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📊 | Tokyo Skytree Town / Large-scale renewal of 22 stores this spring


Tokyo Skytree Town / Large-scale renewal to renew 22 stores this spring

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In Shitamachi, "Nidaime Noguchi Fresh Fish Dealer", "Bunkoya Ozeki" and "Tenfura Uzukino" will open from Sumida Ward.

Tobu Railway and Tobu Town Solamachi will renew 22 stores this spring at the commercial facility "Tokyo Solamachi" directly connected to Tokyo Skytree ... → Continue reading

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Nidaime Noguchi Fresh Fish Dealer


Sumida-ku(Sumida) isTokyo OfWardLocated in the eastspecial area.


"Okebori"Such"Seven Wonders of the HeadquartersIs set in the vicinity of the old Sumida Ward.Also,Grand SumoIs heldRyogoku KokugikanIt is also famous for its location.

Independent type in Oshiage / Narihira areaSteel towerThe height of 634m, which is the highest in the worldDigital terrestrial broadcastingTower,Tokyo Sky Tree 2012It opened in May.TourismAnd made it a symbol of disaster prevention city, the best in the worldTourist cityIt is said to aim for.


Population distribution by age in Sumida Ward and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Sumida Ward (2005)
Purple-Sumida Ward
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Sumida Ward (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Day and night population

In 2005, the nighttime population (residents) was 231,092, but from outside the ward.CommutingWithCommuting to schoolRemains daytime in the wards of raw and residentpopulationIs the sum ofDaytime populationIs 262,514Noon The1.136 times the population[1].

  • Number of households: 117,324 households (October 2006, 10)
  • Number of registered foreigners: 8,314 (October 2006, 10)


It is a ward in the eastern part of Tokyo, and the border in the west isSumida RiverAnd the eastern borderArakawaandIs in a position sandwiched betweenRiverIt is a town sandwiched between.Water Village Hundred ElectionHas been selected for.区東部の地域はThe area in the eastern part of the wardZero meters above sea levelIt has become.


Before modern times

Until Sumida Ward was established, the northern part of the ward (formerlyMukojima Ward) And South (formerlyHonjo Ward), There is a big difference in history.In the northHeian periodBy this time, landing has progressed,中 世ToManorUnder the systemShimosaLocated in a corner of Kasai Mikuriya,KasaiOf the place of knowledgeRuralIt was developing as a zone.南部では牛島がUshijima in the south700 eraから OfgrazingMostly other than what was supposed to be the groundSwampAndPeopleIs extremely unsuitable for livinglandMet.こちらは北部とは異なり、中世ではThis is different from the north, in the Middle AgesMusashi countryMr. EdoIt was a clan's place of knowledge.

The early modern period

The center of Edo1657(Tomorrow3 years)Furisode fireAs a result of the burning field, the samurai residence was moved to the southern part of the area as part of disaster countermeasures.同時に、竪川・大横川をはじめとする河川の掘削や南北割下水(今でいうところの北斎通り近辺に存在した。)や碁盤目状のAt the same time, excavation of rivers such as the Tate River and Oyoko River, north-south split sewage (which existed near Hokusai-dori as it is now), and a grid pattern道路Has been maintained.

Modern and contemporary

1878(Meiji11) in the northMinami KatsushikaIncorporated in, the southern partTokyo 15 WardIn addition, the wave of industrialization rushed in, and development began to progress in both the north and the south.1894Important in (Meiji 27)TransportationMeansSobu LineHas opened.It has evolved like this,1923(Taisho12 years)Great Kanto EarthquakeAs a result, most of the area was burned down.特に、元Especially the originalarmyFormer clothing yard (currentYokoamicho ParkIn (etc.), although many people evacuated, they suffered a fierce fire and caused a large number of burned to death, which is said to be 4 to 5.

Eventually, the damage caused by themreconstructionI came to do1932In (Showa 7), Mukojima Ward was born in the north.1935(ShowaThe census population (10 years) is 464,892 in the current Sumida area (total of Honjo-ku and Mukojima-ku at that time), which is next to it.Taitung area(At the timeAsakusa WardShimotani Ward(Total) with 464,217 peopleTokyoIt was the most populous area in Japan.

