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📊 | EV (2) Where are Japanese companies attracting attention for Tesla's profitability?


EV (2) Where are Japanese companies attracting attention for Tesla's profitability?

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The former is outsourced to the production of positive electrode materials from Sumitomo Metal Mining.

The battery used in many EV models is LiB (lithium-ion secondary battery). Sony first realized in 2 ... → Continue reading

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Sumitomo Metal Mining

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.(Sumitomo Kinzoku Kozan,English : Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.) Became the basis for Sumitomo's developmentBesshi Copper MineAnd one of the world's leading gold veinsHishikari MineTo run, etc.Sumitomo Group OfNon-ferrous metalIt is a company.Sumitomo Zaibatsu's source company,Sumitomo Group Public Relations Committeeas well as the ShiramizukaiIs a company that belongs to[2].


One of the oldest companies in JapanSumitomo ZaibatsuIt is the source company of.Sumitomo familyKarma,Riemon SogaIs said to be NanbanbukicopperDeveloped refining technology,Tensho18 years(1590) It started with the establishment of a copper blowing station in Kyoto.Sumitomo familyIs in AkitaAni Copper Mine, Bicchu, etc., and developed into the number one copper miner in Japan.

Genroku4 years(1691)Besshi Copper MineHas begun to develop, and it has grown into a mine that boasts one of the largest copper production in the world.Sumitomo Zaibatsu(CurrentSumitomo Group) Was laid.

Currently世界In each placemineIn addition to developing and smelting, battery materials andElectronic・ A major general company that also produces functional materialsNon-ferrous metalThe manufacturer.resourceIs one of the largest gold mines in Japan and is one of the largest gold mines in Japan.Hishikari MineOwns.

Also, the only electricity in JapannickelAlso known as the company that provides[3].. in recent years,Electric car,Hybrid carIt produces raw materials for positive electrode materials for batteries installed in Japan, and has a high market share in Japan.copperBullionProduction share isPan Pacific CopperIt is second only to Japan.

A signature in the stock industry

Securities industrySo, once it was also a Sumitomo Group and a listed companySumitomo Metal Industries(AfterNippon SteelMerged with Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal to become Nippon Steel & Sumitomo MetalNippon Steel) To distinguish it from "Besshi(Bessi) "or"Sumitomo Mountain("Mountain" means "mining" in the securities industry) ".

TOPIX 100It is a constituent stock.


  • 1590(Tensho18 years)- Riemon SogaOpens a copper smelting and copper work Izumiya in Kyoto.
  • 1691(Genroku4 years)- Besshi Copper MineAcquired the mining right and started mining.
  • 1905(38th year of Meiji)- ShisakajimaEstablished a copper smelter in (currently Shisaka Factory).
  • 1927(2)7 --Besshi Mining Co., Ltd. was separated from Sumitomo Joint Stock Company.Sumitomo Besshi Mine Co., Ltd.Was launched.
  • 1937(12)May 6 --Sumitomo Besshi Mine and Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd. mergedSumitomo Mining Co., Ltd.Was launched.
  • 1946(21)May 1 - Ika Mining Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.
  • 1950(25)May 3 --The metal division of Ika Mining Co., Ltd. became independent.Besshi Mining Co., Ltd.Was launched.
  • 1952(27)6 - Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.
  • 1956(31)9 -Co., Ltd.Hyuga Smelting Co., Ltd.Established.
  • 1964(39)7 --Established Sumiko ISP Co., Ltd.
  • 1965(40)8 --Central Research Institute (currently(I.e.Research Institute) opened.
  • 1966(41)4 --Sumiko ISP Harima Smelter (currentlyHarimaBusiness office) Start of operation.
  • 1967(Showa 42) June- OmeFactory (Electronic Business Headquarters) started operation.
  • 1971(46)2 - ToyoFactory operation started.
  • 1973(48)3 --Besshi Copper Mine closed.
  • 1973 year (Showa 48 year)5 - Konomai MineClosed mountain.
  • 1974(49) June --Started operation of Kunitomi Office.
  • 1975(Showa 50) June- Toroku arsenic pollutionThe Miyazaki District Court Nobeoka Branch is sued as the causative company.After that1978A total of 53 people filed suits from the 1st team to the 4th team until (81).The company lost the appeal and appealed.In the Supreme Court1990A settlement clause was established with the plaintiff in (2).
  • 1977(Showa 52) June- NiihamaOpened a research institute.
  • 1977 year (Showa 52 year)May 2 - Railway businessWithdrew from (Sumitomo Besshi Mine Railway).
  • 1978(Showa 53)- Sazare MineClosed mountain.
  • 1980(55)10 --Merged with Sumiko ISP and succeeded to Harima Plant.
  • 1983(Showa 58) June- Hishikari MineOpening of a mine.
  • 1999(11) September --Full investmentJCO Co., Ltd. (JCO)InTokaimura JCO criticality accidentOccurs.Management deteriorated due to the accidentbankruptcyCrisis[3].
  • 2002(14) June- Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.とzincAffiliated in the smelting business.
  • 2003(15) June- Dowa Mining Co., Ltd.Formed a partnership with sulfuric acid business.
  • 2005(17) April --Commercial production of Coral Bay Nickel Corporation started.
  • 2006(18) February --Started production of Pogo gold mine.
  • 2010(22) October --The Shisaka Factory was spun off.Shisaka SmelterEstablished.
  • 2013(24) July --Lead frame businessHitachi Metals(OldHitachi Cable) And business integration.Capital participation in a copper drawing business subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, making it a XNUMX-XNUMX investment company.
  • 2013(25) September --Commercial production of Taganito HPAL Nickel Corporation started.
  • 2017(29) January --Dissolved the business integration of the lead frame business and copper drawing business with Hitachi Metals. SH Materials Co., Ltd. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, and SH Copper Products Co., Ltd. will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Main products / businesses

