Closed in April[6].2019ToSingaporeOpened the Jewel store in April of the same year and the Paya Lebar store in August of the same year.[6].

As mentioned above, Tokyu Hands belongs to the Tokyu Land Group, and with the companyTokyu community,Tokyu LivableGroup 3 companies hold 75% of the issued shares.Long time agoTokyu Electric RailwayAlso held 25% (360 million shares) of shares,2004(16)9/30With all the shares heldChuo Mitsui Trust and BankingTransferred to the Investment Limited Partnership.

2013(25) October, Tokyu Land CorporationTokyu communityas well as the Tokyu LivableTogether withHolding company・ Established Tokyu Fudosan Holdings.And in April 2014, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings acquired shares from three companies and brought Tokyu Hands directly under its umbrella.[13].

Since its establishment in 1976,Main officeThe function isTokyoShibuya WardWas placed in2014In 7 monthShinjuku ward OfShinjuku East Side SquareMoved the head office to[14].

Store type

Describe various store brands.For details on the current store, see the official website "List of storesFor past stores,HistorySee.

Store area

In Japan, the following 26PrefecturesMost stores open inCapital Area OfSouth KantoIt is concentrated in 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures.San'in district・ West Tohoku (Dewa) There are no stores in rural areas.

Overseas,SingaporeOpen 5 stores in (described later)TaiwanExcluding stores).Long time agoChugoku(Shanghai) Also had a store, but it has withdrawn.

Tokyu Hands

The company's major brands.Store area 5,000m2Large stores before and after.

Most stores are characterized by developing product groups in individual fields on each floor, and they are also landlords when opening Shinjuku and Nagoya stores.TakashimayaWanted to open a store on one floor, but the store was purposely punched out of a part of the floor (the Hakata store has the same form).On the other hand, there are also small-scale stores such as the Kitasenju store (in Kitasenju Marui) and the Takasaki store (in Takasaki OPA) that have only one or two floors.

In addition, some stores have been reduced in scale due to store relocation.The Machida store is located at Machida Terminal PlazaKey tenantからMachida Tokyu TwinsMoved to the 6th and 7th floors.The Yokohama store was a single store in 2013 (7 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground, sales floor area about 9,000m2From)Yokohama Okadaya Mores(5th-7th floor, sales floor area about 4,000m2) Moved to[15], Sapporo store will start from a single store (2018 floors above ground, sales floor area about 7 m9,000) in XNUMXTokyu Department Store SapporoMoved to (8th and 9th floors, sales floor area about 3200㎡)[16], Shinsaibashi store will start from a single store (2020 floors above ground, 8 floor below ground, sales floor area about 1 m6,500) in XNUMXShinsaibashi PARCOMoved to (9th-11th floor, sales floor area about 4,000㎡)[17].

FC store

All stores in Shizuoka (excluding Hamamatsu), Aichi, Mie, Nara, and Okinawa are owned by local franchisees.Franchise (FC) It is a store.

In Aichi and Mie prefecturesMie Kotsu Group Holdings(Kintetsu Group) FC stores exist.Nagoya city2 of themSanco Creative LifeAt FC stores inAEON groupOpen a store in a commercial facilityAeon Mall HarunaWith a store (the only store in Mie Prefecture)Nagoya Mozo Wonder CityAt the storeSanko CELXNUMXIt is an FC store by Tokyu Hands, and some of the services provided by Tokyu Hands in other areas cannot be used.However, the "HANDS CLUB CARD" service started on October 2012, 10 at two stores in Nagoya.However, the stores in Osaka Prefecture, which is the home of the Kintetsu Group, and Kyoto Prefecture, which is the business area of ​​the Kintetsu Group, are not FC stores but directly managed stores.

Shizuoka CityThe store insideShizuoka Railway GroupIt is an FC store by Shizutetsu Retailing Co., Ltd. (opening-March 2017, Shizutetsu Property Management Co., Ltd.). In June 3, we reviewed the franchise agreement package and announced that we would like to open franchise stores mainly in regional core cities nationwide.[18]..In response to this, the newly opened Tokyu Hands Shizuoka store is different from the stores in Nagoya city, which is also a franchise store, and it is possible to use the services provided by Tokyu Hands directly managed stores in other areas.In addition, the "Hands B Shizuoka Parche Store", which opened on February 2014, 2, was also an FC store, like the Tokyu Hands Shizuoka Store.[19].. "Hands B Shizuoka Parche Store" closed in May 2017, and Tokyu Hands Shizuoka Store became the only store in Shizuoka City.The Hamamatsu store, which opened in September 5, is a directly managed store of Tokyu Hands.[20].

By the way, despite reviewing the franchise agreement package and clarifying the promotion of store openings in regional core cities, after the Kumamoto store opened in March 2013, everything except the Nara store and the Nagoya Mozo Wonder City store It is a directly managed store[21][22][23].

Hands Bee

Sales floor area 400-1000m, which is touted as a "proposal lifestyle shop"2A small store (about 1-2% of the conventional standard store).The products we handle are miscellaneous goods for women andCosmeticsAnd so on.