But,Second World War(Especially1945 OfTokyo air raid), The whole area of ​​the ward was burnt down again.1947(Showa 22)Honjo WardMukojima WardWas merged to form the current Sumida Ward.1963Until (Showa 38), the population increased with the reconstruction and development of the town.Showa OfDowntownIt has become a representative city of existence.[2]After that, it peaked and began to decrease.In addition, the number of town factories will decrease due to relocation to the suburbs and outside Japan.

1981(56)May 4 TheDisaster prevention administrative radioStarted operation.

In recent years, these工場On the siteApartmentDevelopment such as building is progressing, especially2000Since (12), the population has increased (recovered) significantly.

2016(Heisei28 years)May 8Broadcasting of disaster prevention administration radio was changed.

History of the ward

Origin of ward name

The name of the ward is ink from the Sumida River bank, commonly known as "Bokutei", and rice fields from the Sumida River.The notation of "Sumida" itself is also one of the old other notations of Sumida River.

Other candidates included "Sumida Ward," "Azuma Ward," "Sumidagawa Ward," and "Koto Ward."[3].

Town name

In Sumida Ward, the implementation of residential addressing has been completed in all wards.The following is a list of the town names after the addressing system was implemented and the old town names immediately before the addressing system was implemented.Except for the one marked "(all)" after the old town name, it is a part of the old town area.

North(Former Mukojima Ward)

Sumida(Sumida)Originally Sudacho.通称「鐘ヶ淵」はKnown as "Kanegafuchi"KaneboIt was the birthplace of Kanebo, and is still popular as the birthplace of Kanebo even after the company name was changed to Kracie.
Tsutsumidori(As per the wrap)Originally Sudacho.Along the Sumida River in the northwestern part of the ward.There is Higashishirahige Apartment (commonly known as a disaster prevention complex), which is the largest disaster prevention base in the ward.
Higashisumida(Higashi Sumida)Originally Azumacho.
Yahiro(Yahiro)Originally Azumacho.Yahiro Station
Higashimukojima(Higashimu Kojima)Originally Terajima-cho.Kinto KantanStage.Location of Tobu Museum.Utoriya Sumida Lifetime Learning Center is located at the former Mukaishima Ward Office (former Sumida Ward No. XNUMX Government Building).
Tachibana(Tachibana)Originally Azumacho.Tachibana-dori shopping street.Higashi Azuma Station
Bunka(Bunka)Originally Azumacho.Mukaijima Police Station,Omurai Station
Kyojima(Kyojima)Originally Azumacho, Terajimacho.The name is a combination of "Kyo" in Tokyo and "Island" in Mukaishima.近年recent yearsHikifune StationLarge-scale development is being carried out mainly in.

Center(Former Honjo-ku / Mukojima-ku)

Azumabashi(Azumabashi)Ward office,Asahi beerThere is a head office building of.Azumabashi is built between Asakusa.Former name, Nakanosato.Honjo Azumabashi Station
Higashikomagata(Higashi Komagata)Komagata is in Taito Ward.
Main office(Honjo)Former name, Umayabashi. 「厩」の字がThe character of "厩" isKanjiSince it was not on the table, it became a problem on the display of the residence and it became the original place name.
Business(Narihira)Jihei AraharaDerived from.The old name is Narihirabashi and Hirakawabashi, and there is a theory that they are combined.
Yokokawa(Yokokawa)Yokogawa against Tatekawa.
Mukaijima(Mukojima)Originally Koumecho and others.Late Edo period,Mito DomainOf the merchantKawasaki groupCast "Torasen".After the transfer to Honjo-ku, it will be treated as Honjo-ku.
Push up(Oshiage)Oshiage Station,Tokyo Skytree Station,Tobu RailwayHeadquarters location.There is Tokyo Sky Tree.It straddles both the former Honjo-ku and Mukojima-ku.

Southern(Old Honjo-ku)

