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Shibuya Ward

Shibuya Ward(Shibuya) isTokyo OfWardLocated in the centerspecial area[1].


東京都に23ある特別区の一つであり、23区の中央やや西側に位置する。不動産業界では、Chiyoda Ward-Minato-ku-Chuo-kuIn the "city center 3 wards"Shinjuku wardAnd add Shibuya Ward"5 central wards"と言われることがある[2].Terminal stationIsShibuya StationSurrounding (Shibuya) IsShinjuku-IkebukuroThree majors alongsideFukutoshinIn addition to being a corner of Tokyo and a downtown area that represents Tokyo,Shinjuku StationClose toYoyogi,SendagayaDistrictShinjuku Ofoffice Street-DowntownIt is integrated with.1970Until around,YouthCity ofYouth cultureShinjuku was the epidemic of Shinjuku.But,1973にでShibuya ParcoWith the opening of the store, the history of youth culture in Japan has changed significantly.The flow will change from "Shinjuku to Shibuya or the entire Shibuya Ward".

Harajuku-Omotesandoas well as the Minato-ku OfAoyamaエリアは日本のFashionIn addition to being known as the center ofDaikanyama,EbisuToCommercial facility,FashionRelatedindustryAre accumulated.Moreover,Meiji Jingu,Yoyogi parkIt has a vast green space such as, and in the surrounding areaShoto,Yoyogi Uehara such asLuxury residential areaAre also scattered.Also known as a luxury residential areaHiroo TheAzabu WardOriginated in, even todayAzabuHas regional characteristics close to.On the other handKoshu HighwayThe northern districtNakano,Shinjuku wardOvercrowding followingResidential areasIt is different from other cities.Shibuya scramble intersectionIs often reported in the news as a typical youth town, and is famous nationwide.

Typical area

Known as the "City of Youth"Downtown.Tokyu GroupIt is a base for commercial activities.In recent years, due to redevelopment led by the Tokyu Group, the skyscrapers in Shibuya and the construction of office buildings are progressing.Shibuya StationHachikoOn the mouth sideDepartment storeAnd fashion specialty stores, restaurant,CafeEtc. are densely packedPark street-Center town-Dogenzaka-Spanish hill-SHIBUYA 109Exists.JinnanFamous in the areaselect shopAnd brand roadside stores are concentrated.
Omotesando / Harajuku
Roadside treeLine upOmotesandoFamous in the surrounding areaboutiqueIncludingClothesRelated stores and offices,Beauty salonConcentrates.2006ToOmotesando HillsHas opened.AdjacentMinato-ku OfAoyamaAlong with the area, it is a "fashion city" that represents Tokyo.Although it is a shopping area, there is a residential area behind the alley.
DaikanyamaIs in Shibuya WardOmotesandoNext toFashionAreaOld Yamate DoriAlong restaurantLine up.It is also a high-class residential area.
In recent yearsoffice buildingIs increasing, and it is crowded with businessmen during the day.Yebisu BeerBuilt on the site of the factoryYebisu Garden Place(Meguroにも跨る)が、現在の恵比寿に発展するきっかけとなった。
Representing TokyoLuxury residential areaOne of the.EmbassyThere are many,Foreign countryIt is a city full of emotion.Shopping district,Gaien Nishi DoriAlongCafe, restaurantStand out.


Population distribution by age in Shibuya Ward and the whole country (2005)Shibuya Ward Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Purple-Shibuya Ward
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Shibuya Ward (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


As of 2005, the nighttime population (residents) was 19, but with commuters from outside the ward.Commuting to schoolThe total daytime population of the living and resident population in the ward is 54, which is 2803 times the population during the daytime (edited by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, "Daytime Population of Tokyo 2.724", published in 2005). 20 pages).According to the census, there are 132,133 people of unknown age in Tokyo alone.The graph above includes those of unknown age, and as for the day and night population, people of unknown age are not included in the numbers, so there will be an error between the numbers.


Shibuya Ward was first established in 1932 (Showa 7), until then.TokyoToyama-gun13 townsTokyo cityWill be transferred to the countyShibuya Town,Sendagaya Town,Yoyohata TownThe three towns are collectively called "Shibuya Ward".[3][4]..At this time, the remaining 10 towns in Toyotama-gun were grouped into 2-4 towns, and "Nakano""Suginami""Yodobashi WardIt was reorganized as.

Regarding the fact that the ward name after the merger of the three towns became "Shibuya", it is said that Shibuya Town was the most developed of the three towns at that time, and that town name was adopted as the ward name for that reason.[5].