Main office

Head office, branch offices, branches, etc.

graduate School

  • Ichikawa Research Center- ChibaIchikawa CityNakakokubun 18-5-XNUMX
  • Niihama Research Institute-17-5 Isoura-cho, Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Resource Refining Development Center --3-5-1 Nishibara-cho, Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Battery Research Institute -17-3 Isoura-cho, Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture
  • Materials Research Institute-TokyoOme6-1-XNUMX, Suehiromachi

Mine, refining, manufacturing base

Domestic offices

  • Hishikari Mine - KagoshimaIsa CityHishikarimaeme 3844
  • Toyo Factory-Ehime PrefectureSaijo City145-1, Shinchi Otsu, Funayaji (under the jurisdiction of the Metals Business Headquarters, producing gold, silver, copper, and platinum groups)
  • Nickel Factory --3-5-3 Nishibara-cho, Niihama-shi, Ehime (under the jurisdiction of Metals Business Headquarters, NickelcobaltProduce)
  • Isoura Factory-17-3 Isoura-cho, Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture (under the jurisdiction of the Functional Materials Division)
  • Harima Office- HyogoKako-gunHarima TownMiyanishi 346-4 (under the jurisdiction of the Metals Business Headquarters, producing zinc and lead)
  • Ome Office --6-1-XNUMX, Suehiro-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo

Overseas offices

  • Morenci Mine-United StatesArizona(Copper concentrate /Electrocopper, 1986-)
  • Cerro Verde Mine- ペルー・ Arequipa (Copper concentrate / electrolytic copper, 2005-)
  • Kebrada Blanca Mine- チリ・ State I (Electrocopper, 2019-)
  • Sierra Gorda Mine- チリ・ State II (Copper concentrate, 2014-)
  • Candelaria Mine-Chile III State (Copper Concentrate, 1995-)
  • Ojos del Salado Mine-Chile III State (Copper Extract, 2005-)
  • Northparkes Mine- Australia・ New South Wales (Copper concentrate, 1994-)
  • Jinlong Copper Smelter-Anhui Province, China (Copper, Sulfuric Acid and Precious Metals, 1995-)
  • Coral Bay- フィリピン-Palawan(nickel-cobaltMixed sulfide, 2004-)
  • Taganito-PhilippinesMindanao(Nickel-cobalt mixed sulfide, 2013-)
  • Solowaco- Indonesia(Nickel mat, 1988-)
  • Figesval-French New Caledonia (nickel ore, 1990-)
  • Nickel Asia-Philippines (Nickel Ore, 2009-)

Overseas police box

Major affiliated companies

Resource business

  • Sumiko Resources Exploration Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining America Inc.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Arizona Inc.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Canada Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Chile LTDA
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Oceania Pty. Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Peru SA
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining do Brasil LTD A.
  • SMM Morenci Inc.

Smelting business

Materials business

  • Sumiko Kunitomi Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Oguchi Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • SMM Precision Co., Ltd.
  • Granopt Co., Ltd.
  • Niihama Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Shinko Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
  • Sumiko Tech Co., Ltd.
  • Nittosha Co., Ltd.
  • NE Chemcat Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Ketchen Co., Ltd.
  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Siporex Co., Ltd.
  • Sumiko Lubricant Co., Ltd.
  • Oguchi Material Co., Ltd.
  • Sumiko Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Psychox Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Sumiko Electronic Paste Co., Ltd.
  • Dongguan Sumiko Electronic Paste Co., Ltd.
  • Taiwan Sumiko Materials Co., Ltd.
  • SMM KOREA Co., Ltd.


  • Sumitomo Metal Mining Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Sumiko Techno Research Co., Ltd.
  • Sumiko Technology Service Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Irradiation Service Co., Ltd.
  • Etaheim Co., Ltd.
  • JCO Co., Ltd.


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