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📊 | YAOKO opens third training center in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture

Photo A training base in the eastern part of the Kanto region and an 81-room employee dormitory

YAOKO opens third training center in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture

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It doubles as an employee dormitory and has 2 rooms on the 6nd to 81th floors.

YAOKO has completed the "YAOKO Yachiyo Training Center" in Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture, for human resources education and skill acquisition.Above ground ... → Continue reading

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Dormitory(Ryo) isDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular Studentfor,Company EmployeeFor a large number of peopleResidence.

Student dormitory, Employee dormitories, staff dormitories, monk dormitories, etc.social welfarepolicyThere is also a dormitory for mothers and children asFirst aid facilityMany of them are called dormitories.

Dormitory in Japan

lawAbove isDormitoryare categorized.

Community lifeThere are many things that runWC-BathhouseJointlyMeal TheCafeteriaOften provided with a manciple.そうでない場合は、各部屋ごとにIf not, for each roombus·toilet·KitchenThere is, and you can prepare your own meals.

Dormitory fee is in the cityReal estate brokerIt is cheaper than a room rented through a vendor (DispatchExcept for the case in).

Student dormitory

Employee dormitory

CompanyDepending onEmployee WelfareAs part ofEmployeeMay offer dormitories.

Unmarried and constantageBuildings and facilities called "single dormitories" are often set up for the following employees, but in accordance with this, "single dormitories" are targeted.Single assignmentThere may be a dormitory,Days OffTo家族In some cases, it has a structure that can attract.In some cases, a single dormitory may be occupied by a single person.In this case, the age limit generally does not apply to single employees.

Regarding the method of setting up the dormitory, the one that the company has set up on the premises and the private sectorreal-estate companyThere is something to borrow through.

In the former case, the equipment is maintained and managed by the manciple, and meals are often provided, but in the latter case, the manciple is not available, so other than negotiating through the company regarding the maintenance (mainly repair) of the equipment. , Employees respond independently, etc.RentAgreement-FacilityWith maintenancecostOther than burden (Utility costs-TelContracts, etc.) are done by the employees themselves.In this case, the rent is XNUMX% between the company and the employee (Salary(Deducted from) in many cases.The former case has been decreasing in recent years, and the number of cases where equipment maintenance is outsourced is increasing.LunchServiceEtc. may be dealt with by changing the business hours of the employee cafeteria.

Companies mainly set up "employee dormitories"Human resourcesThe purpose is often to secure, retain human resources, discipline and training.Bubble economyOf collapseFinancial bangamongImpairment accountingThe system was introduced and manylarge companyOwnsReal estateAssetAnd to reduce maintenance costs, the "employee dormitory" was sold.

Employee dormitory for temporary staffing

Manufacturing industryFor dormitories where the dispatching company has registered temporary staff, which is often seen in temporary staffing, it is normal.Apartment / ApartmentIs simply rented under a normal rental contract in the name of the temporary staffing company,Deposit-key moneyAnd exit fees and renewal fees are also charged, and in many cases the fees are the same as when renting by an individual.

Obviously disproportionately high in terms of salary levelApartmentThere is no freedom of choice in the place of residence, such as being unable to refuse even if it is assigned.rentEtc. are forcibly called dormitory feesSalaryからdeductionWill be done.場合によっては相場より高額の家賃が寮費や諸経費の名目として引かれて差額は派遣会社のIn some cases, the rent higher than the market price is deducted as the name of dormitory expenses and expenses, and the difference is the dispatch company'smarginIn many cases, it is far from the meaning of welfare.

sudden"Stop hiring, Etc., you have to move out immediately or within about a month (the dispatching agency will also notify you as such).社会 問題Is becoming[1].

Dormitory in America

Student dormitory

AmericaMany students have a lifestyle of living in a university dormitory.[2]..特に1年生は寮生活をしている学生が多く、公立四年制大学では新入生の3分の2以上、私立大学では新入生の8割以上が寮での生活を選択しているIn particular, many first-year students live in dormitories, and more than two-thirds of new students at public four-year universities and more than XNUMX% of new students at private universities choose to live in dormitories.[2].

Employee dormitory


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