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📢 | [Press Release] Contrast Security, DX in Zurich North America ...


[Press Release] Contrast Security at DX in Zurich North America ...

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Zurich has helped build some of North America's most famous buildings, from the Hoover Dam to the Confederation Bridge.

Dear Press, January 2021, 1 Contrast Security Japan GK Cont… → Continue reading

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Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam(Hoover Dam) Isアメリカ合衆国Multipurposedam.Arizonaネ バ ダ 州Located on the state border ofColorado RiverLocated in the Black Canyon.


Hoover Dam1931年Started construction in1936年It was completed in.RooseveltPresidentialNew Deal PolicyIt is said that it was built as part of the president, but the construction started before the inauguration of the president.In the construction work of the damheatstrokeDied 97 people.Also,1940年Seems to be caused by floodingmagnitude5'sInduced earthquakeIs occurring.

The name at the time of construction wasBoulder dam(Boulder Dam), But at the start of constructionPresident of the United States OfHerbert HooverNamed after1947年Was renamed to.The road at the top of the bank(English editionIs.1 lane on each sideTraffic jam OfbottleneckBecause it is, directly under the damBypass roadAs JapanObayashi teamIs the Colorado River Bridge (official name English:Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge) Was undertaken and completed in October 2010[1].

The model isGravity arch dam, Height 221Meters, 379 meters long, the dam lakeLake meadIt is called, and the amount of water stored is about 400 billion.T..There are about 2,500 dams in Japan, and their total water storage is 250 billion tons.Japan's largest lakeBiwa lakeThe amount of water stored in the reservoir is about 280 billion tons.Installed in Hoover DamHydroelectric power plantOccurred inelectricityIs 48 northwest of the damKilometersIt is inLas VegasIncluding,California-ArizonaIt is supplied to each city of.

With the completion of the dam, in a vast dry landIrrigation agricultureIt became possible to do, but at the same time in the downstream areaAccumulation of salt OfPollutionHas come to be seen. 1961, downstreamメキシコThe government violated the 1944 Treaty between the United States and Mexico on the use of water on the Colorado, Tijuana and Rio Grande rivers.International watersAs pollutedUnited States Federal GovernmentProtesting against[2].

Hoover Dam1985年ToUnited States National Historic LandmarkSpecified in.

Dam specifications

North Latitude 36 Degrees 0 Minutes 56 Seconds 114 degrees 44 minutes 16 seconds west longitude /36.01556 N, 114.73778 W / 36.01556; -114.73778Coordinate: North Latitude 36 Degrees 0 Minutes 56 Seconds 114 degrees 44 minutes 16 seconds west longitude /36.01556 N, 114.73778 W / 36.01556; -114.73778
Colorado River
the purpose
Water level adjustment,Power generation,Water
Gravity arch
Bank height
221.4 meters
Embankment length
379.4 meters
Embankment volume
250 millionCubic meter
Flooded area
639square kilometer
Effective water storage capacity
344 billionCubic meter
Dam lake name
Lake mead


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