After the establishment of Shibuya Ward




1970 eraIs a youth city,Youth cultureThe history of youth culture has changed drastically with the start of a major movement of the epidemic.Shinjuku→Shibuya).Due to this effect, not only Shibuya but also the entire Shibuya Ward including Harajuku in Shibuya Ward will undergo major changes. Until around 1970, Shinjuku was the epidemic of youth culture and youth culture.But,1973In ShibuyaPARKWith the opening of the store, the history of youth culture in Japan has changed significantly.The flow changes from Shinjuku to Shibuya or the entire Shibuya Ward including Harajuku.

1990 era


  • 2012(24) April 4- Shibuya Hikarie(Commercial facility) Opened.
  • 2013(25) March 3-The Tokyu Toyoko Line has closed its curtain on 15 years of history due to the underground construction of Shibuya Station.
  • 2015(27) March 3-The first ward in Japan to issue a "partnership certificate" that recognizes same-sex couples as "marriage-equivalent relationships"OrdinanceHowever, it was passed and passed by the ward council.Enforced from April 4 of the same year[10].
  • 2016(28) April 4-Shinjuku Station South Exit District (in Shibuya Ward on the south side of Koshu Kaido), the railway station and highway bus / taxi stand have been consolidated.Transportation terminal"Busta ShinjukuIs open.
  • 2017(29) May 5-Shibuya WardTEPCO HoldingsIt is, and production Announced that it will start a social demonstration experiment on watching over using technology.This service will start in June[11].
  • 2018(30) April 9- Shibuya stream(Commercial facility) Opened.
  • 2019(First year of Reiwa)

Past events

Shibuya incident
1946May 7,Tokyo-Shibuya OfShibuya Police StationConflict case that occurred before.Metropolitan Police DepartmentShibuya Police Station,Gangster OfOchiai family,andStupid party OfToichi MannenArmed with a sect of coalitionTaiwanese in JapanOccurs with a group.The dead are on the day of the incidentPolice officer1 person·Taiwanese in Japan2 people (7 people including after the day).There were 35 seriously and slightly injured (1 police officer and 34 Taiwanese in Japan).
Shibuya riot case
1971May 11Occurred in Shibuya, TokyoRiotevent.May 11ToOkinawaMade inOkinawa return agreementTo prevent ratificationGeneral strikeIn response to the "Okinawa Reversion Agreement Ratification Prevention Struggle"National Committee of the Revolutionary Communist AllianceAbout 400 (core) students are on the alert in Shibuyariot policeAnd attacked the police box in front of Shibuya station with a flame bottle.One police officer was killed and three police officers were seriously injured.

Town name

In Shibuya Ward, in the whole areaAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.The following is a list of the town names after the addressing system was implemented and the old town names immediately before the addressing system was implemented.It is a part of the old town area except for the one marked "(all)" after the old town name.


The number of towns in the ward is 80, which is the third smallest among the 23 wards of Tokyo after Arakawa and Bunkyo-Source, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Statistics Statistics Department Population Statistics Division Edited and published "Tokyo by Basic Resident Register" "Households and Population in Tokyo" for January 3, published in March 22, from P.1

Hatagaya area
Yoyogi area
Uehara,Mt. Ooyama Town,Nishihara,Hatsudai,Motoyoyogicho,Tomigaya,Yoyogi Kamien Town,Yoyogi
Sendagaya area
Omukai / Ebisu area
Kamiyama Town,Jinnan,Udagawa Town,Shoto,Shinsen Town,Maruyama Town,Dogenzaka,Nanpeidaicho,Sakuragaoka Town,Hachiyamacho,Uguisudani Town,Sagaraku Town,Daikanyama Town,Ebisu Nishi,Ebisu South
Hikawa / Shimbashi area
Shibuya,to East Malaysia,Hiroo,Ebisu
Adjacent municipalities
East- Minato-ku
North - Shinjuku ward,Nakano
West - Suginami,Setagaya
South- Meguro,Shinagawa