Horizontal net(Yokoami)Ryogoku StationNorth side of.Ryogoku KokugikanThere is.In that association, "YokozunaMay be misread.また、国技館の隣にはAlso, next to the KokugikanEdo Tokyo MuseumThere is.Dai-ichi Hotel Ryogoku is located at the former Honjo Ward Office (former Sumida Ward Dai-ichi Government Building).
Both countries(Ryogoku)Ryogoku StationSouth side of.Originally Nihonbashi Ryogoku (currently:Chuo-kuHigashi Nihonbashi) Was said to be East Ryogoku.旧国技館(のちのOld Kokugikan (laterDay universityauditorium.Currently demolished City Core),KiraThere is Matsuzakacho Park, the headquarters of the ruins of the mansion.
绿(Midori)Midori XNUMX-chome to XNUMX-chome are installed.
Tachikawa(Tatekawa)Formerly written as Tatekawa,Yoshio KiraAko Ronin who aimed at was living around here.
Kikugawa(Kikukawa)The southernmost part of the ward.Toyama Kagemoto/Nobuyoshi HasegawaThere is a residence trace of.
Taiping(Great)Kinshicho StationNorth side of.North side of Kinshi. 2006,SeikoshaLarge commercial facility on the siteOlinasIs completed.隣接してAdjacentKinshi ParkSumida City GymnasiumThere is.
Kinshi(Kinshi)Kinshicho StationNorth side of.商業施設Commercial facilityArcakit Kinshicho,Tobu Hotel,Sumida Trifony HallThere is.KinshichoA part of the area called.
Kotobashi(Kotobashi)Kinshicho StationSouth side of.一帯はThe whole areaTokyo RakutenAn old entertainment district centered around.Marui,LIVINDepartment stores such as are lined up.KinshichoThe center of the area called.Okebori (Kinshibori) The birthplace of the legend.


Various events


  • glass --Manufacturing of glassware and glass bottles, glass processing (Edo Kirikoother)
  • Kototoi Dango - MukaijimaA famous long-established Japanese sweets shop in.It is also known as Eri Toyama's parents' home.
  • Of ChomeijiSakura mochi - MukaijimaIt is inChomei-ji TempleIn front of the gate1717(KyohoIt has been a specialty since Shin Yamamoto started selling in 2 years).Also with Chomeiji Mochi.In neighboring areas such as the Kanto region, cherry blossom mochi generally refers to this Chomeiji mochi rather than the one using Domyoji.

"Nursing care"place of origin 

  • Diaper company in the wardFootmark Co., Ltd.However, it is the first publicly used and registered trademark in Japan.By the way, it is said that this term was first used in Japan in 1892 as an arithmetic progression for disabled veterans and illnesses.

Zip Code

Area code

  • The whole area of ​​Sumida Ward"03".
  • Most of the city codes in the "03" area are in the second digit from the top."6"(36XX, 56XX, 66XX), but "6" is also usedEdogawa-ku,Koto Ward,KatsushikaSimilarly, as a measure against depletion, recently"8"(38XX, 58XX, 68XX, etc.) are also assigned.


License plate

Sumida Ward is the Adachi number (Tokyo Transport Bureau) Is assigned, which corresponds to the area of ​​"Eastern 23 Wards".

Adachi number allocation area
  • Taito Ward, Edogawa Ward, Katsushika Ward, Adachi Ward, Koto Ward, Sumida Ward, Arakawa Ward[6].

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Sightseeing spot

Historic site



Ward mayor

Administrative organization

  • Number of ward staff: 1,943 (April 2013, 4)

Disaster countermeasures

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Urban Development BureauAccording to the results of the 6th Regional Risk Measurement Survey (20), in the "risk of building collapse" at the time of the earthquake, Kyojima 5099-chome, Sumida-ku was the worst 1st and 2nd among XNUMX-chome in Tokyo.Ryusen, Taito-kuSumida-ku Sumida 3-chome is in 4rd place, and Sumida-ku Higashikomagata 5-chome and Sumida-ku are in 9th place (the worst 100th to 22th are other wards).In addition, Sumida Ward occupies XNUMX districts in the worst ranking XNUMX districts (chome), and Sumida Ward is said to have the highest risk of building collapse in Tokyo.However, it cannot be said that all areas of Sumida Ward are vulnerable to earthquakes.これは、一部地区は戦後に建てられた古くからのThis is because some districts were built after the warWooden constructionIt is said that there are many buildings and the density of buildings is high.墨田区ではIn Sumida WardJupiter TelecomThe Earthquake Early Warning service has been ordered from the company, and it is expected to start operation from September 2008, 9.
  • Alley ――For regional disaster prevention, a word mainly in each area of ​​the wardPocket parkAn underground tank is installed to store rainwater.In addition to water for disaster prevention, it is also used for watering vegetation on a daily basis.[7]
  • Shirahige Disaster Prevention Complex-A high-rise house that extends over 1km north and south, designed so that the building itself will become a fire wall in the event of a large fire such as an earthquake.In the event of a fire, the opening of the building will be closed with shutters, the gaps between the buildings will be closed by walls, and water will be discharged from the roof to cool the building.


