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💴 | Double-income couples want to know!Mortgage "total income" and "pair loan"


Double-income couples want to know!Mortgage "total income" and "pair loan"

If you write the contents roughly
When using it, it is important to properly organize future life plans and life events and make a solid repayment plan.

Difference between "total income" and "pair loan" of mortgage "total income" is the income of a relative who has a certain amount of income. → Continue reading

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Life plan

Life planIs life planning.

As for the feeling of words Life planBut,Occupation,marriageView,reason to live, While the design focuses on the sense of personal satisfaction such as the place of residence Life planOften refers mainly to life planning from the financial aspect.

Life plan is sometimes translated as a life plan[1].

life event

In a person's life, there are events such as going on to school, getting a job, getting married, giving birth, buying a house, retirement age, inheritance, etc.life eventTo say[1].. Some life events are almost predictable to reach retirement age, while others are completely unpredictable, such as disasters, illnesses, and accidents.[1].

In addition, these are affected by changes in public systems such as pensions, medical care, long-term care, and tax systems, as well as changes in social and economic conditions such as stock prices and foreign exchange markets.[1].

Creating a life plan

Basically, based on each individual's ideal future image (want to be independent in the future, want two children, want to buy a detached house, etc.), the amount of funds that will be needed in the future (independent start-up funds, tuition, housing, etc.) Estimate the purchase funds, living expenses in old age, etc. and possible dangers (illness, accident, etc.), and design by considering how to procure the necessary funds, whether the design needs to be changed in the future, etc. ..


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