Large apartment

Residential estate

  • UR Yebisu Garden Place(Former Housing and Urban Development Corporation), Skyscraper, site use, 1994
  • UR Gaien housing complex
  • UR Hatsudai housing complex (Yoyogi, for sale 62 1957)
  • UR Harajuku housing complex(Jingumae, for sale 112 1957)
  • Toei Miyamasu-zaka Apartment (Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Architecture, Tokyo, first public high-rise condominium, 1953
  • UR Udagawa housing complex (Udagawa-cho, for sale 90 1956)
  • UR Ebisu housing complex (Ebisu city housing rental 105 1959 existing existing transfer)
  • UR Shibuya Public Hall Street Housing Complex (Ebisu Nishi Urban Housing Rental 40 1960 Existing Transfer Return)
  • UR Mitakecho Daiichi housing complex (Shibuya city housing rental 56 1962 existing Shibuya XNUMX-chome. Transfer and return)
  • UR Mitakecho No. 63 Housing Complex (Shibuya City Housing Rental 1963 XNUMX Existing Shibuya XNUMX-chome No. XNUMX; Transfer Return)
  • UR Shibuya Konnocho housing complex (Shibuya city housing rental 77 1961 present Shibuya XNUMX-chome. Transfer and return)
  • UR Shibuya Sakaedori housing complex (Shinsencho men's single rental 198 1960)
  • UR Yoyogi Ekimae housing complex (Yoyogi city housing rental 42 1963 existing transfer return)
  • UR Uguisu housing(Uguisudanicho urban housing for sale 148 1958 Rebuilding under construction Scheduled to be rebuilt)
  • Toei Ebisu Nishi Apartment (Ebisu Nishi, 1962-1963)
  • Toei Hiroo 1970-chome Apartment (Hiroo, XNUMX)
  • Toei Sasazuka Apartment (Sasazuka, 1951)
  • Toei Sasazuka 1967-chome Apartment (Sasazuka, 1974-XNUMX)
  • Toei Sasazuka 1971-chome Apartment (Sasazuka, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shibuya 1983-chome Apartment (Shibuya, XNUMX)
  • Toei Harajuku Apartment (Jingumae, 1963-1964)
  • Toei Jingumae Apartment (Jingumae, 1965)
  • Toei Jinnan 1969-chome Apartment (Jinnan, XNUMX)
  • Toei Sendagaya Apartment (Sendagaya, 1963-1964)
  • Toei Hikawacho Apartment (East, 1964)
  • Toei Shibuya Higashi 1967-chome Apartment (East, XNUMX)
  • Toei Shibuya Higashi 2-chome 1969nd Apartment (East, XNUMX)
  • Toei Hatagaya 1969-chome Apartment (Hatagaya, XNUMX)
  • Toei Hatagaya Haramachi Apartment (Hatagaya, 1951)
  • Toei Hatagaya 2-chome No. 1970 Apartment (Hatagaya, 1971-XNUMX)
  • Toei Shibuya Honmachi 1973-chome Apartment (Honmachi, XNUMX)

Nearby Tourist Spots

Typical landmark


Ward mayor

  • Director:Ken Hasebe(2rd term)
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 27, 2023 (5 years of Reiwa)[12]

Sisters / affiliated cities


Ward assembly

  • Constant number: 34 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 30st year)-November 2023th, 4 (4th year of Reiwa)
  • Chair: Tomoaki Shimoshima (Shibuya Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Members)
  • Vice-chairman: Mari Okada (Meeting to make Shibuya smile)
Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated partyMember of the Diet
Shibuya Ward Assembly Liberal Democratic Party Members9LDPTakashi Maruyama (secretary general), Ryuichi Saito (deputy secretary general / chairman of political affairs), Naohiro Ichiyanagi (accounting secretary), Sho Matsumoto, Chiru Oka, Takeshi Nakamura, Takayuki Saito, Tomoaki Shimoshima, Masayoshi Kimura
Meeting to make Shibuya smile8Independent-New party-Meeting to make Japan cheerfulTakumi Tanaka (Secretary General), Machiko Kamizono (Deputy Secretary General), Mari Sato (Accounting), Yuki Hashimoto, Yuki Morita, Hirohide Yakumaru, Mari Okada, Takeshi Ito
Shibuya Ward Assembly Komeito5KomeitoHidetaka Sawashima (Secretary General), (Deputy Secretary General), Kaoru Kuninaga (Deputy Secretary General), Junko Kondo (Accounting), Katsuyuki Matsuyama, Nobuhiko Kuriya
Constitutional Democratic Party Shibuya4Constitutional Democratic PartyManabu Harita (Secretary-general), Kayoko Yoshida (Deputy Secretary-General), Takashi Nakata (Deputy Secretary-General), Hiromi Oda (Accounting)
Japanese Communist Party Shibuya Ward Assembly4Japan Communist PartyChiyoko Igarashi (Secretary General), Koji Tomato (Deputy Secretary General), Mami Ushio (Deputy Secretary General / Accounting), Masaya Tanaka
Reiwa Shibuya2Shibuya OmbudsmanA party protecting the people from NHKToshihito Horikiri (secretary-general), Yoshiyuki Kaneko (deputy secretary-general)
Independent2Takekuni Suzuki, Ken Suda