25 initial budget scale

  • Total amount: 1,527.13 billion yen
    • General account: 1,007.80 billion yen
    • National Health Insurance Special Account: 298.68 million yen
    • Long-term care insurance special account: 174.03 billion yen
    • Special Account for Medical Care for the Elderly: 46.62 billion yen

Local government exchange


Outside Japan


  • Agreement on disaster countermeasures


Ward assembly

  • Constant number: 32 people
  • Term of office: May 2019, 5 (first year of Reiwa) -April 1, 2023 (5th year of Reiwa)
  • Chair: Toshiro Higuchi (Sumida Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Vice Chairman: Atsushi Sato (Sumida Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party)

Metropolitan assembly

  • Constant number: 3 people
  • Constituency: Sumida Ward constituency
  • Term of office: July 2017, 29 (Heisei 7) -July 23, 2021 (Reiwa 3) ("2017 Tokyo Elections"reference)
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Risako NarukiTomin First Meeting1
Masayuki KatoMetropolitan Assembly Komeito3
Shinichiro KawamatsuTokyo Metropolitan Assembly Liberal Democratic Party2

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Matsushima greenLDP6Constituency


1909(MeijiFrom 42 years)1937(ShowaThere was a slaughterhouse in the ward over 12), and the Kinoshita River (currently)Higashisumida) Mainly dealing with pork skinleatherThe industry has developed.LardOil and fat industry dealing withAnimal fats and oilsThe soap industry, which is made from raw materials, is also thriving.Taisho eraNagase Shoten (KaoPredecessor) ・Lion soap-Shiseido-Miyoshi soap4 major soap makers were located in the ward[8].

Main offices



  • Nearest station to the ward office: Honjo Azumabashi Station
East Japan Railway(JR East)
Sobu Line stops at each station(Sobu Main Line
Sobu Rapid Line
  • Kinshicho Station
Keisei Electric Railway
Push-up line
Tobu Railway
Isesaki Line(Tobu Sky Tree Line)
Kameido Line
Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)
Hanzomon Line
  • Kinshicho Station-Oshiage Station
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation(Toei Subway
Toei Asakusa Line
Toei Shinjuku Line
Toei Oedo Line
  • Ryogoku Station

Transit Bus

  • Toei Bus
  • Keisei Bus
    • Shin-Koiwa Line 59: Toshicho Asakusa --Tokyo Skytree Town --Shin-Koiwa Station (joint operation with Keisei Town Bus)
    • Tokyo Skytree Town / Kinshicho Station-Kasai Station / Tokyo Disney Resort (joint operation with Tobu Bus Central)
  • Keisei Town Bus
    • Yes 01 system: Asakusa Toshicho --Tokyo Skytree Town --Kameari Station
    • Shinko 59 system: Asakusa Toshicho --Tokyo Skytree Town --Shin-Koiwa Station
  • Tobu Bus Central
    • Tokyo Skytree Town-Ueno Station / Ueno Park
    • Tokyo Skytree Town-Tokyo Station (JR Bus KantoJointly operated with)
    • Tokyo Skytree Town / Kinshicho Station-Kasai Station / Tokyo Disney Resort (Keisei BusJointly operated with)
    • Tokyo Skytree Town / Kinshicho Station-Haneda Airport (Keikyu Express BusJointly operated with)
  • Tokyo airport traffic

Community bus

From March 2012, 3, it will tour the entire ward centering around Tokyo Sky Tree.Community busIt operates "Sumida Hyakukei Sumimaru-kun / Sumirin-chan".

  • Sumida Ward Circulation Bus "Sumida Hyakukei Sumida-kun / Sumirin-chan" (Keisei BusRuns)
    • Southern Route: Oshiage Station --Kinshicho Station North Exit --Toei Ryogoku Station --Sumida Ward Office --Oshiage Station
    • Northeastern Route: Oshiage Station --Higashi Azuma Station --Yahiro --Oshiage Station
    • Northwest Route: Oshiage Station --Hikifune Culture Center --Kanegafuchi Station --Tokyo Skytree Town --Oshiage Station



