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📢 | BSI Group Japan Japan's first BIM BSI Kitemar based on ISO 19650…


BSI Group Japan Japan's first BIM BSI Kitemar based on ISO 19650 ...

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BSI Japan is developing a service to prove the customer's BIM maturity by providing BSI Kitemark certification and verification service, and this is the first BIM BSI Kitemark certification by Daiwa House Industry in Japan.

February 2021, 2 BSI Group Japan K.K. Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. BSI Group Japan (UK ... → Continue reading

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Daiwa House Industry

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.(Daiwa House Kogyo)OsakaOsakaKitaUmedaGeneral housing with headquarters in XNUMX-chomeManufacturer.


Founder'sNobuo IshibashiAs a prisoner of war during the warロシアTaken toSiberia OfConcentration campFrom the experience of spending harsh labor days in a frigid place, I recognized the importance of "living", which is the three elements of "clothing, food, and housing" in living after returning to Japan. Started business to popularize "durable housing that can be built immediately".

The origin of the company name is Nobuo Ishibashi's birthplace and the company's founding place.NaraOldRegulatory countryThe name "Yamato"(Yamatokoku), at the suggestion of Ishibashi," I want to manage with great harmony. "Yamato"not"DaiwaI read it.

1959(Showa34 years)PrefabIt was the first time in Japan to launch a house (industrialized house), overturning the common sense of housing construction.

Additional insulation (combination of filling insulation and external insulation)Insulation"Xevo" brand that adopted the construction method) etc. as standard2006(HeiseiAnnounced in 18).New "xevo" brand with enhanced frame strength2007Announced in (19).

住宅Focusing on (steel frame / wood)Apartment-Apartment-Resort hotel-business hotel-ゴ ル フ 場We are developing business such asOne period[When?]Was pushing the "comprehensive living industry" to the fore.2001Subsidiary in AprilYamato housing complexWas absorbed and merged.

To reduce advertising costs by reducing costs1998From April (10) to June of the following yearCredit providedWithout issuingTV programThere was a time when I was playing commercials inside.Now[When?]Then change the policy and say "Why is it Daiwa House?"TaglineWe are developing a surrealistic commercial.

carbon dioxideEnergy-saving technology for emission reduction, site greeningWind-power generationWe are working on environmental management such as business and wastewater purification.As part of this, it has been an international standard for environmental management since 1997.ISO14001We are working to obtain the certification ofNow[When?]All factories (13 locations nationwide) and production-related departments have obtained certification.

2001(13) DegreeAce cock(Sapporo IchibanOn behalf of the group) every year at the beginning of the new yearNationwide netBroadcast on TVYomiuri TelevisionSponsoredProfessional Baseball All-Star Sports Festival → From 2014, the No. 1 professional baseball game! OfCrown sponsorServed asCorporate mecenatAs2006(18) October,Osaka Symphony OrchestraIs supporting.

The corporate philosophy is"Nurturing people through business".The slogan of the company group was "After the merger of Daiwa Danchi in 2001.Dramatic Life For YouIn line with the introduction of CI in 2005,Create together.live together. We Build Hearts.Was enacted.

2007(19) Daiwa House Group alone in JulyREIT("(Old)Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation”) Established,2008(20) in AugustTokyo Stock ExchangeIt was planned to be listed on the stock exchange, but in June of the same year, it announced that it would be canceled due to the deterioration of market conditions.afterwards2012Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on November 11th.

CorporationPrefabricated building associationJoin.


  • 1947(Showa22 years)- NaraNaraEstablished in.
  • 1955(30)-(Former) Established Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.
  • 1959 --Established Daiwa Kosho Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Packing Co., Ltd.
  • 1959 --Initial public offering as an over-the-counter stock in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • 1959-Launched the first prefabricated house "Midget House".
  • 1961 - Osaka Stock ExchangeIn the first partListing..Next monthTSEListed on the first section.
  • 1962 --In April, the company name was changed from Sanei Kiko Co., Ltd. to (currently) Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd., and in December, the Company merged with (former) Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. (so-called merger for the purpose of changing the face value of shares). Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Daiwa House.
  • 1971 --Established Daiwa Housing Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • 1978 --Opened Noto Royal Hotel and started hotel management
  • 1980 - Home centerBusiness entry.
  • 1983 --Exported and built Japan's first full-scale housing for China.
  • 1995 --Opened the first Roynet Hotel store.
  • 1999 --Completion of new office building in Tokyo and Osaka.
  • 2001 - Yamato housing complexMerged with a joint-stock company.
  • 2004 --Home improvement businessCompany split(Royal Home Center).
  • 2005May 4 - CIRenewed and changed the brand name from "Daiwa House" to "Daiwa House".Also, the current new CI logoAlso enacted (5th of the same monthIn addition, "Daiwa House" may also be used to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding).Operation of Japanese physical education facilityMade (NAS) a subsidiary.
  • 2006 --Three listed companies in the group (Daiwa camel industry (currently:Design arc), Daiwa Kosho Lease (currently:Yamato lease),Daiwa Logistics) Made a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2008 - Energy ServeMade a wholly owned subsidiary. October, the largest in northern KantoShopping center,iias TsukubaOpening of business.Iias SapporoOpening of business.
  • 2009 --Daiwa House (Chugoku) Established Investment Co., Ltd.
  • 2010 --Established Daiwa House USA Inc., Daiwa House Australia Pty Ltd., and Daiwa House Guam Co. Ltd.
  • 2011 - TaiwanEstablished a branch office.

       - Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euParticipated in the development of "Long Duc Industrial Park".

       - IndonesiaParticipated in the development of "Daiwa Manungal Industrial Park".

  • 2013 -Co., Ltd.Fujita, Ltd.Cosmos InitiaBecame a subsidiary.
  • 2015 --Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock ExchangeDaiwa Odakyu ConstructionMade a joint-stock company a wholly owned subsidiary (merged with Fujita on October 2015, 10).
  • 2019 --Building standard nonconformity problem occurred in more than 2000 detached houses and rental houses nationwide.After that, it increased to about 4000 buildings[2].
  • 2020 --Started providing "D's 10-year support".

Main condominium series

  • "Royal" series
  • "Verbu" series
  • "D'" series
  • "Premist" series

Main development residential area

  • EDDI + S TOWN- TokyoKomae,TEPCOWhen.Suzuki EdwardIs in charge of design
  • Floral Avenue Kiyoshikojin
  • Jivo Square Fujiidera Kasugaokashinmachi (Long-term excellent housing lead business)- Fujiidera CityKasugaoka
  • MinamiyamatoNeopolis - Gojo CityNorthwest of the city, oldYamato housing complexNew Town Developed by
  • Midorigaoka Town (Miki City)Midorigaoka Neopolis- HyogoMiki
  • Kitase Mita New Town -Hyogo PrefectureMita, In the land readjustment project by Daiwa House Industry
  • Kita Osaka NeopolisKibogaoka- OsakaToyono-gunToyono Town, New town developed by the former Daiwa Danchi
  • Hankyu North Neopolis -Hyogo PrefectureKawanishi City, Created by former Daiwa Danchi Co., Ltd. and Daiwa House Industry
  • Okayama Neopolis - OkayamaoldAkaban-gunSanyo Town,Kumayama Town(Current:Akaban)
  • Sendai Miyanomori --Development in the direction of complex housing complex construction
  • Kokura DC TowerSeller of the condominium part
  • Neo City Asami (Condominium building lots for sale)
  • Floral Avenue Kakidagawa- Santo Moon KakitagawaAcquired a part of and developed in a detached land for sale
  • Floral AvenueShin-KamagayaHatsutomi (for-sale housing)- ChibaKamagaya city
  • Omachi New Town Bujohei- EhimeSaijo CityOmachi character Zenegawa
  • JA Pure Town Higashikaizawa Higashi (Residential land for sale with construction conditions)- GunmaTakasaki
  • Floral Avenue Urawa Nakao- SaitamaSaitamaGreen District
  • Floral Avenue Tokorozawa / Sayamagaoka --Saitama PrefectureTokorozawa
  • Garden Pal Yorktown West (Conditional residential land for sale)- IbarakiYuki
  • Floral Avenue Higashinagaoka (Housing for sale) --Gunma PrefectureOta CityHigashinagaoka Town
  • Floral Avenue Kodaira Sakaecho (Housing for sale) --TokyoKodaira
  • Floral Avenue Hanagakicho (house for sale)- TochigiOyama City
  • JA Pure Town Shinbo (Housing for sale) --Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Oi Matsuda (Housing for sale) - KanagawaAshigarakami DistrictOi town
  • Kazusanomori Access Chiharadai (for-sale housing) --Chiba Prefecture市 原 市
  • Nakakurisu (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Gunma PrefectureFujioka
  • Keio Minamidaira Station and Forest (for-sale housing) --TokyoHino city
  • Showa Town Land for Sale (Residential Land for Sale with Construction Conditions) Gunma PrefectureMaebashiMaebashi Showamachi 3-chome
  • Floral Avenue Hashikabe III A town that connects time (long-term excellent housing leadership project) --Ibaraki PrefectureHitachinaka City
  • Floral Avenue Kashiwatanaka (Housing for sale) --Chiba PrefectureKashiwa
  • Breeze Square Naruse (Housing for sale) --TokyoMachida-shi
  • Floral Avenue Ichikawa Sugano (Housing for sale) --Chiba PrefectureIchikawa City
  • Chiffon Hill Hachioji Minamino City - TokyoHachioji City
  • Floral Avenue Iwazomachi (Condominium building lots for sale) --Tochigi PrefectureUtsunomiya City
  • Jivo Square Shinchiba (Housing for sale) --Chiba PrefectureChibaChuo-ku
  • Floral Avenue Station Ekiminamicho (Housing for sale) --Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Iizukamachi II (Conditional residential land for sale) --Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Shonan Karasawa (Condominium for sale with construction conditions) --Kanagawa PrefectureFujisawa
  • Refill Court Yokosuka Chuo (for-sale housing) --Kanagawa PrefectureYokosuka
  • Saint-Verge Hitachino (for-sale housing) --Ibaraki PrefectureUshiku
  • Floral Avenue Oyumino 5-chome (Housing for sale) --Chiba City, Chiba PrefectureGreen District
  • Floral Avenue Nishiyajima (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Gunma PrefectureOta City
  • Mizuho Midorinosato (Housing for sale) --Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Setagaya Fukasawa (Conditional residential land for sale) --TokyoSetagaya