Metropolitan assembly

  • Constant number: 2 people
  • Constituency: Shibuya constituency
  • Term: October 2017, 29 (October 7, 23)-October 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7 years) October 22, XNUMX ("2017 Tokyo Elections"reference)
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Airi RyuenTomin First Meeting1
Hiroko OtsuTomin First Meeting5

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Akira NagatsumaConstitutional Democratic Party7Constituency
Matsumoto AkiraLDP4Proportional revival


Shibuya Tax Office has the largest number of businesses in JapanTax office.

Companies located in Shibuya Ward, etc.

Udagawa Town
to East Malaysia
Sakuragaoka Town
Uguisudani Town
Sagaraku Town
Daikanyama Town
Ebisu Nishi
Ebisu South
Maruyama Town
Shinsen Town
Kamiyama Town
  • Hachiko Source-Headquarters
  • 81 Produce - head office
  • The pack --Tokyo Headquarters
  • Aznoazu-Headquarters
Yoyogi Kamien Town
Mt. Ooyama Town
  • Halftone music group




  • Central station: Shibuya station
JR logo (east) .svg

East Japan Railway(JR East)

Yamanote Line
Chuo/Sobu Line(Chuo Main Line)
Saikyo Line
Shonan Shinjuku Line
■Narita Express-Tobu Line direct (limited express)
  • Shinjuku Station --Shibuya Station (Tobu Line direct trains only stop on temporary trains)
* Yoyogi Station is not in the former Yoyogi Village but in the former Sendagaya Village.
Tokyo Metro logo.svg

Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)

Ginza Line
  • Shibuya Station
Hibiya Line
  • Ebisu Station
Chiyoda Line
Hanzomon Line
  • Shibuya Station
Fukutoshin Line

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation(Toei Subway)

Toei Oedo Line
  • Shinjuku Station (in Yoyogi) --Yoyogi Station -
* OthersNishishinjuku Gochome Station - Nakanosakaue StationPass through this ward (Honmachi XNUMX-chome) between.
KeioRailway logo.svg

Keio Electric Railway

Keio Line
Keio New Line
Inokashira Line

Tokyu Corporation

Toyoko Line
Denentoshi Line
  • Shibuya Station
OdakyuGroup logo2.svg

Odakyu Electric Railway

Odawara Line


General route bus
Community bus

公共 機関




Cultural facility





In Shibuya WardlibraryOf these, there are 10 public facilities that are open to the public.

  • Shibuya City Central Library(1-4-1 in front of Jingumae)
  • Shibuya Ward Nishihara Library (2-28-9 Nishihara)
  • Shibuya Ward Shibuya Library (1-6-6 East)
  • Shibuya Ward Honmachi Library(1-33-5 Honmachi)
  • Shibuya Ward Tomigaya Library (1-46-2 Uehara)
  • Shibuya Ward Sasazuka Library(1-47-1 Sasazuka Merkmal Keio Sasazuka4st floor)
  • Shibuya Ward Rinsen Minna no Library (1-9-17 Hiroo)
  • Shibuya Ward Yoyogi Library (3-51-8 Yoyogi)
  • Shibuya Ward Komorebi Owada Library (23-21 Sakuragaokacho Shibuya Cultural Center Owada 2nd floor)
  • Shibuya Ward Sasazuka Children's Library (3-3-1 Sasazuka)

Ward recreation facility



Junior college

high school

Junior high school


primary school


Vocational school

Unlicensed school

Prep school

International School


ス タ ジ オ


International organization

  • International Labor Organization Office in Japan
  • United Nations Development Program Tokyo Office
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Japan
  • United Nations Information Center
  • United Nations Children's Fund Tokyo Office
  • United Nations Population Fund Tokyo Office
  • United Nations University Headquarters
  • World Intellectual Property Organization Japan Office


Former Shibuya Town nativesShibuya (Tokyo)See also





Cultural person


Various fields

Person with connection


Drama / special effects





Variety program


Events and events in Shibuya Ward

License plate

Shibuya WardTokyo Transport BureauIt is included in the jurisdiction of the main government building, and a Shinagawa number will be issued upon application.


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