公共 機関

Judiciary / administrative agency


Metropolitan Police DepartmentSumida Branch Office, Traffic Enforcement Division (inside the Sumida Government Building, Tokyo Summary Court)
Mukaijima Police Station(Bunka 3-18-9)
  • Tsutsumidori police box
  • Higashimukojima police box
  • Hikifune police box
  • Jizozaka police box * In March 2007, it was integrated into the Shirahamabashi police box and Sumida 3-chome police box and abolished.
  • Kanegafuchi police box
  • Kyojima XNUMX-chome police box
  • Kyojima XNUMX-chome police box
  • Komurai police box
  • Shirahige Bridge Police Box
  • Sumida XNUMX-chome police box
  • Sumida police box * In March 2007, it was integrated into the Shirahamabashi police box and Sumida 3-chome police box and abolished.墨田SumidaRegional Safety CenterBecomes
  • Yahiro 2007-chome police box * In March 3, it was integrated into the Yotsugibashi police box and abolished.
  • Yahiro XNUMX-chome police box
  • Yotsugi Bridge police box
  • Hiraibashi police box
Honjo Police Station(Yokogawa 4-8-9)
  • Ryokoku police box
  • Kikukawa XNUMX-chome police box
  • Kotobashi police box
  • Kinshicho Station North Exit Police Box
  • Kinshicho Station South Exit Police Box
  • Yokokawa police box
  • Oshiage station square police box
  • Azumabashi police box
  • Yokoami police box
  • Kototoi police box
  • Mukaishima police box
  • Ishihara Sanchome Police Box


Tokyo Fire Department XNUMXth Fire Department Headquarters

Major medical institutions

Tokyo disaster base hospital

Tokyo designated secondary emergency medical institution

  • Medical corporation Akitokai Tajima Hospital (2-21-1 Ryogoku)
  • Medical Corporation Foundation Seimeikai Yamada Memorial Hospital (2-20-1 Ishihara)
  • Medical corporation Sumida Chuo Hospital (Kyojima 3-67-1)
  • Tokyo Saiseikai Mukaijima Hospital(Yahiro 1-5-10)
  • Medical corporation Nijukai Nakamura Hospital (2-1-3 Yahiro)
  • Social welfare corporation support societyCommunity hospital(Taipei 3-20-2)
  • Doai Memorial Hospital(Yokoami 2-1-11)
  • (Including 2 hospitals of Tokyo disaster base hospital)

Clinic / Clinic / Clinic

  • Ryogoku Midori Clinic (Green 1-19-9)


In Sumida Ward, there are the following libraries operated by Sumida Ward.

  • Hikifune Library
  • Green library
  • Yahiro Library
  • Tachibana Library
  • Yokokawa Community Hall Library
  • Higashikomagata Community Hall Library
  • Umewakabashi Community Hall Library

Cultural facility

Residential estate

  • River Pier Azumabashi area
  • Kinshicho housing complex (Kotobashi urban housing rental 70 1961 existing transfer return)
  • Sumida 2-chome XNUMXnd housing complex (Nikken Sekkei / Nikken Housing System, Tokyo, redevelopment of factory site)
  • Toei Sumida 2-chome 1nd Apartment (Sumida 4-XNUMX)
  • Toei Sumida 4-chome Apartment (Sumida 19-XNUMX)
  • Toei Tachibana 1-chome Apartment (Tachibana 27-XNUMX)
  • Toei Tachibana 3-chome Apartment (Tachibana 24-XNUMX)
  • Toei Tachibana 4-chome Apartment (Tachibana 30-XNUMX)
  • Toei Tachibana 6-chome Apartment (Tachibana 8-XNUMX)
  • Toei Oshiage 2-chome Apartment (Oshiage 1-XNUMX)
  • Toei Yokogawa 5-chome Apartment (Yokogawa 2-XNUMX)
  • Toei Yokogawa 2-chome No. 5 Apartment (Yokogawa 9-XNUMX)
  • Tokyo Business Hei 1-chome Apartment (Narihira 7-XNUMX)
  • Toei Kinshi 1-chome Apartment (Kinshi 17-XNUMX)
  • Toei Kotobashi 4-chome Apartment (Kotobashi 30-XNUMX)
  • Toei Taihei Minami Apartment (Taipei 14-2)
  • Toei Tsutsumidori 1-chome Apartment (Tsutsumi 16-XNUMX)
  • Toei No. 2 Terashima Apartment (1-18 Tsutsumidori)
  • Toei Hakuho Higashi Apartment (2-8 Tsutsumidori)
  • Toei Higashimukojima 5-chome Apartment (Higashimukojima 16-XNUMX)
  • Toei Higashisumida 2-chome Apartment (Higashisumida 7-XNUMX)
  • Toei Yahiro 3-chome Apartment (Yahiro 21-XNUMX)
  • Toei Yahiro 5-chome Apartment (Yahiro 10-XNUMX)
  • Toei Bunka 1-chome Apartment (Bunka 30-XNUMX)
  • Toei Bunka 2-chome 1nd Apartment (Bunka 32-XNUMX)

Educational institution


As a satellite campus,Shiseikan UniversityTokyo satellite classroom andChiba Institute of TechnologyThere is Tokyo Skytree Town Campus (Skytree Town Building 8F).

