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📢 | Works ID, "Blue Prism Silver Delivery Provider Certification" acquisition


Works ID acquires "Blue Prism Silver Delivery Provider Certification"

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We welcome Works ID Co., Ltd. to be certified as a Silver Delivery Provider for Blue Prism.

Evaluate high-level consulting ability and technical ability based on the introduction record of RPA of more than hundreds of companies. → Continue reading

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Blue Prism

Blue PrismIs a UK multinational software companyBlue Prism GroupFor enterprise companies that provide digital workers to automate complex operations under the trade name ofRobotic process automationHe is a pioneer of (RPA) and is developing the software.

Blue Prism is headquartered in the United KingdomWarringtonWith branch offices in the United States and Australia[2][3]. The companyOf the London Stock ExchangeListed on the AIM market[4].


Blue Prism was founded in 2001 by a group of process automation experts to develop technologies that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.[5]..Initially, their focus was on the non-automated back office despite the great need for automation.The company, co-founded by Alastair Bathgate and David Moss, offered a new approach today known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA).[6].

In 2003, Blue Prism's first commercial product, Automate, was launched. In 2005, version 2 of Automate with large-scale processing capabilities was released. Co-operative Financial Services began using Blue Prism software in 2005 to automate the manual process of customer service.[7].

Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation(RPA) is an application that provides digital workers who follow rule-based business processes and interact with the system in the same way that humans interact.[8] [9][10][11][12] [13][14].. Blue Prism is said to have coined the term "robotic process automation"[6][15].

RPA is a growing industry and is expected to reach $ 2025 billion by 31.1[16]..Forrester Research, a market research firm, named Blue Prism as one of the three leaders in the RPA space in its 2017 survey, both in terms of market presence and quality of delivery. Are[17].

Grand View Research, Inc. conducted a survey in October 2018 and identified the major companies in the RPA marketAutomation Anywhere, Inc .; Blue Prims Group PLC; UiPathBe Informed BV; OpenSpan; and Jacada, Inc.[18].. 2019,GartnerIs RPAMagic quadrantReleased, Blue Prism was one of the market leaders[19].


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