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📢 | Shinya Kiyozuka will appear in "Disney Fantasia Concert 80" commemorating the 2021th anniversary of the movie's release!Pre-sale…


Shinya Kiyozuka will appear in "Disney Fantasia Concert 80" commemorating the 2021th anniversary of the movie's release!Pre-sale…

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Enjoy the animation projected on the big screen with live music of a gorgeous full orchestra and a light talk.

Shinya Kiyozuka will appear at "Disney Fantasia Concert 80" to commemorate the 2021th anniversary of the movie's release ... → Continue reading

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Performance(Enso)IsMusicIn the actsoundRefers to the act of issuing. In addition, of "kanade"漢字Is included in the performanceMusical instrumentNot only playingsongThe act of singing is also included.

The nature of the performance

Music acts are considered based on the following three stages.

Composition - Performance - 鑑賞

Of these, composition is the stage of devising the order of music,Musical scoreOften recorded in. On the other hand, appreciation is the stage of listening to music created by others without actively participating in music activities. Of course, if the three stages are not complete, then it is not music, for example, a performance without an audience is common.

In reality, there are music scenes in which these three stages are strictly distinguished, and there are music scenes in which the divisions are difficult to distinguish. Also, the location of the division may change depending on the music scene. For example, playing while composing (ImprovisationIt is a common practice for the viewer to actively participate in the performance.Classical musicWritten innoteIt is normal to play exactly as it is, butjazzThen, perform on the spot while giving various changes.

The performance is thatGenreTo some extent, it follows the rules according to. The height of the follower becomes the height of reproducibility. In some cases, the player cannot comply due to lack of skill, and in other cases, the player intentionally deviates from the original song.

If the audience knows in advance which genre the performance will be in, even for music that has never been heard,imageBecause I expect that the performance will be performed in, the evaluation may vary if I intentionally break it. Depending on the genre of music, there are also rules such as "rely on chance" or "out of the existing limits", and it is difficult to evaluate such performance.

When played by human handsLive music(Namenso), In the case of performances that do not involve human handsAutomatic performanceCalled.

Here recently, a mixture of the above methodsMusic syncThat method has become possible.

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