Vocational school

high school

Metropolitan high school
Private high school

Junior high school

Municipal junior high school
Metropolitan Junior High School
Private middle school

primary school

Municipal elementary school
  • Tachibana Azuma no Mori Elementary School
  • Midori Elementary School
  • Sotode Elementary School
  • Futaba Elementary School
  • Kinshi Elementary School
  • Neutralization Elementary School
  • Kotoi Elementary School
  • Koume Elementary School
  • Yanagishima Elementary School
  • Narihira Elementary School
  • Ryogoku Elementary School
  • Yokogawa Elementary School
  • Kikukawa Elementary School
  • Third Goho Elementary School
  • Daiyon Elementary School
  • Daiichi Terajima Elementary School
  • Daini Terashima Elementary School
  • Third Terashima Elementary School
  • Hikifune Elementary School
  • Umewaka Elementary School
  • Nakagawa Elementary School
  • Higashiazuma Elementary School
  • Tsutsumi Elementary School (integrated into Umewaka Elementary School)
  • Oshiage Elementary School
  • Yahiro Elementary School
  • Sumida Elementary School


Municipal kindergarten
  • Green kindergarten
  • Yanagishima kindergarten
  • Kikukawa kindergarten
  • Third Terashima Kindergarten
  • Hikifune kindergarten
  • Yahiro kindergarten
  • Tachibana kindergarten


Native celebrity

Related person

  • Jihei Arahara --Heian period singer.RokkasenOne of them.It is said that the place name "Kankyo" was born after the phrase he wrote, "The name of the oystercatcher is the name of the oystercatcher.There is also a town name called "Narihira" in Sumida Ward, which was named after him.
  • Matsuo Basho --Edo periodHaiku..Lives in the main office.
  • Nobuyoshi Hasegawa --Hatamoto of the Edo period.Fire thief reformer.Lives in Honjo (currently Kikukawa XNUMX-chome).
  • Toyama Kagemoto --Hatamoto of the Edo period.Edo Kitamachi and Minamimachi.Lives in Honjo (currently Kikukawa XNUMX-chome).
  • Nezumi Kozo Jirokichi --A great thief in the Edo period.There is a memorial mound in Ekoin.
  • Katsushika Hokusai --Ukiyo-e artist from the Edo period.Born in Kamezawa.
  • Fourth Tsuruya north and south --The author of Kabuki in the Edo period.There is a tomb at the main office, Shunkei-ji Temple in Narihira.
  • Katsu Kaishu --A politician at the end of the Edo period.Born in Kamezawa Town (currently Ryogoku).In addition to the "Birthplace" monument in Ryogoku Park, there is a statue behind the Sumida Ward Office.
  • Takeaki Enomoto --A politician at the end of the Edo period.Lives in Mukaishima.
  • Mori Ogai - Novelist.Lives in Mukaishima.
  • Ryunosuke Ayukawa - Novelist.Lived in both countries from childhood to boyhood.Later, he lived in Mukaishima.
  • Roh Koda - Novelist.Lives in Mukaishima.
  • Tatsuo Hori - Novelist.Lives in Mukaishima.

Works set in Sumida Ward

  • Drama
    • Hirari(NHKContinuous tv novel) --Broadcast in the second half of 1992TV drama.Both countriesIs the stage.
    • Chick(NHK serial TV novel) --A TV drama broadcast in the first half of 2017.東京編における、高度経済成長期のDuring the period of high economic growth in the Tokyo editionMukaijimaIs the stage (currentlyTokyo Sky TreeThe main stage is the place where is built).
    • Criminal retirement age(BS Asahi) --A TV drama broadcast in 2010.The main character's house of a former detective who retired is set in Sumida Ward, and during the opening and work, the Tokyo Sky Tree, which was under construction at that time, the surrounding scenery and the Mukaishima Tachibana Ginza shopping street are reflected.


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