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📢 | Domestic robot releases a movie to snuggle up with the bereaved family for XNUMX days


A movie of a domestic robot snuggling up with a bereaved family for XNUMX days

If you write the contents roughly
In the destructive challenge section, top runners in each field are involved as supervisors.

A robot that reproduces the deceased helps organize the minds of the bereaved family NEWS RELEASE To all the press 2021 ... → Continue reading

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Top runner

"Top runner』(Top Runner) IsNHKWas being broadcast onTalk show.1997May 4Broadcast started.

2007, Celebrated the 10th anniversary of the start of broadcasting.2011The broadcast ended on March 3th.


Until then, "Saturday Soliton SIDE-B』(1995Every time),"Soliton』(1996Started as a talk show for young people, following the flow of degree).

Senri Oe(Musician),Taro Yamamoto(Actor (at that time), beforeMember of the House of Councilors) And other unique moderators are selected.It is recorded with one (one group) guest each time, such as musicians, singers, actors, artists, writers, athletes, and other celebrities of the season and topics at that time.

In addition, served as the moderator of the 3rd and 4th generationsManami Honjo The2006She became pregnant and gave birth to a girl at the end of the same year.For this reason, I took a break from the program at the end of the broadcast within the same year and was the MC in the pastNaomi MasukoとFlowerActed for it.

2005High-definition broadcasting started from the beginning.


periodMain broadcastre-airBS2
1997 YearComprehensive Friday 23: 45-24: 29--
1998 Year
1999 YearMonday 16: 00-16: 44
2000 YearGeneral Thursday 23: 00-23: 44Friday 14: 15-14: 59
2001 YearThursday 15: 00-15: 44
2002 YearBroadcast pause
2003 YearEducation Thursday 24: 00-24: 44--
2004 YearEducation Sunday 19: 00-19: 44Education Thursday 24: 00-24: 44Tuesday 26: 00-26: 44
2005 YearTuesday 26: 30-27: 14
July 2006-December 4General Thursday 24: 00-24: 44Friday 17: 00-17: 44
July 2007-December 1Tuesday 15: 45-16: 29
2007 YearEducation Saturday 23: 00-23: 44General Thursday 24: 10-24: 54
First half of 2008General Monday 24: 10-24: 49Education Saturday 25: 35-26: 14Tuesday 15: 45-16: 24
Late 2008Education Friday 25: 00-25: 39
2009 YearComprehensive Friday 24: 10-24: 54-Tuesday 27: 00-27: 44
2010 YearGeneral Saturday 23: 30-23: 59Monday 16: 30-16: 59

Initially, on NHK General TV, the 23-minute frame from 45:24 to 30:45 on Friday,2000May 3Was broadcast on Thursday from 23:00 to 23:452002May 3The program ends once with.afterwards2003May 4After moving to educational television, broadcasting resumed on Sundays from 19:00 (Saturday 2007:23 in 00).Rebroadcasting was also done on NHK Educational TV for many years, but it was changed to NHK General TV in April 24 due to the temporary abolition of 2006-hour broadcasting, and it was practically resumed on NHK General TV for the first time in four years.

2008May 4The main broadcast was returned to NHK General TV for the first time in 6 years, and the rebroadcast was also returned to Educational TV for the first time in 2 years. Since October, due to the expansion of the educational TV suspension time due to measures against global warming, the rebroadcast has been moved up by 10 minutes from 1:35 on Saturday midnight to 1:00 on Friday midnight.This willKinki areaThen there will be no rebroadcast, and it will be broadcast only on the main broadcast and BS2.

From 2009, the main broadcast will be on Friday for the first time in 9 years, and in principle the last week will be "LOL on air battleIs broadcast.In addition, rebroadcasts on educational television are no longer performed outside the Kinki area.

It will be broadcast on Saturday for the first time in three years from 2010, and the broadcast time has been shortened from 3 minutes to 44 minutes.

Successive performers



  • First generation:Takei "M" Seigo(December 1997, 4-February 4, 2001)
  • 2nd generation:Chris Tomoko(December 2001, 4-February 12, 2002)
  • 3nd generation:Atsuko Tanaka(December 2003, 4-February 13, 2005)
  • 4nd generation:Yuko Nagashima(December 2005, 4-February 10, 2008)
  • 5th generation: (April 2008, 4-March 7, 2009)
  • 6nd generation:Tomoaki Maeno(December 2009, 4-February 3, 2011)


It is also characterized by the appearance of many guests who have little connection with talk shows.

ス タ ッ フ


  • Shin Ishihara(April 2001, 4-March 12)
  • (October 2003-March 6)
  • (October 2006-March 4)
  • (October 2006-March 6)
  • (October 2007-March 6)
  • (October 2008-March 6)
  • (October 2009-March 6)

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NHK general TV "NHK at 23:XNUMX』Thursday frame (2001.4 --2002.3)
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Top runner
According Dora
Music cocktail
NHK general TV "EYES』Monday frame
Top runner
NHK general TV "EYES』Friday (1st-3rd week)
Top runner
* In principle, the first week, 1:24 -15:24
Onbat +
NHK general TV Talk show for young people
Top runner
NHK general TV Saturday 23:XNUMX late frame
Tokyo Kawaii★TV
[Move to the second half of 23:XNUMX on Sunday]
Top runner


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