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📢 | Online Environmental Exhibition "Virtual Japan Pavilion" Held


Held an online environmental exhibition "Virtual Japan Pavilion"

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Participants can also communicate with each other, and enjoy a different way from a real exhibition.

Virtual Japan Pavilion-Innovation for a carbon-neutral society-February 3rd year of Reiwa ... → Continue reading

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Trade fair

Trade fair(Mihonichi) isCompanyProvides its own new products and productsServicesDisplayed in a showcase, ordemonstrationTo show offPlanning, Held regularlyexhibitionThat is. In most casesConvention centerIs done inThemeThe optimum venue is set by[Note 1]It may be done.


Some trade fairs are open to the general public, but others cannot enter without the invitation of exhibiting companies and sponsors. By nature these are the people in the industry concerned, and reportingMediaIs for. Of course, there are also events that borrowed the form of trade fairs where consumers were the main players. Under these circumstances, trade fairs may be classified into those for general use and those for commercial purposes. There are many trade fairs around the world, for exampleThe United States of AmericaOnly nationwide, more than 2,500 trade fairs for commercial purposes are held annually.

The cost of exhibiting at a trade fair can be said to be a major marketing investment for participating companies. This includes rental fees for the venue, exhibition design, venue setup, contact adjustments, promotional materials, free samples and goods, as well as expenses for exhibit booth lighting procurement, cleaning, Internet services, decoration and transportation.


Many of the major cities are showing a positive attitude toward attracting trade fairs, aiming at the economic ripple effects of the city, such as accommodation and tourist expenses for visitors. These cities are hugeTrade fair(Convention center) Is being constructed and operated.

The expression of exhibition is accurate in English.Since many trade fairs are held together with specialized conferences, they are often referred to as "congress & exhibition".In German, it is called Messe, and the trade fair venue is called Messe Slope.Trade fairs in Germany have a history of over 800 yearsJapan-Makuhari New CityIt is inMakuhari MesseWas named in honor of these trade fair developed countries.

The trade fair in Japan is the 1954 Osaka International Trade Fair Committee.[1]The first is the "Japan International Trade Fair" sponsored by the sponsor. The 1st All Japan Auto Show was held in the same year, and the Tokyo Trade Fair Association was established in 1956.

Example of a large trade fair

Former large-scale trade fair facility


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  1. ^ Air showIs also a trade fair for aircraft manufacturers (sometimes functions as a business meeting), and is not an indoor convention center空港Done in.

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