2008(20) of JulySapporo Stella PlaceStarting with the store, so far in Tokyocenter lane8 stores mainly along the railway lineKanagawaOpened 4 stores within.
2011On June 23, 4,Kyoto Marui(OldShijo Kawaramachi HankyuThe first Kansai store opens on the basement of the site.
2015As of June (27), we have 6 store in Hokkaido, 1 stores in Kanto, 18 store in Shizuoka, 1 store in Kansai, and 1 store in Fukuoka.
2018As of September 30, it has 9 store in Hokkaido, 1 stores in Kanto, and 17 stores in Kansai (stores in Shizuoka and Fukuoka are closed).

Other business types

Out parts
A store specializing in bags and travel goods.Funabashi store only (closed).
Truck market
Deployed in existing commercial facilities in local cities for a limited time.In many cases, actual stores have since expanded to local cities that have opened stores in this form in the past.
Box outlet
Tokyu Hands productsoutletshop.Marinoa City FukuokaStore only (closed).
Hands Tailung
TaiwanBy Tairyu Kogyo, which produces and sells ice cream in JapanFranchiseStore.
2000(12)Taipei CityXimendingOpened the first store in.
We have 11 stores all over Taiwan. Scheduled to be renewed as "TOKYU HANDS" from 2020 onwards[24][25].

Sales features

20044/14からPoint CardThe service of "HANDS CLUB CARD" has started (two stores in Nagoya city started service from October 2, 2012).Behalf,StationeryThe discount ticket (Hands stationery ticket) that was distributed for each purchase at a fixed price on the floor ended its use on March 2005, 3 (similarly, the two stores in Nagoya city ended on September 31, 2). ..2019(31)3/6からd point cardIn response to this, Tokyu Hands original design d POINT cards have also been issued.Can be used in combination with the conventional "HANDS CLUB CARD"[26]..Regarding points, 300 points or more were used in 100-point units, but from November 2019, it has become possible to use in 11-point units.

Internet mail order businessWas previouslyRakutenTo the virtual shopping district operated bytenantI was only opening a store,20056/1Started the service of the directly managed Internet mail order business "Hands Net".Even after the start of direct online sales through "Hands Net"RakutenOpening in "Tokyu Hands Rakuten Ichiba store"[27]Continues as.

20197/9ToBar code paymentCorresponds to the service.d payment,Rakuten Pay,PayPay,LINE Pay,Merpay,QUO Card Pay,Yucho Pay7 types were introduced all at once[28].

Stores that existed in the past

  • Tokyu Hands
  • Naturabo-Health & Beauty Specialty Store
    • Ikebukuro store- 2000Opened in May and closed in March 5.
    • Frente Sengawa Store-October 2002,Senkawa Station OfStation building"Frente SengawaOpened in "Hands Bee" on July 2011, 7. Closed March 25, 2018[29].
    • Marunouchi store- 2004Opened in September, changed to Hands B on August 9, 2011.
  • Hands Select-Tokyu Hands "Select Shop" format
  • Homey Rumi-Proposal Room Center
    • Funabashi store --Opened in November 2004,2009Changed to Tokyu Hands in April.
  • WORK HANDS- BEAMSCollaboration shop with
    • Futako Tamagawa Rise Store- 2014Opened on October 10th.Futako Tamagawa Rise Shopping CenterOpened as a new business format in collaboration with BEAMS. Reopened in Futakotamagawa, where the second store was, but less than three years later2017Closed on January 3th.
  • Tairyute Sokan

Imitation store by other companies

1985(Showa 60) Spring,Niigata StationRedevelopment commercial building near the south exitPLAKA Niigata3 buildings opened, on the 3rd floor of Plaka 3Yamashita Furniture Store"HANDSON'S", a store specializing in household goods operated by the company, has opened.After that, the company's head office was locatedFurumachiAlso opened a store.
There were many similarities with Tokyu Hands, such as store development centered on household goods, the logotype of the store brand with a thumbs up, and a paper shopping bag with a navy blue line on an unbleached background, but with Tokyu Hands There was no direct business alliance.Yamashita Furniture Store subsequently withdrew from Hanson's format due to poor performance.
1984(59) Autumn,Naha Tower(Later Zephyr Naha Tower, closed in 2008) A store specializing in household goods "HANDYMAN" opens in the commercial facility "FASHION CITY MAXY".This store also used a logotype similar to Tokyu Hands, but there was no direct business alliance with Tokyu Hands.This store later closed.
After that, in Okinawa prefecture2011(23) of a major local supermarketSAN-AConcludes a franchise agreement with Tokyu Hands, the next day2012(24) Opened in the summerSan-A Ginowan Convention CityIt is the first tenant in the prefecture to open a store.


August 2013, 3,Kobe District CourtIn March 30, an employee of the Tokyu Hands Shinsaibashi store (16 years old at the time) told the company.Sudden deathI did more than 80 hours a monthovertime workIs the causeObligation to consider safetyOrdered the bereaved family to pay 7,800 million yen due to the violation[30][31]..In August 2013 after the judgmentsettlementIs established, both the plaintiff and the defendantAppealWithdrawn.Plaintiff's chargeLawyerAccording to the company, when the settlement was signed, the employee's wife said, "My husband has loved Tokyu Hands as a playground since he was a child, and he was very happy to get a job at Tokyu Hands, which he admired despite the difficult times. I think I worked with that feeling until the end. I want the company to understand the feelings of employees, "and the company responded," I want to take it seriously as a company and continue to consider the safety management of employees. " Commented[32].


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