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📢 | Composite material that realizes the lightness of aluminum with the strength of iron, patented for two new molding technologies


Obtained a patent for two new molding technologies, a composite material that realizes the lightness of aluminum with the strength of iron

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In the future, it will be widely applicable to electric vehicles and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which will bring great benefits due to weight reduction, to consumer products such as home appliances and heavy electric appliances, and industrial robots.

Advanced composite "AC-Albolon®︎", Press R that expands the applicability of molten metal forging method ... → Continue reading

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Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentWhat is (Handotai Seizo Sochi)?semiconductorEquipment used in the manufacture of.


Semiconductor manufacturing equipmentsemiconductorAs the equipment used for manufacturing products is becoming finer year by year, whether or not it can be handled is directly linked to competitiveness.In particularReduced projection exposure equipment(Stepper) is the key to miniaturization, and the production line is centered on the exposure equipment. Japan until the 1990sSemiconductor industryHowever, due to the decline in international competitiveness, the semiconductor business has been spun off and reorganized since the 2010s, and the amount of domestic capital investment is decreasing. Export dependence is increasing due to the decline in domestic demand, but it is exposed to fierce competition as the technological level of manufacturers in emerging countries improves.[1]..Japanese manufacturers, who used to be the leader in exposure equipment, have been in the market since 2010EUV exposure equipmentVirtually gave up on the development ofASMLI'm worshiping the dust.Silicon cycleAs a result, the demand for manufacturing equipment will plummet.

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