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📊 | Hiroshima Electric Railway and NEC have expanded the functions of the digital ticket service "MOBIRY", added a route search function, and made new ...


Hiroshima Electric Railway and NEC have expanded the functions of the digital ticket service "MOBIRY", added a route search function, and made new ...

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Both companies have recently announced that they will add a route search function and a function for linking with traffic modes such as share cycles to MOBIRY from February 2021.

Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and NEC Corporation (NEC) have made movement a series of services regardless of type or operating entity. → Continue reading


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Bicycle sharing

Bicycle sharing(Jinsha Sharing)BicycleLend for a fee (rental) One of the businesses.

Broad senseRental BikeHowever, under the concept of sharing bicycles, it is a form that allows you to rent a bicycle for a short time at a specific station and drop it off.

Since the 2000s, online payments and electronic locks,Electric bicycleVarious systems have appeared due to the progress of software and hardware.

Bicycle parking type

A method of renting at a number of docking stations installed in the city and returning at a docking station near the destination[1].

Bicycle sharing by this method was started in 1995 in the capital.デンマーク OfCopenhagenFirst introduced in. Initially you paid a deposit when you rent it and you get it back when you return it.Danish KroneSince it was a low price (about 300 yen), there was a problem that it was left without being returned or damaged, so a new system was introduced in 2012. We prepared 1860 bicycles and 100 stations,GPSUse to discover and collect abandoned bicycles, orNavigatorAnd added value such as showing the timetable of public transportation[1].. In the European capitalParisAre the largest, and realize low-priced services mainly based on advertising revenue.[1].. BesidesThe United States of AmericaThen.ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クSo in 2013, Citi Bikeカナダ OfMontrealBIXI was introduced in 2009, and has been introduced in more than 2016 cities around the world in 900[1].

In Japan, it was introduced under the name of “share cycle” or “community cycle”, and it was popularized in the transport policy basic plan in 2015, but it is only a few hundred in 2016.[1].

Method without a bicycle parking lot

People's Republic of ChinaThen, around 2014, a shared bicycle that did not have a bicycle parking lot appeared and the share increased rapidly.[2].

In China, a system with a bicycle parking lot was first introduced. the first2008 Beijing Olympicsの た め に北京市A shared bicycle was temporarily introduced in and then in 2008Hangzhou, In 2009WuhanIntroduced in earnest. In 2014, the number of bicycles reached 43, the highest in the world. However, there was a problem that there was often no space in the bicycle parking lot at the destination or that the bicycle or bicycle parking lot was out of order.[1].

On the other hand, in the method without a parking lot, the bicycle is basically left at the destination. Bicycle used GPSSIM cardEquipped with a built-in key,SmartphoneSearch for and book a shared bicycle nearby usingQR codeIt unlocks by reading, locks and makes payment at the destination. The contractor collects and rearranges bicycles that have been left abandoned at night/early morning[2].

In China, the use of smartphones and online payments were widespread in the 2010s, and public transportation facilities were developed, which led to the demand for shared bicycles to solve the "last mile problem" after getting off to the destination. The government also formulated the "Internet + Plan" in 1, and proposed encouragement of public transport and bicycle use in the 2015th Five-Year Plan from 2016, and shared bicycles were in line with the policy.[2].

2015Since then, the number of businesses entering the bicycle sharing industry has increased, and the service has expanded rapidly in urban areas. At one timeHigh speed train,Mobile payment,online shoppingIt was called "China's four new inventions" alongside. When the Chinese market became saturated due to the rapid increase in the number of companies expanding into the world, overseas expansion began one after another,2017No. 8 in the industry in AugustMobile bike SapporoSo in March 2018,Wakayama CityAdvanced to. However, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have gone bankrupt since 2017.Sichuan ProvinceChongqingWhen the Goku motorcycle that was based in Japan went bankrupt, the town, town, 3V motorcycle, sneaky motorcycle, Koai motorcycle, Komei motorcycle failed one after another. In the event of business failure,depositThe lack of morals stood out, as the car was lost to take away the toll, and the user side also carried away the bicycle and illegally dumped it. There is also data that estimates that 200 million bicycles became garbage due to the bankruptcy rush of these companies[3][4].

There were fierce competitions between 2016 companies in 30 and 2017 companies in 70, and the major ofo Mobike both introduced about 2016 million bicycles in 500. However, in 2018 it fell to less than 40 companies[5].. Major companies such as ofo are in a difficult situation because they cannot predict that they will be profitable.[4].. It was reported that ofo will go bankrupt at the end of 2018[6].

Regardless of trackless development and decline in China, the method itself is evaluated outside China,Taiwan OfYouBikeJumping in the United States (Jump (transportation company)(In 2018UberAcquired by Lime in 2020 (Lime (transportation company)A company that provides services without a similar bicycle parking lot. However, abandoned bicycles have been criticized as dangerous for people with disabilities[7].


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