  • Floral Avenue Yamato II (Conditional residential land for sale) --Kanagawa PrefectureYamato
  • Floral Avenue Tokai Station East (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Ibaraki PrefectureNaka-gunTokai village
  • Komanyumachi, Utsunomiya City (Condominatory residential land for sale) --Utsunomiya City, Tochigi PrefectureKomanyumachi
  • Floral Avenue Shinkamagaya (Condominium) --Kamagaya City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Higashiurawa (Housing for sale) --Midori-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Grand Reve Millennium XNUMXth Period (Condominium) --Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Nakaimaizumi II (Housing for sale) --Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Fuchu (Wooden, Tokyo: Condominium) --TokyoFuchu-shi
  • Floral Avenue Higashiimaizumi (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • South Hills Minamino City III (for-sale housing) --Hachioji, Tokyo
  • Sunlife Kagohara Beppu (for sale of residential land with construction conditions) --Saitama PrefectureKumagaya Hitachi MetalsResidential land with construction conditions for sale by planning and development of the group and Daiwa House
  • Floral Avenue Tamagawa Gakuenmae (Housing for sale with fixed-term land lease right) --Machida, Tokyo
  • Floral Avenue Kokura (Housing for sale) --Chiba City, Chiba PrefectureWakaba ku
  • Floral Avenue Shiki / Kashiwacho (Housing for sale) --Saitama PrefectureShiki
  • Yachiyo Moegino (for sale of residential land with construction conditions) --Chiba PrefectureYachiyo
  • Floral Avenue Urayasu Higashino (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Chiba PrefectureUrayasu city
  • Floral Avenue Ishioka Asahidai (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Ibaraki PrefectureIshioka
  • Floral Avenue Sano New City (Housing for sale) --Tochigi PrefectureSano City
  • Lake Town Mikan no MoriKoshigaya Lake TownFor-sale housing-Saitama PrefectureKoshigaya
  • Floral Avenue Fuchu-Tama Branch, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
  • Floral Avenue Tokorozawa / Wakasa II (Conditional residential land for sale) --Saitama PrefectureTokorozawa
  • Floral Avenue Funabashi Narashinodai (for-sale housing) --Chiba PrefectureFunabashi
  • Floral Avenue Bizenmachi (Residential land for sale with construction conditions) --Ibaraki PrefectureMito
  • Class Hill Haruhino (Housing for sale) --Kanagawa PrefectureKawasaki CityAso
  • Tsukuba Kenkyugakuen New City (Condominium) --Ibaraki PrefectureTsukuba City
  • Precious Square Higashi Yurigaoka (Condominium) --Asao Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Garden Pal Nishimizushiro (for sale of residential land with construction conditions) --Tochigi PrefectureTochigi City
  • Azulville Joei (for-sale housing) --Yamanashi PrefectureNakakoma DistrictShowa Town
  • Floral Avenue Higashijonan 2-chome (Conditional residential land for sale) --Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Hiramatsu Honcho VI (Condominium) --Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Nishijonan 4-chome (Conditional residential land for sale) --Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Namiemachi (Housing for sale) --Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Grand Reve Millennium "Happy Tamatebako House" (for-sale house) --Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Saitama Nisshin (for-sale housing) --Saitama City, Saitama PrefectureKita
  • Floral Avenue Kawagoe / Matobashinmachi (building site for sale with construction conditions) --Saitama PrefectureKawagoe-shi
  • Floral Avenue Tsudanuma Minami / Kanadenomori (Conditional fixed-term land lease for construction) --Chiba PrefectureNarashino-shi
  • Ritz Town III Midorigaoka (Conditional residential land for sale) JA and Daiwa House collaboration town --Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Kugahara Ota (Condominium building lots for sale) --TokyoOta-ku
  • D Stage Hachioji Ayanami (Housing for sale) --Hachioji, Tokyo
  • (Tentative name) Tamadaira no Mori Project (Condominatory residential land for sale) --Hino City, Tokyo
  • Floral Avenue Kawagoe / Kosenba (for-sale housing) --Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Floral Avenue Kawagoe / Shinmeicho (for-sale housing) --Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Kazusanomori Access Chiharadai (for-sale housing) --Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture
  • Jivo Square Soga (for-sale housing) --Chuo-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture


