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📊 | FamilyMart / "Karaage" and "Tarechiki" released under the supervision of Moriyama


FamilyMart / "Karaage" and "Tarechiki" released under the supervision of Moriyama

If you write the contents roughly
It is also recommended to have an arrangement menu that you can enjoy as a "sauce burger" by sandwiching it between the "Famichiki buns (tartar sauce)" (88 yen) on sale.

FamilyMart is the originator on January 1th!"Karaage supervised by Moriyama" supervised by Moriyama (26 including tax ... → Continue reading

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Tartar sauce

Tartar sauce(English: tartare sauce, Tartar sauce)mayonnaiseBased onソ ー スA kind of[1].

To mayonnaise,onion,cucumber Ofpickles,Caper,parsley,ChivesEtc.ChoppedThick white sauce mixed with[1].oliveChoppedHorseradish,Dijon mustard,vinegarMay be added[2].The United KingdomIn the recipe, capers, cucumbers for pickles,LemonJuice,TarragonAdd.Fish and chips,Fried Shrimp,Deep fried oystersSuch as seafoodflyOften attached to.While based on the greasy mayonnaiseacidity,SpicinessIt is popular because it contains a variety of useful ingredients, so you can eat fried foods such as fried foods refreshingly.JapanThen I chopped it roughlyBoiled eggIs often added[3].

Paul BocuseIs tartar sauceRemoulade sauceIt's the squeeze that characterizes Remoulade sauceAnchoviesExplicitly stated that was a replacement for Dijon mustard[4][5].

FranceでTartar steak OfGarnishThere is a theory that it was made as a steak tartare, and the main ingredients (condiments and chopped vegetables) overlap with the steak tartare.

JapanThen.Showa 41 YearFirst marketed in[6],Western foodIt has become popular with the spread of.Instead of picklesRakkyoPickled in sweet and sourPickled shibaEtc. JapanpicklesMay be included.Based on mayonnaise,Japanese Agricultural StandardMayonnaise cannot be called, and it is classified as "semi-solid dressing".

In addition,Greek mythologyAppear inTartarusAlthough not directly related to, the name of the tartar sauce is derived from "Tartar people", and the Tartar people areEastern EuropePeopleMongolian Empire Of遊牧民Pointed to and saidTatar Western EuropeでGreekThere is also a theory that it is said to have been influenced by "Tartaros".Detail is"Tartar steakSee item.

History and etymology

Tartar sauce and its name19st centuryIt can be seen from the cookbook of.Name isFrench Of tartar sauce Derived from. tartareEurasian stepsCome fromウクライナとロシアOccupied part ofTatarsNamed after (Tartare in the old French spelling).No more is known about etymology[7].

What the 19th century people tried to mean by naming something "tartar" was in "Tartar Mustard" in recipe number 1861 of Isabella Beeton's book "The Book of Household Management" in 481. You can see it.Tartar mustard is made from horseradish vinegar, Cayenne, and regular mustard.Her recipe, number 503, "Remoulade, or French Salad Dressing," describes a method using tarragon, which will be standardized by Auguste Escofier 40 years later, or says today. However, it can be barely identified as Remoulade.

However, she explains that the tarragon used in the "Green Lard" recipe originates in the Tatar region.In Tsar-era Russia, Asia south of Siberia in Russian territory was often referred to as the Tatar region (especially if intended for an exotic atmosphere).Sauce tartar may have been a descriptive term for tarragon mayonnaise, named after the origin of the so-called Russian tarragon.However, in reality, Russian tarragon was rarely used for cooking purposes.

1903 years,Auguste EscoffierWrote the recipe for Remoulade (recipe number 130)[8]..It used both mustard and anchovy essence, but he used only the term sauce tartar for the rest of the book.this isオーストリアAndBohemiaIt is a common usage in the former Austrian territory, such as Sauce Remoulade and Sauce Tartar are synonyms in restaurant menus.GermanThe dictionary "Langenscheidt, Maxi-Woerterbuch Englisch, 120.000 Phrases of 2002" defines tartar sauce as remulade sauce.

From about 1890 to 1914World War IUntil the outbreak ofHaute cuisineIn the early days of the year, finely chopped beef fillet dressed with tartar sauce was served as "Boeuf Tartare" or steak tartare.[9][10]..From the interwar period to today, it was fashionable to serve steak tartare with the ingredients in tartar sauce.


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