  • Branch office: 54 locations
  • Factory: 10 locations
  • Research Institute for Technology (NaraNara)

* OnceTokyoChuo-kuNihonbashiThere was a Tokyo head office that was promoted from the Tokyo branch office, but it was demoted to the Tokyo branch office when Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku was relocated.After that, it was promoted to the head office again on April 2013, 4.However, the actual head office function and registered head office will continue to be located in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture.[3].

Daiwa House Group

A company that was once a group


Unpaid wages due to overtime work

2011(Heisei23 years)1In OsakaTenma Labor Standards Inspection Office OfCorrective adviceIn response, Daiwa House Industry2011May 4Headquarters and 15 group companies in2009と2010Announced that there was an unpaid overtime wage of 2 billion yen in the two years.A survey of 32 companies, including the head office, revealed that 32 people, or about 2% of the 5000 employees,Service overtimeWas found to be unpaid[4].

Huge embezzlement case at a Chinese affiliate

2019(31)May 3,ChineseJoint VentureDalian Yamato Nakamoribo local product (LiaoningDalian), 3 people (2 people) dispatched from the joint venture partnerDirector) Was suspected of cheating. Another employee noticed that one of the three cashiers tried to take out the company's documents without permission, and investigated because there was a difference between the deposit balance and the books, and the difference was 3 billion at the moment. It turned out to be 14 million yuan (about 1,500 million yen).According to a report from a local accountant from Dalian Yamato Nakamoribo, a survey was conducted from about four years ago.Internet bankingIt became clear that company funds were being withdrawn illegally through.In response to this, on the 12th, the company has begun a procedure to file a criminal complaint against the Chinese investigative authorities on suspicion of embezzlement of three people who are believed to have committed fraud.Daiwa House is an affiliated company to which Dalian Yamato Nakamoribo is applied, so if this difference is misappropriated and the entire amount cannot be recovered, the equity method investment loss (ordinary loss) will be approximately 3 billion yen. ) Is expected to be recorded.Keiichi YoshiiThe president said,GovernanceFirst of all, this system was very sweet.I think that's all that led to this result. "In addition, Dalian Yamato Nakamoribo local products that develop and sell housing2005With the establishment of, Daiwa House has an 83.65% stake and Dalian Chusei Group has a 16.35% stake.The capital is 33 billion yuan.201812As of the end, sales amount to 8,001 million yuan[5][6][7][8].

Building standard nonconformity problem

2019 year (Heisei 31 year)May 4, Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. announced that there was a defect in the construction of pillars and foundations that differed from the specifications for a total of more than 2000 detached houses (about 7000 households) and rental housing nationwide.[9]. Capital AreaThe pillars that support the corridor on the second floor of the 200 rental apartments delivered in the above were constructed with specifications different from the standard, of which 2 were constructed.Building Standards LawThere is a risk of not meeting the fire prevention standards set by[10]..Insufficient fire protection was handed over from 2001 to 2008Tokyo,Kanagawa,Chiba,SaitamaRental apartment.Originally, the steel frame supporting the outer corridor on the second floor had to be covered with a fire-resistant material, but it was not treated.AlsoTohokuからKyusyuIt was found that there was a construction defect in the foundation of the 29 detached houses and rental housing in 1878 prefectures.In the part called "independent foundation" that supports the pillars, the height of the foundation of the building was about 10 cm higher than the certified model, unlike the specifications that were certified in advance.All of the construction deficiencies are due to the lack of awareness of designers regarding the revision of the national system, but in the housing industry in 2013Misawa HomeSince then, a major rental apartmentLeopalace 21However, construction defects have been revealed, and a similar problem was discovered.Residents' distrust is growing[Original research?][11][12].. It was discovered in December 2016 when an employee made an internal report. An investigation committee was set up in July 12,2000We have been investigating about 22 buildings sold since then.About 170 designers were involved in the violation, and it was said that they accidentally made a new design or construction before obtaining national approval.Managing Director Kazuto Tsuchida apologized at a press conference in Osaka City, saying, "We apologize for the inconvenience and concern to our customers."Regarding the reason why he overlooked many violations, Managing Director Yoshinori Ariyoshi explained that "the feedback from the field was not properly distributed. Information transmission was insufficient."[13][14].Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismInstructed the company to give a polite explanation to the homeowners and to carry out the renovation.

2019May 4 OfTokyo stock marketThen, the stock price of Daiwa House Industry fell sharply, and it temporarily dropped to 3,106 yen, renewing the year-to-date low.The closing price was 124 yen, down 3.8 yen (3,142%) from the previous weekend. After announcing on the 12th that there is a risk of violating the Building Standards Act in a total of about 2 detached houses and rental apartments, sales spread due to concerns about deterioration of business performance.[15].

2019 years(First year of Reiwa)May 6Announced that about 1900 new infringing properties were found.Violating propertyApproximately 4000 buildingsIt has doubled since it was announced in April.It is said that there was a leak in the population parameter of the data extracted from the in-house system. After the announcement in April, the office contacted the head office and re-investigated that there were more illegal properties.President Keiichi Yoshii held a press conference in Osaka City and apologized, "I am very sorry. Our scrutiny was not completed."[16][17][18][19]..The company also released the final report of the External Investigation Commission on the issue today. In 2007, a business office in the Kanto region inquired about deficiencies at the head office, but did not take specific measures and pointed out problems with the system to comply with laws and regulations and lack of communication.[20].

Posting inappropriate videos by employees of outsourced companies

In September 2018, the company's contractorWaterThree employees of the equipment companyFukuokaShimen TownOf the company's built apartmentWater receiving tankHow to swim insideインターネット OfVideo posting sitePosted in.The company that grasped the situation2019(ReiwaFirst year)May 6By the time, after thoroughly educating the outsourced companies,Fukuoka Prefectural PoliceKasuya Police StationToReport damageIt was[21][Broken link].

Use of natural hot springs and false industrial water

In August 2019 (the first year of Reiwa), the hot spring facility Iwashio Onsen Rinku-no-Yu operated by the company used industrial water and no pink salt, although it said that it used natural hot springs and Himalayan pink salt. Business improvement order was issued by Osaka Prefecture[22][23].. In December 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa),Freebie display methodIn violation (good misidentification)Consumer Affairs AgencyReceived an order to pay a surcharge of 2738 million yen[24].

Systematic fraudulent acquisition of national qualifications

On December 2019, 12, despite the lack of work experience, the "certificate" for the exam was stamped.National qualification OfConstruction management engineerAnnounced that 349 employees will be revoked for passing the exam, alleging that they had illegally acquired[25].

Offer program

Currently provided programs

Provided by one company
60 seconds (30 seconds x 2)
Crown sponsorship (60 seconds or more)
30 秒

Past offering programs

Nippon TVseries
Fuji Television Network, Incseries
TV Asahiseries
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series
National Independent Broadcasting Council
Other radio stations

CM performer


  • Ueno Juri Rental apartment / D-room
  • Tomoya Nakamura Rental apartment D-room (2016-)
  • Lily Franky To the corporate commercial "Here, together"
  • Fukatsu Eri "Here, together" 
  • Shinobu Otake In charge of narration for the corporate CM "Co-creation and Co-existence" series
  • Tori Matsuzaka Self-sufficiency edition ・ 2020 ―― (In the past 2014 ―― In the “Man who collected the sun” edition, an employee of the Environment and Energy Department of Yamato House → Employee of the Logistics Division, 2016 ―― In the “America” edition, Hiroshi Yakusho when he was young "Pitcher" role, 2017-also appeared as a business matching edition)
  • Lisa Oda Self-sufficiency edition, 2020-
  • Yutaka Takenouchi xevoΣ
  • Nakamura Yuko xevoΣ
  • Akihiro Tsunoda(東京 03) XevoΣ


Athletes to which


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注 釈

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